Making Mistakes Is the Key to Life

Making Mistakes Is the Key to Life.

Some days I like to run on the treadmill in the “cardio theater” of our gym as part of my workout routine. Today the movie “Bounty Hunter” was playing with Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler, and I was surprised to hear a profound quote from a movie that was never going to win any academy awards.

“Life is about making mistakes. Death is about wishing you made more.”

Start Making Mistakes

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I am an RN and while working in a hospice unit where my patients were facing their mortality,  what I experienced is inline with this quote.

The most common regret of all is…

1) I wish I’d had the courage to pursue my dreams.

Some felt they were dying with their dreams still inside them.

Is the fear of making mistakes holding you back? Are you worried about what others might think?

This is another common regret of the dying – they wish they hadn’t worried so much about what others thought about them. When close to dying we realize none of that matters.

If you are pursuing your dreams, you will be outside your comfort zone. You will be making mistakes. It’s part of the process. Embrace it. Embrace vulnerability, and know that like you once learned to walk, or crawl; to read a book or ride a bike, it is a process of trial and error. You didn’t let mistakes stop you then, don’t let it stop you now.

Another common regret…

2) Working too much and not spending enough time with loved ones.

Especially men wish they had not worked as hard and spent more time with their families.

This is where we can help you work smarter not harder.  Once you build your assets and have your small business running efficiently without you, you’re free to spend more time with your family. Online entrepreneurs typically work only 2 hours a day and have the rest of the time to spend with family. They also have more flexible schedules to work around family activities.

This is just one of several reasons why it is important to have your own business, especially a home business.   A business is one of the four asset cornerstones for creating wealth, including cash reserves, stocks & bonds, and real estate.  If you want to to learn more about starting your own home businesscheck out our article, Why Start Your Own Business.

3) Not pursuing happiness

Many people realize at the end of their lives that happiness has always been a choice. They wish they’d found ways to laugh more and be silly; smile more and find ways to bring bliss and joy into their lives. You can start today by doing things that bring joy into your life. Even if it’s just

1) Walking outside in the grass, noticing the beauty of the colors of the flowers;

2) Spontaneous dancing;

3) A nice cozy afternoon nap.

Leave a comment with your top three. I would love to know what they are.


Be true to yourself. Take that first step, move toward your dreams, make mistakes, be vulnerable, and never, ever give up.

Be courageous.

Be wise.

Be happy.


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Article:  Making Mistakes Is the Key to Life

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