Don’t Put Baby In a Corner – When You Are Lacking in Self-Confidence

“Don’t Put Baby In a Corner – When You Are Lacking in Self-Confidence” written by Guest Contributor.

Jennifer Grey, who is known for her role as “Baby” in the film Dirty Dancing and as Ferris Bueller’s sister in the teen cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, unfortunately is better known in more recent years for her “botched” nose job.

It is often sited as one of the top 10 worst celebrity plastic surgery mishaps.

Don't Put Baby In a Corner - When You Are Lacking in Self-Confidence

It’s not because her nose looks bad, she’s still beautiful, but because after that nose job she looks so completely different, that nobody could recognize her.  She has said that the decision to go under the knife for a new nose was one of the worst decisions of her life, because it negatively affected her career. And she gradually lost her identity from Hollywood.

Lacking in Self-Confidence

But it didn’t have to be that way. The real reason her career tanked was because she stopped believing in herself.

As she recounts in an interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC News in 2012:

When her 11-year-old daughter watched the movie for the first time that year. And noticed her mom had plastic surgery. The morning after, while cuddling in bed and she said to her mom, “you know, you’re really cool, mom.”

She said, “Thanks, honey.”

Her daughter said, “You know, your face looked really different in the movie. You looked really beautiful.”

Grey said, yeah, but the problem is, “I didn’t believe enough in myself.“ She was lacking in self-confidence.

Lost the Will to Dance Because She Was Lacking in Self-Confidence

Not only did her identity in Hollywood change after her surgery, but also she was terrified to dance in public for fear she would be judged for her dancing.
“I didn’t like dancing at weddings because I was so self-conscious that people would be disappointed in my dancing. And I decided to do “dancing with the stars” because Patrick (Swayze) had just passed and I had just had thyroid cancer and all of a sudden, I was realizing, why am I NOT dancing?

So she made up for lost time by becoming a contestant in the reality show “Dancing With the Stars” in 2010.

And like when her Dirty Dancing character “Baby” dazzled the audience with a stunning dance performance in the end of the movie Grey, 23 years later, was crowned the “Dancing with the stars” champion!

Jennifer gray stopped dancing in public and dropped out of the public eye in Hollywood for all those years, not because of her appearance, but through a series of decisions that made her lack self-confidence.

She’s quoted as saying…

“I didn’t believe in myself”

“I was afraid of dancing”

“I was self-conscious that people would be critical”

Can You Relate?

How many of these feeling can you relate to because of a bad decision or a perceived failure?

The only thing that separates the uber-successful person from the one who gives up on their dreams is the ability to have the self-confidence to believe in yourself so that you can persist when times get tough.

If a divorce, illness, or bankruptcy has left you afraid or lacking in self-confidence don’t make the mistake of waiting for a death or illness to wake you up to the realization that life is too short to give up on your dreams and passions.

What Do You Want?

What makes you happy?

What makes you dance?

Find it and ask yourself how would the person I want to be react to every decision I make?

How would the person I want to be behave in this situation?

What kind of seed is in you?

You are not a biological coincidence. You have a purpose and it’s there inside you waiting to be fulfilled.

You know deep down what it is and you owe it to yourself and everyone who stands to benefit from your unique mark on the world to get out there and “dance.”

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start or have forgotten what your passion is start by

  • Respecting your nature
  • Know how you are uniquely smart
  • Know what you care about
  • Know your behavioral style

Then apply and express yourself little by little every day with inspired action baby steps. (pun intended)

And remember that girl with Patrick Swayze  high up in the air with her arms stretched out wide.  She taught us all about fear and wonder. And the ways we venture out, only to discover ourselves over and over again.

When You Are Lacking in Self-Confidence

“I feel that thing, I think, what people experience when they get older, of how precious and fragile this life is. I think that you cannot be dancing and not be in joy. I think joy flows when there’s dance.”- Jennifer Grey

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Article:  Don’t Put Baby In a Corner – When You Are Lacking in Self-Confidence

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