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“LinkedIn Lead Ads vs Facebook Lead Ads” written by Mike Marko.

LinkedIn lead ads or Facebook lead ads?

I get it. As a business owner, you want the world to know about your brand, products, and services.

And you know that one way to do that is through ad campaigns on social media.

Now, LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the most popular social media platforms that businesses use to market their brands.

So you’re probably trying to choose which of the two platforms to use for your social media ad campaign.

In other words, you don’t know whether to use LinkedIn lead ads or Facebook lead ads.

I’ll help you decide that in this blog post. I’ve used both platforms to launch ad campaigns, so I’m already familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

With any luck, my experience and insights about LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook lead ads should help you come to a decision.

Are LinkedIn Lead Ads Better Than Facebook Ads?

Here’s a common misconception — marketers should pick the platform that has the most users.

With that said, many assume that because Facebook has more users than LinkedIn, they should only stick to it and ignore the other.

After all, Facebook has 2.3+ billion daily active users compared to LinkedIn’s 250 million monthly active users.

But do these numbers really define which platform is better? Definitely not!

True, these numbers play a vital role when it comes to reaching audiences. But there are other factors we need to consider.

Otherwise, you can’t truly know which one is best for your business, LinkedIn lead ads or Facebook lead ads.

Both platforms share similarities. But they also have unique features and unique demographics.

As we compare LinkedIn lead ads with Facebook lead ads, consider what your business needs.

Because in a nutshell, this blog post really isn’t going to tell you which one is “better”.

Instead, we’ll go through the differences of LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook lead ads. Then, it’s up for you to decide which of the two is “better” for your business.

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Comparing LinkedIn Lead Ads and Facebook Lead Ads

As mentioned already, LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook ads share some common ground. Both platforms are great for marketing.

The issue isn’t about which one is a step higher than the other.

Instead, the real focus is picking which of the two is right for your business.

Whether it’s LinkedIn lead ads or Facebook ads, it depends on the kind of business you have and the kind of audience you’d like to reach.

So to determine which one is perfect for your brand, we’ll examine these two platforms. We’ll compare targeting options, the audience (or demographics), and ad types.

1) Target

LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook ads have features that let you select targets based on your specified base audience.

On Facebook, they have “Lookalike Audiences”. That uses a base audience to find people with similar interests, behaviors, and traits.

LinkedIn lead ads have (almost) the same feature, called “Audience Expansion”.

Facebook has more advantages than LinkedIn here. It allows marketers to use real data such as these to direct ads to a hyper-targeted audience:

  • Geolocation.
  • Demographics.
  • Interests.
  • Psychographics.

However, because of the recent issues with Facebook’s data privacy, the platform has removed all 3rd-party data for advertisers.

This means that advertisers can no longer target ads based on parameters like users’ behavior in purchasing, in-market audiences, and more.

On the bright side, Facebook ad campaigns can self-optimize to drive satisfying results.

Once you publish an ad, Facebook studies your criteria and displays your ad based on the data trends of users viewing and engaging in your ads.

For example, if a particular group engages in your ads within your target audience, Facebook will self-optimize your ad.

That means your ad will show repeatedly to that group and people with the same behavior.

As for LinkedIn, one of the advantages of LinkedIn lead ads is the platform’s ability to create account-based marketing.

Compared to Facebook, the data LinkedIn has is all from within their platform.

When people sign up on LinkedIn, they provide information about who they are professionally. They give their job title, company name and size, industry, and more.

As an advertiser, you can use that information to target larger enterprises, high-level job titles, and more. Campaigns with LinkedIn lead ads can benefit from it.

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2) Audience

Facebook ads focus on audiences of a personal nature. That’s understandable since Facebook is a platform designed to connect and communicate with family and friends.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn caters to professional audiences. That’s one of the many ways LinkedIn is unique.

LinkedIn users are more interested in these:

  • Career-related topics.
  • Networking.
  • Getting professional advice.
  • Collaborating with like-minded people and decision-makers.

So, say you’re an agency interested in these:

  • Getting more employees.
  • Offering B2B (business-to-business) services.
  • Looking to expand your brand exposure.

If so, LinkedIn is the place to be and LinkedIn lead ads are the ads to use.

On the other hand, if you’re an e-commerce business selling products to consumers, then Facebook may have a better audience.

To sum up these thoughts, LinkedIn lead ads are better for B2B because the platform itself has a professional nature.

Meanwhile, Facebook ads are better for B2C (business-to-consumer) brands.

3) Ad Type

Regarding ad types, LinkedIn and Facebook both have lead generation solutions.

Facebook uses Lead Ads (with an Instant Form) and LinkedIn lead ads use a Lead Gen Form. Both platforms attach a lead capture form to the ad that those who clicked on the ad can complete.

LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook ads have some similar ad types:

  • Image.
  • Video.
  • Link.
  • Carousel.
  • Mail (LinkedIn has InMail Ads, Facebook has Messenger Ads).

However, Facebook has unique interactive ad formats that aren’t available on LinkedIn:

  • Slideshow.
  • 3D posts.
  • Panoramic posts.
  • Playables.
  • Stories.
  • Collections.

Facebook’s interactive ad types make it an ideal choice for brands who want to advertise products or services that are best shown with a visual demonstration.

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Examining the Cost

To understand the cost of posting ads on these two platforms, it’s critical that we know what CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille, or cost per 1,000 impressions) mean.

CPC is the price you pay for each click your ad gets.

CPM, on the other hand, is the price you pay for every 1000 impressions your ad receives.

So if you want to focus on maximizing awareness of your brand, choose CPM. Facebook will display your ad to as many people as it can within your set budget.

Most ad costs on Facebook are measured in CPC or CPM.

The median CPC for Facebook is only $0.51 — the lowest of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has the highest CPC priced at $5.61.

Pricey? It’s fair to say that it’s costly compared to Facebook’s, but it doesn’t necessarily mean LinkedIn lead ads are overpriced.

The truth is, LinkedIn tells us that clicks are highly valued in its B2B platform, which has many educated and professional users.

Also, it’s worth noting that while LinkedIn lead ads are more expensive, they’re typically high-quality leads and deliver higher ROI.

Understanding LinkedIn and Facebook Analytics

Analytics help advertisers determine the best ad.

By analyzing the data, you’ll be able to see which ad has delivered satisfying results (clicks, engagements, impressions, etc.).

The data will also help you improve your ads and study the behavior of your target audience.

LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook ads both give in-depth analytics. Still, there are a few notable differences in the data they give.

1) LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn analytics data is divided into three sections:

  1. Updates – This table shows your most recent updates and the data that comes with the update. This includes details such as the number of impressions, clicks, and interactions your ad post got.  This is essential information for LinkedIn lead ads.  There is also a graph that will show you the number of times your audience has clicked on, commented, liked, or shared your content, both in paid and organic campaigns.
  2. Followers – This shows the total followers you get per day. This will also show you the number of organic followers, acquired followers, and the number of your followers compared to other companies.
  3. Visitors – The Visitors section gives you an overview of the number of page views, career page clicks, and unique visitors you have.

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2) Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s analytics (also called Facebook Insights) allows you to see and measure your performance.

You can check your page’s analytics, which are divided into 7 sections:

  1. Overview – The Overview shows you the total page likes, engagement, and post reach you got within the last 7 days.
  2. Likes – This section displays the total number of likes such as new likes, net likes (new likes minus unlikes), and where the likes were from.
  3. Reach – This section shows the post reach broken down into two categories: organic and paid.
  4. Visits – Similar to the LinkedIn lead ads Visitors tab, Facebook has a Visits section in your Insights that shows you the number of times each of your page tabs was viewed.  It also shows the number of times people came to your page from other websites.
  5. People – The People section shows the general information regarding your Fans (the people who liked your page).  It shows their location, age, gender, and language. This is not available in the LinkedIn lead ads analytics page.
  6. Video – The Video section shows the totals of each: Video Views, 30-Second Views, and Top Videos. This is also not available on LinkedIn lead ads analytics.
  7. Posts – This displays three sections: When Your Fans are Online, Top Posts from Pages You Watch, and Post Type.

Verdict: LinkedIn Lead Ads VS Facebook Lead Ads

The answer of which is better between LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook lead ads depends on the audience you want to target.

Whether you’re promoting software, offering webinars, or selling clothes, LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook lead ads both give you the chance to maximize your brand’s exposure and reach people.

Choosing between them is now just a matter of determining which people you’re trying to reach.

So which audience does your business want to aim for? LinkedIn lead ads are best used to target clients in the B2B industry.

On the other hand, if you want to reach consumers, Facebook may be the ideal platform to use.

You need to consider it carefully when determining which platform is best to use for your business.

Alternatively, you can use both platforms to widen the reach of your ads. Both LinkedIn lead ads and Facebook lead ads may be of value to you.

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Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Lead Ads

We’ve learned how beneficial LinkedIn lead ads can be. We’ve also talked about how LinkedIn and Facebook can be different from as well as similar to each other.

LinkedIn lead ads have their own advantages regarding audience targeting, cost, and analytics.

The next thing to learn is how to use LinkedIn effectively for B2B.

If you have lingering concerns about LinkedIn lead ads, whether in relation to Facebook lead ads or by themselves, don’t be afraid to reach out. Ask me questions below, and I’ll share my insights as clearly as possible.

Be sure to check out my Starter’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.  You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

If you need help with your LinkedIn account, planning your services and/or products, running marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, or creating capture pages or lead magnets, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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LinkedIn Lead Ads VS Facebook Lead Ads - Mike Marko

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