How to Make Content for Boring Niches to Get Results

How to Create Content in Boring Niches, Create Content in Boring

“How to Make Content for Boring Niches to Get Results” written by Mike Marko.

Considering 77% of Internet users read blogs, it’s inevitable for businesses to use content marketing as a way to generate leads. In fact, 90% of businesses already include content marketing in their marketing strategy.

But if you’re in a boring niche, are the benefits of content marketing still going to hold?

Can you make it so you can still generate leads?

Are people interested at all in reading content from boring niches?

Can you still build quality links, social shares, and leads?

Believe it or not, the answer to all that is Yes! That is if you follow my tips for how to create content in boring niches.

In this blog post, you’ll get a look at some of the techniques that will help learn how to create content in boring niches that still gets surprising results!

Learn How to Create Content in Boring Niches

Many content marketers believe that viral content has to be related to a trending or perpetually popular topic. A good example of this is the topic of how to make money easily.

That’s why answering the question of how to create content in boring niches can seem to be difficult. But in truth, it’s not.

The statement “My niche is not exciting enough for content marketing” is just a lie and an excuse for lazy content marketers.

To prove my point, I’ll show you several ways on how to create content in boring niches that you probably haven’t considered yet.

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What’s Troubling Your Customers?

Before you can figure out how to create content in boring niches, it’s necessary that you know the answer to this question.

Your audience is not reading content because it’s exciting. The reason they search for content is because they want to solve their problems.

At first, seeing content talk about “How to earn passive income online” will stir your curiosity. But if you’re having trouble with your Internet, that content might not be for you. Instead, an article talking about “modem problems” will be more interesting.

Since it solves your problem, it’s useful for you. That means you’re likely to read it.

More often than not, bloggers in “boring” niches won’t spend time writing content. That’s because they think it won’t generate leads. That alone goes in your favor because competition in your niche is going to be easier.

For that reason, in order to answer the question of how to create content in boring niches, you should first answer your customers’ problems.

Here are a few ways to know what’s troubling your audience:

  • Take note of the questions that you hear most often.
  • Review the FAQs of your products and services to see what they’re having trouble with.
  • Visit relevant groups in social media networks and check out the questions that people are asking.
  • Browse your niche in Quora and search for the most frequently asked questions.

But besides figuring out the pain point of your customers, there’s another factor you shouldn’t miss.

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What Are Customers Hoping to Achieve?

Another significant factor for learning how to create content in boring niches is knowing what your customers are hoping to achieve. Let’s take a specific example.

“Door Locks and Keys” isn’t exactly the topic that everyone’s looking for, right?

But when Great Valley Lockshop saw that their customers wanted to fix door knobs themselves instead of paying for services, they created an article teaching them how to do it.

As a result, whenever you search about “fixing door knob”, you’ll see Great Valley Lockshop blog posts in the first page of the search results.

That’s how you can use knowledge of your customers’ aims to guide your content creation. Learn what they want to do with your services or products. It can help you figure out how to create content in boring niches… but be sure that you still fine tune your product so it can be helpful to your customers.

Using your experience to teach your audience can answer the question how to create content in boring niches. But it wouldn’t hurt if you rely on the experience of others too. In other words, if you have members of your staff with expertise you don’t have, ask them to contribute content on those topics.

Data-Driven Content Performs Well

A technique that works in virtually any niche and a suitable approach on how to create content in boring niches is writing data-driven content.

This is made possible through the data collected from research and surveys. Content that’s backed by data research and analysis can easily catch attention.

In fact, 75% of companies that use data-driven marketing tactics experience an increase in customer engagement.

That being the case, a lot of content marketers have made plans for creating data-driven content, but have been thwarted due to several reasons. One reason is having an inadequate budget, as shown in research by CMO Council.

In order to create data-driven content, thorough research is needed. This can take longer than research done for normal content. For that reason, data-rich content is like gold dust — it stands out and it’s valuable, but not too easy to find.

Although it might be hard for some websites to create data-driven content, it will be easier if you have the support of your customers.

