Make Money Blogging While Doing Your Daily Chores

Make Money Blogging While Doing Your Daily Chores

Blogging has been around for over ten years.  For someone with a busy schedule, which is pretty much everyone now a days, finding time to blog can seem daunting.

Millionaires figure out ways to make money while doing other things!!

The trick is to find a way to make use of the time you are already spending doing other things.  This could be while you are driving, going for a walk, pushing your kids in a stroller, grocery shopping, walking your dog, or anything else throughout your day.  Basically you are making money while doing things you already have to do.

Even right now I’m writing this blog using the iPhone Seri while driving to the post office.

Isn’t that easy?

To blog while you are doing something else you just need to use your phone and record your blog verbally.  Most smart phones have a way to record your voice.  My iPhone can even automatically take my voice and automatically  transcribe it to text.

If you create an actual voice recording, when you get home you can then take voice recording and transcribe it to text. If you transcribe an hour’s worth of text you can then use a purchased service like Warrior or Fiverr and have some transcribe the text for roughly $20.  You can even use the audio recording you created and load that into iTunes repurpose  your work… and get even more exposure and more leads. And then you can also embed that audio into your blog.

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And then…

Once you convert the audio into text,  go ahead and past it into your blog, add some pictures, add some key words, make it look really nice, and you’re done!

I just reduced the time it takes to blog!  I created my first blog of the day in record time.  Talk about an easy way to make money using the Empower Network!

So if you could use an easy way to make some extra money click this link.

You can do that just by doing things you normally do. And increase your potential to make more money.

How can you go wrong with that?

That makes it even easier to make lots and lots of money. And who could use some extra money? Deposited automatically for you even while you sleep?

Make Money Blogging Even While You Sleep!

That is the power of blogging… people will read it any time… 24/7… and you can make money blogging even when  you are doing something else.

Do yourself a favor today and get your blog at  so you can start to make money blogging.

It’s time to enjoy the lifestyle that you have always wanted and know you deserve.

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Make Money Blogging

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Article: Make Money Blogging While Doing Your Daily Chores

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