The Easy 5-Step LinkedIn Strategy for Brands

The Easy 5-step LinkedIn Strategy for Brands - Linkedln, Strategy, Business

“The Easy 5-Step LinkedIn Strategy for Brands” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for ways on how to leverage your business using your LinkedIn Company Page?

While much of the focus over the last few years on social media has been on Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has been steadily growing its user base to more than 500 million users.

Majority of its users, use this platform to connect with other entrepreneurs and professional workers and to expand brand exposure.

LinkedIn is one of the social media channels that is good for brands, companies, and entrepreneurs. Which means it can help you reach your potential clients and get authentic followers.

And I have seen first-hand that many businesses are working hard on perfecting their LinkedIn strategy for their brand, but many have been struggling.

Well, to be honest, I know how it feels. I have been to your position before.

But I don’t want you to feel that struggle anymore, because today, I will share with you this easy 5-steps LinkedIn strategy for brands that your business can surely accelerate the growth of your Company Page.

So let’s begin…

Crafting the Best LinkedIn Strategy for Brands

LinkedIn is the perfect place for B2B and B2C, business to business or business to customers. That’s why it’s vital that you established a professional business profile for your brand through LinkedIn.

With this platform, you can get more professional followers that’ll eventually turn to paying customers.

So if you are ready to craft the best LinkedIn strategy for brands, then let’s get going…

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1) Complete Your Company Profile

Completion of your company profile is one of the best and easiest LinkedIn strategy for brands that you should remember and you must do.

Your company profile is the first thing your interested followers will check on. That’s why you must put every vital information on your profile that will help your customers to know about your brand.

Make sure to upload a high-resolution brand logo and a cover image. Don’t forget to fill out the “About us” section to provide visitors with valuable information about your company.

Completing your company profile is also an essential component in helping your LinkedIn page to reach more legitimate and professional LinkedIn users. Both legitimacy and professionalism are critical in building for a LinkedIn brand image.

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2) Be Consistent on Your Posting Schedule

One thing that makes customers think you’re active and real is when they see recent posts from you. Remember, it’s important that consistency in your posting should always be seen in your profile.

Posting of brand content must be at least 1-2 per week to keep your viewers engaged.  In fact, LinkedIn says that at least 20 posts per month can help you reach 60 percent of your unique audience.

But you have to remember that, it is not just about posting content but it is about posting a useful and informative content for your audience. For you to know which content you should post, here are a few tips in creating and posting content…

Tandem With RSS Feed

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS feeds give users the ability to track and see posts updates.  This will help you in monitoring your scheduled posts.

A feed reader lets you view all your subscribed feeds at one time via one interface. Using RSS in your online browsing habits can greatly streamline and simplify how you get your content.

Create High-Performing Content Ideas

It is very important to when creating content, make sure it has a descriptive caption. This helps in providing people with extra context around your content.

Images are great at getting people’ attention. Use eye-catching, high-quality, and relevant images for your posts.

Apart from those, you can also use hashtags (#) to increase the visibility of your content to new audiences.

Lastly, you should add emojis, questions, and bullet points to put emotions on your caption. This will increase your chances of engaging with your audiences.

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3)  Engage With Colleagues and Employees

You are in LinkedIn for engagement. What would be the use of this platform if you’re not going to utilize it, right?

One of the best people to engage with will be your colleagues and employees. They are one of the most influential groups of people that can help you with your LinkedIn strategy for brands.

Encourage your colleagues and employees to engage with your posts by spreading the content to their networks, they have to mention the company and brand in their profiles. Having them engage with your posts helps you to increase your reach.

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4) Promote Brand Beyond LinkedIn

You have to remember that there are no excellent marketing lives in solo. That’s why it’s important that you promote across all of your digital platforms to see consistent growth over time.

You can invite customers and other key partners to become followers when you promote in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These social media channels can help you drive traffic and get leads.

You can link to your Company page in your marketing communications, email signatures, and blogs. You can add a “Follow” button to the landing pages of your websites.

5) Establish Your LinkedIn Influence

LinkedIn is a person-to-person platform. Which means, the best LinkedIn strategy for brands is establishing your company as an influential brand.

To become an influencer is the most effective way to establish an audience and develop a reputation and in this way, you have the chance of getting more followers.

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Final Thoughts on Crafting the Best LinkedIn Strategy for Brands

There you have it! That’s for today’s blog post on crafting the best Linkedin strategy for brands. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the internet’s best place for both businesses and customers. It’s important that you incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing.

LinkedIn can connect your brand with millions of professionals across the globe. Whether you want to generate leads, build brand awareness, or establish strategic partnerships, LinkedIn can help you with that.

Now, you’re totally ready to start your LinkedIn journey with the help of today’s tips!

If you want to learn more about LinkedIn Strategy for brands, let us know in the comments below!  

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