The LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns You Should Study

The LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns You Should Study - LinkedIn B2B Advertising

“The LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns You Should Study” written by Mike Marko.

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Lately, LinkedIn B2B advertising has become a popular way for businesses to advertise their brands. That’s why a lot of businesses are now thinking of getting in on it.

That said, creating a LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign isn’t the simplest task. This is because your LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign shouldn’t be boring if you want it to be effective.

So now you’re probably wondering how exactly you can make a good LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign.

Well, one of the best ways to do it is to take inspiration from those who’ve already done it. I’m not saying you should copy them, of course. You just need to learn from what others did right and how they used LinkedIn to promote their business.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 4 great LinkedIn B2B advertising campaigns that you can learn from. These might be the key to unlocking your own creativity.

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Be Inspired by 4 Great LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns

To start off, you should have a clear idea of what LinkedIn B2B advertising is. LinkedIn B2B advertising is all about promoting the products and services of a business to another business.

LinkedIn B2B advertising can be very effective. This is because LinkedIn was always designed for business usage. It has a lot of business owners to serve as the audience for that advertising.

Marketers have already used this fact for their benefit. Some of them have created LinkedIn B2B advertising campaigns that you can learn from, in fact.

And the first on this list is the LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign led by Bosch Power Tools.

Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools is a business that provides power tools and accessories, and measuring tools. Their LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign had to focus on showing the usefulness of their products.

The company created a LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign that helped them reach their target audience indirectly. How? By reaching out to micro-influencers first.

They did it by providing tools that these people could try. These volunteers were then asked to create video reviews of the products.

The reviews from micro-influencers helped promote the products. It was a win-win situation, in a sense. Micro-influencers were sponsored and given products to try while the business gained followers.

Bosch Power Tools ran this LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign by publishing the video reviews. They did it to give others proof of their tools’ worth.

Essentially, Bosch wanted to let their customers take other people’s word for it if they couldn’t rely on the company’s word alone. It was very effective.

The authenticity of the reviews is what made this campaign a good one. Authenticity and proof are valuable, even in B2B.

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Deloitte Global Impact

Another good example of a LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign is Deloitte’s Global Impact Report.

Deloitte is a large professional services network. It led a campaign about sharing core values with target customers using the report.

Deloitte was able to make a stand on its business values and earn the attention of buyers that way. They promoted their values by showing how thought leadership has helped their business grow.

Throughout the video, Deloitte also encouraged viewers to influence the world around them. They did this by giving examples of their own achievements. They talked about how those led to success for both their brand and their industry.

With their LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign, they aimed to convince viewers that they can be just as successful. By understanding Deloitte’s core values, their viewers can work on having a similar impact in their niche.

However, this LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign can be a little scary for most businesses. This is because of the fear of scaring off others who don’t share their values.

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Barclays Corporate Banking

B2B buyers, like most others, love good storytelling. This fact drove Barclays Corporate Banking to lead a LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign that focused on a story of success.

Barclays Corporate Banking was able to use storytelling to reach its audience because of its true to life aspect. Plus, their campaign wasn’t even focused on their brand’s history. That meant it didn’t come off too much like a self-advertisement.

Rather, they focused on a story about the rags to riches managing director of Low Cost Vans, Rod Loyd. As with success stories similar to this one, B2B buyers were easily hooked.

Barclays worked around Loyd’s dream of playing for his local pub and playing in Swansea City. They also showed how their business was able to help Loyd’s dream become a reality.

This was effective in showing what their brand can do and how effective they can be.

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Last on this list is UpWork’s humorous take on their LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign.

Now you might hesitate a little here. Humor in a B2B campaign? Does comedy have a place in this type of advertising?

We already know it can work in B2C campaigns. Brands such as Wendy’s and Moon Pie have already been able to spark engagement through humor on social media. The snarky remarks they presented to consumers were enough to boost customer engagement.

With that said, B2B brands can also experiment with humor as long as their message doesn’t become too vague. You wouldn’t want your business message to be lost.

UpWork has been able to successfully run a LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign with irreverent humor.

They made use of cheeky humor that calls out the NASA, President Donald Trump, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. They did so by pointing out that their website can provide professionals with the help that they need.

It was funny, unexpected, and definitely noticeable. People talked about it and them. That’s why it deserves to be in this list of the best LinkedIn B2B advertising campaigns.

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Final Thoughts on the Best LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn has made it easier for businesses to connect with consumers and other businesses. This is why there are so many successful LinkedIn B2B advertising campaigns out there for other businesses to learn from.

So if you’re planning to start your own LinkedIn B2B advertising campaign, you can use this list to guide and inspire you.

You’re free to choose to run with testimonials, core values, story-telling, and even humor. But you should always remember to keep your message clear.

If you still have questions about LinkedIn B2B advertising, feel free to leave a comment below.

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The LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns You Should Study - Mike Marko

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Article:  The LinkedIn B2B Advertising Campaigns You Should Study

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