What Makes Great LinkedIn Marketing Profiles

What Makes Great LinkedIn Marketing Profiles? - LinkedIn marketing profiles

“What Makes Great LinkedIn Marketing Profiles” written by Mike Marko.

There’s no shortage of good LinkedIn marketing profiles nowadays.

Just hop on the platform and run a search of popular brands or businesses. You’ll probably find several dozen good ones.

But even among these LinkedIn marketing profiles, there are usually a few that stand out.

These are the ones that aren’t just good, but great from a marketing perspective.

These LinkedIn marketing profiles epitomize what it means to use a profile on the network for brand-building and exposure.

They represent a brand and help generate added interest in it at the same time.

So what makes great LinkedIn marketing profiles different from the rest? How can you create your own LinkedIn marketing profile to help your brand on the network?

That’s what we’ll talk about in this article. Today, our goal is to find out what goes into the best LinkedIn marketing profiles for business.

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The Elements of Great LinkedIn Marketing Profiles

Great LinkedIn marketing profiles generally aren’t produced by accident.

If you want to rank your company’s page among the top LinkedIn marketing profiles, you’ll have to work on getting it there.

It takes time and effort to build a truly great LinkedIn company page, in other words.

Fortunately for you, there are a few things that can help you in the process.

Knowing the elements of great LinkedIn marketing profiles is an example. Awareness of these can do a lot to help you churn out a spectacular page.

That’s why we’re going to talk about them one by one.

Here, we’ll discuss the components of a great LinkedIn marketing page for a business.

1) Branded Imagery

Pretty basic, but hey, a lot of companies fail to use it anyway!

Branded imagery should be one of the core elements of your LinkedIn profile. All the great LinkedIn marketing profiles use it.

Just look at the company profiles for two of the brands in LinkedIn’s best company pages list of 2018.

Hays and Schneider Electric both demonstrate how to deploy branded images to establish a business theme.

Even their company updates use branded images consistent with their profiles’ visual elements.

Keep this in mind when choosing or making visuals for LinkedIn marketing profiles.

Want an easy way to start getting your visuals consistent and branded? Try using the same photo filter or dominant colors for them.

In case of the latter, try using your logo’s colors for it.

Don’t forget to actually upload a logo image for your profile, by the way. Brands with a logo image get up to 6x more traffic on their profiles than those without one!

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2) A Humanizing Element

Yes, we’re talking about LinkedIn marketing profiles for businesses.

But businesses are always made up of people. The best LinkedIn marketing profiles acknowledge that.

Even when you’re in B2B (business to business), the people checking out your profile page are still… well… people.

That’s true of all the executives, company owners, and other big decision-makers who visit your page. The same goes for any talent you may be interested in recruiting on LinkedIn.

The easiest way to connect with people is by being human too. So put a human face on your LinkedIn marketing by involving employees in the content on your page.

Put them in updates, have them in your images, and use notes about company culture to highlight your message, etc.

You can even use your company updates or Life tab content to draw in visitors.

Make them feel like they’re entering a welcoming community made up of both your staff and other clients!

3) Well-Delineated Showcase Pages

Okay, so this doesn’t apply to all businesses.

But if your company is one that has more than one aspect or serves more than one niche, Showcase Pages are definitely required.

The Showcase Page is a subpage that businesses with multiple aspects use to provide different platforms for each aspect.

For example, say you have a software business with a range of products for customer relations management and another for academic applications.

Since there would be different target customers for each range, it makes sense to separate the company pages for them.

You can use one Showcase Page for one range and another for the other one then.

That means people interested in only one range can follow only the page they’re interested in. This sort of convenience is important to LinkedIn marketing profiles.

As a bonus, it also prevents you from muddling your marketing message on your main page.

After all, if you do it, you won’t have to try to cater to too many target audiences at once.

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4) Concise Text Updates

We already know that most people aren’t fans of big blocks of text.

So why not apply that knowledge to the updates on your company profile?

