Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie

“Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie” written by Guest Contributor.

Did you know that movies are almost never shot in chronological order?

They are almost always shot out of sequence for many reasons including lighting conditions, actors’ availability, etc. Basically, it’s the most cost-effective way to make a movie.

Many times the end is actually filmed first. Each scene is then filmed out of sequence.

When we see the final product we see the edited version in chronological order.

Manifesting Change Like a Movie

Wouldn’t it be great if in our own lives we could also shoot the end scene first?

I mean, when we have a goal or dream we could see and feel the amazing ending scene first in all its big screen glory?

You know how you get lost in a movie and actually feel happy or excited?  THAT kind of feeling and visualization.

If you’re wanting to manifest incredible things into your life, one of the keys is to see and feel the end first and them allow the universe to do the editing.

Science of Getting Rich

Maybe you don’t want to create deliberately.

Wallace D. Wattles in the classic book “The Science of Getting Rich” says we are all creative beings. Some people just create by default and can’t figure out why things are not changing.

The only service you can render God is to give expression to what he is trying to give the world, through you. The only service you can render God is to make the very most of yourself in order that God may live in you to the utmost of your possibilities.”
― Wallace D. Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich,

My possibilities are not your possibilities and my desires are not your desires.

We are all actors in our own movies and in your life movie your dream car might be a Porsche Cayenne and mine might be a Maserati.

You might want to found a homeless shelter and I might want to give money to a charity in India.

You might dream of a championship trophy or a millionaire ring and I might want to write a book.

The cool thing is we get to choose. Our desires are our own and there for a very specific reason.

Have you ever considered the reason you have strong desires is because they have already been “filmed?”

The end result of everything you want in your life has already happened in an alternate reality.

There may be several alternate endings that have already happened.

So it’s just our job to pick the one we want and just realize that we need to direct our thoughts toward the end goal (scene) and not worry about how it’s going to happen. Then we will command the powers of the universe to align everything in perfect order  (editing our movie)

Why not do it the easy way? We are terrible at editing our own lives. There are just too many pieces that we have to fit together to make things happen on our own.

There is no way we can orchestrate every single detail to make things happen. We need to co-create with the universe.

Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley

In Mike Dooley’s book “Manifesting Change,” he talks about how Tiger Wood made an incredible putt in Hawaii on a windy gusty day. He was playing a tournament and had to make a shot across a piece of ocean to a small island that held the putting green. This would be an accomplishment for any golfer including the great Tiger Wood. He was about 40 feet away when he made the shot it looked like he was going to miss it by 15 feet but the ball rolled onto an invisible rise, self corrected and then got within a few feet of the cup and the wind blew it in!

The conditions had to be absolutely perfect. Wind direction, the level and slope of the grass, the angle and swing of his club. No human being can control all of the aspects.

Tiger Wood Manifesting Change

Tiger Wood is a master at Visualization.  He was taught how to use visualization and imagery when he was a boy by his father, Earl. Tiger visualizes exactly where he wants the golf ball to go.

He sees the end result and allows the universe to orchestrate all of the multitudes of factors that are needed to make it happen.

He believed he was a champion golfer, but he also showed up everyday and the universe filled in all of the details necessary for the fulfillment of his desire.

He visualized the end result first. The ball going in the cup

He also took action, He is one of the hardest working athletes in all of sports

In summary, in order to accomplish our goals, we need to move in the general direction of our goals. In order to co-create with the universe, we need to be taking massive action. Which might means doing something outside your comfort zone. Approach a stranger, make a call or ask for help. Or work through the night.

Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie


Don’t judge anything that is happening in your life. Everything is working towards your end goal.


Trust the process and know that no matter how it looks in reality, the end is already filmed and it will make perfect sense looking back over very scene. The universe is using everything in your life (even the things that seem like they are going against you)  in achieving your goals.

The day Tiger Wood made that miraculous putt, it was a gusty windy day. He could have sabotaged his success by thinking that it could not be done because the universe did not provide the best weather conditions, but instead he used it to his advantage.He saw the putt going in. He visualized being a champion in his own movie.

Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie 2

Take Change in Manifest Change in Your Life

See the end scene first, take inspired action, be grateful for everything and you will be the actor and director in your own movie and be the champion of your own life story.

Please list some of your end scenes for your life in the comments below.


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Article:  Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie

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