Tips for Getting More Subscribers on YouTube

Tips in Getting More Subscribers on YouTube

“Tips for Getting More Subscribers on YouTube” written by Mike Marko.

Having a hard time getting more subscribers on YouTube?

You’re not the only one.

In fact, this is a challenge faced even by the most seasoned YouTubers. In a platform that is jam-packed with billions of videos, how do you get your channel noticed?

There are plenty of tips to do so that can be found on the Internet, and you can spend countless of hours just to go through every single one of them. But as time is money, especially for businesses, it is important to have everything you need to know in just one resource.

In this article, we have compiled the best and most helpful tips to ensure you are on the right path to getting more subscribers on YouTube.

How to Have More Subscribers on YouTube

An average Internet user spends nearly 10 minutes every day watching videos on YouTube. This provides many businesses an opportunity to use the platform for video marketing.

Every video is presented to a large potential pool of audience, with YouTube boasting billions of unique visitors in one day alone.

But a large audience means there is a lot of competition trying to reach the same audience.

If getting the attention of your audience is your biggest challenge, then read on. Below are some tried and tested tips help your channel get more subscribers on YouTube.

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Clean Your Channel

Most popular YouTube channels have organized videos. Your channel will be your presentation on the platform so it is important it is able to showcase your brand the best way possible.

Delete unnecessary and poorly produced videos, particularly those that are not related to your brand. Avoid losing your target audience’s interest in your business by having content that does not contribute to your brand’s image.

Post High-Quality Content

Having a high-quality content for your target audience is the only way to stand out in your niche. To do this, make your videos more interesting.

An important video hack? Make the first ten seconds of your video interesting and attention-grabbing. Twenty-percent of viewers  continue watching after the first 10 seconds of the video sparks their interest.

Conduct research on the topic or subject of your choice, plan your script, and purchase the right equipment for making a high-quality video.

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Make Top Notch Channel Trailers

YouTube has a very useful feature for marketers: the channel trailers. Channel trailers are short trailers that automatically play when a visitor views a YouTube channel.

The channel trailer gives you an opportunity to get more subscribers on YouTube. These trailers serves as a summary of your video content showcased in just a short time span.

When you’re creating a trailer, keep in mind that it needs to be short (30-60 seconds). It should be compelling and presents your visitors a reason to subscribe to your channel.

Upload Shorter Videos

Lengthy videos don’t always work well on YouTube so it is always best to upload concise videos.

Online video viewers tend to have a short attention span, with 20% of people dropping off after watching the first 10 seconds if they are left uninterested.

According to HubSpot, the ideal length for videos on YouTube is 2 minutes. That’s why it’s ideal for your business to trim its existing lengthy videos. Include only the important parts and get it straight to the point.

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube, you need to keep your audience watching. Regardless of how complicated your topic is, your videos should never exceed 5 minutes.

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Try to Make Binge-Worthy Playlist

Successful YouTube channels have one thing in common – a binge-worthy playlist. If you want to be successful on the platform, then join the bandwagon and create your own.

Make a playlist of your group-related videos.  A playlist allows a user to watch a video without having to manually search for related videos afterwards.

An organized YouTube playlist will show users that you have some high-quality contents. This is a good way to keep viewers on your channel and turn them into subscribers.

Always Add CTA to Your Videos

As a business owner, you are already aware of the importance of CTA (or call to action) and the difference it can bring to the table. That’s why it’s imperative to use it on your YouTube videos too.

Use a powerful call to action to your videos to increase your chances of getting more subscribers. Doing this might sound like a complicated task but is actually relatively easy one.

You can easily add CTA to any of your videos.

YouTube allows its users to use End Screens and YouTube cards that are featured to encourage viewers to subscribe or watch other videos on your channel.

Use Custom Thumbnails

The thumbnail is basically the cover of your video and is the first thing people see. With that said, it’s the determining factor that helps a visitor decide whether or not to watch the video.

The best way to ensure that your video is being played is to use a related photo as your thumbnail image. Avoid using a low quality or poorly edited image as this will discourage users from clicking.

Post Videos Frequently

Constantly providing highly engaging contents ensures a steady flow of subscribers. While this can seem like a daunting task, it’s important to keep your subscribers entertained with more content.

Don’t increase the gap between the videos that you are posting.

It’s advisable to post at least one video per week. By doing this, your channel will not be forgotten by its subscribers.

Producing plenty of videos in a month will increase your chances of getting more subscribers on YouTube. However, make sure that your videos are well produced and highly engaging to ensure your efforts won’t be wasted.

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Invest in YouTube Advertising

While following the tips to grow your subscribers organically can send you down the right path, the results can take a while before they can be seen. For faster results, it’s also necessary to spend some cash.

Keep in mind that there is high competition on YouTube. All of them are also producing videos constantly to get the attention of the same audience.

Get ahead of the competition by invest in YouTube advertising. YouTube gives you a lot of options in advertising:

  • Display Ads,
  • Overlay Ads,
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads,
  • Bumper ads, and
  • Sponsored cards.

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube also allows you to target a specific audience. You can reach users based on interest, demographics, and/or in-market audiences.

Promote Your Channel and Optimize Your Channel

One efficient way of getting more subscribers on YouTube if you are not looking to spend is by getting the word out about your channel. Promote it on all your social media platforms and community forums dedicated to your niche.

Aside from that, use SEO in your videos. Make sure your YouTube videos are optimized to rank in search engine results within YouTube itself.

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Final Thoughts on Getting More Subscribers on YouTube

In this blog post, we discussed the best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. While getting views on YouTube is easy, turning those viewers into subscribers can prove to a harder task.

The first step to capturing those viewers by keeping your business’ YouTube channel organized and regularly updated with high-quality videos. Ensure that the thumbnail images for each of those videos are also attention-grabbing enough to convince viewers to click through.

Keep in mind as well that online viewers have a short attention span, so it is important that videos are short and straight to the point. Don’t be afraid to spend and make use of the YouTube advertising options to help you get more subscribers easily.

But if you don’t have enough cash for advertising, another way to get subscribers is to promote your channel on all your social media platforms. Also, use search engine optimization so your content will rank higher on YouTube when a user is searching for related keywords.

If you have questions about tips on getting more subscribers on YouTube, leave them in the comments below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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