The best LinkedIn marketing profiles know how to do this by leveraging the images in updates to provide part of the information in the update.

Take a look at the updates on Michael Page’s company profile, for instance.

As of the day I write this, 2 of them are under 40 words long.

The only one passing 100 words still owes a big part of that bulk to mentions, i.e. to other LinkedIn users and companies involved in the summit it announces.

The company also uses shortened URLs in its updates. It keeps the update text short and tidy-looking.

It’s something to keep in mind if you want your company’s page to have one of the best LinkedIn marketing profiles.

Keep text straight to the point so your viewers don’t lose interest too fast and use images to support the text where possible.

4) Complete Details on Your Business

The best LinkedIn marketing profiles don’t leave a visitor in doubt about anything important when it comes to the business they represent.

That means the visitor shouldn’t have questions like these after seeing them:

  • Where is the company headquartered? Does it have a physical store or address?
  • Where is the company’s website?
  • How big is the company or its team?
  • Where does the company operate? Does it have a service range?
  • What industry is the company in?

Filling out all of that data is important for the top LinkedIn marketing profiles. In fact, complete profiles get 30% more weekly traffic.

Be sure to fill out your Company Overview too, of course. It’s equivalent to your About Us page (if you were on your website instead of LinkedIn).

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5) SEO 

I’ve written a lot about search engine optimization or SEO for websites before.

But here’s the thing — you should do SEO even on your social media accounts too.

That’s why I’m listing SEO as an element of the best LinkedIn marketing profiles. It can help you get added visibility for your page.

After all, SEO can help your profile page rank high in search engine results pages. You just need to know how to tweak it to improve its ranking.

A good way to do it is to use keywords in it. Put them in your company overview and specialties list.

I’d also boost the backlink profile of your page. The best LinkedIn marketing profiles have a lot of people linking to them.

Want an easy way to start? Get your employees to add your company page to theirs under “Experience”.

You can even make use of the new feature that lets you add niche hashtags to your profile. That makes it easier to find when people search for specific industries on the platform.

6) Authenticity

This is the final element of great LinkedIn marketing profiles.

Authenticity means more than “stating only facts” on a company page.

It means staying true to your mission and vision, as well as your brand’s image.

That’s why company pages like Lemonade’s and Cvent’s get lauded so often. Their updates may seem a little quirky at times — particularly Cvent’s — but they’re true to their image.

So when preparing updates or content for LinkedIn marketing profiles, take time to get a handle on the business’s voice first.

Is it playful and light? Is it serious and no-nonsense?

What matters is that you stay true to it, i.e. stay authentic.

When visitors to your page see that authenticity, they’re likelier to remember your brand. Memorable brands have coherent and consistent messaging, after all.

Besides, authenticity tends to suggest dependability to consumers. That’s another benefit of this element of the best LinkedIn marketing profiles.

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Final Thoughts on the Best LinkedIn Marketing Profiles

Today you learned what the best LinkedIn marketing profiles have in common.

First, they use branded imagery on their pages, for both coherence and visual impact.

Second, they generally add a human element to their marketing, often by involving employees in the content on their pages.

Third, they make use of Showcase Pages to separate the different aspects of their company. This helps keep their marketing for each of those aspects on-point.

Fourth, they’re completely filled-out, so visitors always know the answers to important questions about the company at a glance.

Fifth, they use SEO. By applying SEO to LinkedIn marketing profiles, you make it easier for interested consumers to discover those profiles, both on LinkedIn and Google.

Finally, the best LinkedIn marketing profiles are always authentic. Having an authentic voice makes a brand more memorable — and in some ways, makes it seem more dependable too.

Just remember these notes when making LinkedIn marketing profiles for your businesses. If you check out our own company’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see more than a few of them in application!

You can also check out my comprehensive guide to LinkedIn marketing if you want to learn more about using the platform.

Should you have any more questions about how to put together epic LinkedIn marketing profiles, leave me a message below.

Be sure to check out my Starter’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.  You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

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