Is Your Website Mobile Enough?

Is Your Website Mobile Enough

“Mobile Website SEO | Is Your Website Mobile Enough?” written by Mike Marko.

Mobile use is on the rise.

And that means that if you website is not properly website for the mobile experience then you will be left behind.  Either your website visitors will quickly leave your website… or worse.. Google will penalize your website and you will be less likely to show up in search.

So is your website mobile-ready enough?  And more importantly… if your mobile website SEO up to standards?

We’ll cover all that in today’s mobile website SEO blog post.

Mobile Website SEO

Before we talk about how to make sure your website is ready, I first want to take the time to emphasize the importance of being mobile friendly.

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The Importance of Your Website Being Mobile Friendly

Over the past five or so years, mobile device use has been on the rise.  More importantly to owners of websites, people accessing search and websites on their mobile devices has also been on the rise.

In 2017 mobile accounts for 50.3% of all web traffic generated worldwide.  It is also projected that it will rise to 52.2% in 2018.

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That means that on average, over half of websites visitors come from mobile devices.

And this emphasizes the need to make sure your website is mobile friendly and has it’s mobile website SEO up to date.

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The Key Aspects of Mobile Website SEO

There are some key aspects you need to consider when making sure your mobile website SEO is up to standards:

  1. Your website has to load fast
  2. Your website must be mobile responsive
  3. You should try to use schema
  4. Consider speeding up your content delivery with AMP
  5. Always consider the user experience

We’ll cover each of these points in the following sections.


Point #1: Your Website Has to Load Fast

The visitor experience is important, and one aspect of that is how fast your website loads.  You have 2-3 seconds to give a good first impression, but if it takes over a second to load your website than you lose precious time.

For that reason, Google monitors your website load time.  They will devalue your website vs your competition if you have a slow load speed.

So what is your website speed?

Google has a cool tool to help you evaluate your website speed:

You definitely want to have a score at least 50/100, ideally 70/100 or higher.

The tools also gives you tips on how to further increase your speed.

Point #2: Your Website Must Be Mobile Responsive

Not only does your website have to load fast, it also needs to make sure that it is mobile responsive.  In a nutshell, mobile responsive means that it has to look good on the mobile device and be easy to read… for example you shouldn’t have to “pinch and slide” content on the mobile device to text or see the images.

You can test how mobile responsive your page is with this Google tool:

You can test each page to see how it responds, and see what you have to fix.

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Point #3: You Should Try to Use Schema

While using schema isn’t a requirement to rank better in Google (yet), Google is recommending that web developers use it.  If one were to read between the lines, it means that it may be a requirement to helping you get better rank results in the future.

You can use schema to help Google know what your page is about, so that it can reduce the time it has to have its bots crawl the page.  And if you make Google’s life easier, you could be rewarded.

The coolest way to use schema is if you add an FAQ or several FAQ sections to your website and answer questions related to your industry.  That will allow your FAQ answers a chance to rank in Google as a snippet (an answer at the top of the web page).

Point #4: Consider Speeding Up Your Content Delivery with AMP

To be honest, I don’t use AMP yet.

I haven’t seen the use of AMP really affect results yet.  It’s a bit of a pain to use, and you lose some of the ads and lead capture features you typically want on a website.


With the recent negotiations between AMP and WordPress (the largest website platform), AMP may soon become relevant to improving your ranking.

Point #5: Always Consider the User Experience

Although I have this as point #5, this is the most important point.

You have to consider the user experience on mobile when creating content.  This may affect the way you traditionally write your content.

For example, I now try to limit my paragraphs to 1-2 sentences (rarely going to 4 sentences).  This makes it easier to read on mobile devices because it doesn’t appear as a big block of text.

You also need to get to the point sooner in your content, even your landing pages.  Where traditionally you may have had a long landing page, if you use the same content for a mobile device then the user will have to go through even more pages to get the CTA (call to action)…

Causing you to lose them much faster.

That means you have to move the CTA much higher up in the content and then have supporting content follower (and then have a second CTA at the end).

Considering the user experience on mobile is going to be key to ensure success.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Website SEO

Today, we discussed Mobile Website SEO and how to improve your website so you can rank higher in Google.

We covered five important aspects to making sure your website is up to standard:

  1. Your website has to load fast
  2. Your website must be mobile responsive
  3. You should try to use schema
  4. Consider speeding up your content delivery with AMP
  5. Always consider the user experience

Take the time to consider all of these points for you website.  Be sure to also check out my article on  Common Website SEO Mistakes Made by Consultants and Small Business Owners for more tips.

If you have questions about mobile website SEO, feel free to leave it below.

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