To be more precise, if you already have decent readership on your blog, you can survey your readers. You can then use the data you collect from them to create content with selling points that your competitors lack.

A great example of data-driven content is a post from Brandwatch about social media statistics and facts. They’ve done a lot of research and it must’ve taken a lot of time, but the value that it gives to readers is overwhelming. It’s also often used as a reference for many other websites.

There’s still something you need to remember when offering data-driven content, though. Specifically, you still need to do your best to hold your reader’s attention.

That’s because facts and figures aren’t always enough to hold people’s attention for long. A reader may end up leaving your content midway before getting to the meat of it. If he does, the effort and time that you’ve spent on data collection will be for naught.

So if you really want to know how to create content in boring niches, you should first know how to entertain your readers. It’s the best way to hold their attention.

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Take Your Readers on a Journey

Another question to ask yourself if you want to know how to create content in boring niches is how can you help readers to see the importance of your content.

If you applied the ideas that I gave you for writing your content, it should already be very valuable. Even so, depending on how you start your content, your readers might not know that.

So to help them solve their problems or achieve their goals, you should tell them a story. A story that takes them on a journey. But why a story?

For starters, it’s human nature to be curious. Stories tend to feed into curiosity. So having a story at the beginning of your content will stir up the curiosity of your readers, making them want to read more.

You should also know that when you tell stories, you only tell them to people you’re close with. So if you use storytelling in your content, it would indicate that you acknowledge your reader as someone close to you.

Since you trust them, they will also trust you. That means whatever you promise them at the beginning of your content, they’ll believe it. That’s how powerful storytelling is. It can entertain readers and keep them from leaving.

But you shouldn’t stop there. Entertain readers not only in the introduction, but throughout the whole content. That’s how to create content in boring niches.

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Entertain Your Audience throughout the Content

As I just said, being informational doesn’t always yield results if there’s no entertainment to go with it. I’ve already talked about entertaining your audience at the beginning of your content. Now let’s go into keeping up that entertainment so he reads your material all the way to the end.

There are many types of entertainment. Entertainment might be weird, upbeat, or even sad. As long as it keeps readers from leaving your content, it’ll be fine. Here are examples of successful content that are surprisingly entertaining:

  • Although soaps are not the hottest topic on the Internet, an old soap brand, Old Spice, doubled sales with a video The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. The video also got 56 million views! Take a look at it yourself — it might be weird, but it’s entertaining.
  • A commercial from beer brand Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man In The World, also got its fair share of attention from viewers. Their commercial entertained viewers by showing the lavish lifestyle of a man and added a sense of humour.
  • Nike’s commercial, Dream Crazy, stirred up the emotions of viewers in order to get them invested in watching the video. Most importantly, it entertained viewers from the beginning of the video to the end, racking up 27 million views in the process.

As you can see from all of these, they focused on entertaining the viewers. They spent the majority of their time on entertainment, in fact.

You’ve probably also noticed that they’re all videos. You probably hear this a lot these days, but it’s still worth noting that video content is the future of content marketing. If you don’t know how to do video marketing properly, you’re likely to be left behind.

Get Help from a Professional

What I’ve discussed up to now are all applicable options if you want to know how to create content in boring niches. Still, not everyone can use these ideas.

That’s why you should consider hiring a professional to help you with creating content.

Again and again, you’ll find that trying to do everything alone can lead to you getting stuck in a rut. Getting help from a professional will get the ball rolling.

Being a professional, they’re likely to have been in a situation like yours before, so they already have ideas on how to solve it.

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Final Thoughts on Content for Boring Niches

After reading this blog post, you should already know that even with boring niches, you can still create content that generates leads with the right procedure.

First of all, you should know the problems of your customers and figure out the end result that they want to achieve. You should also consider doing thorough research to create data-driven content.

But oftentimes, readers will leave before reading the content that you’ve made. So you should use storytelling to earn their trust right from the start. Also, remember to to entertain your audience throughout your content.

Of course, these ways on how to create content in boring niches might be overwhelming for you. So if you’d prefer assistance, you can hire a professional to help you with your content marketing.

If you have any questions on how to create content in boring niches, leave them in the comment section below.

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