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You want Empower Network Kalatu blogging system? Well don’t buy until you check out this Kalatu BONUS. Read on to learn more in this Kalatu review.

But before we start, who are we?  We are Bren and Mike and we make most of our income online by blogging.  And we believe this is what you need to help you make money blogging.

Kalatu Premium Review - Kalatu Review - Kalatu Bonus

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Kalatu Bonus | Get Your Kalatu Blog Here| Kalatu Premium

Kalatu Review | Empower Network Kalatu Blogging System

What is Kalatu Premium all about?  I know when I first heard about it I asked myself, “What is a Kalatu?”  To me it sounds like some mythical creature.  Although it isn’t a mythical creature, it is definitely something just as cool.

This honest Kalatu review discusses what Kalatu Premium is all about and how Kalatu will benefit your business on the internet.  This is what you need to help you make money online.  We’ll also share some of the company vision and you’ll can see how all this comes together with you in mind.  Let’s be honest… you want to know what’s in it for you!




kalatu review - kalatu bonus - kalatu scam

kalatu premium review - kalatu premium bonus - kalatu premium scam

What is Kalatu Premium and What is Kalatu Premium

Let’s start this KALATU review by discussing what it is: Kalatu Premium is the brand new blogging platform of Empower Network.

The word, ” KALATU “comes from the aboriginal word meaning ‘story telling.‘  I think that is very fitting for a blogging system because it is all about story telling!

Kalatu is WordPress made simple.  It is WordPress based but without the technical obstacles, hassles and additional costs that come with building and hosting your own WordPress website.  With Kalatu Premium it’s easy to do things like locating the right overall website theme that fits you and your business, selecting the best and safest plugins (added features), ensuring website security from hackers, backing up your website to protect your work, creating lead capture pages to build a list of interested buyers, etc.

Kalatu Premium is an upgraded version of Kalatu.  See below for more details of the additional benefits of Kalatu Premium.

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Kalatu Review

Luckily, Bren and I got a preview of the new Kalatu blog for this Kalatu review.  Otherwise it would have been extremely difficult to put together any sort of worthwhile review… so we pulled a few strings to make it happen for you.  There was resistance because the management wanted to make sure the new Empower Network blogging platform was as near prefect as any software can be before it was released to public. The success of Empower Network was always been it’s blogging platform so they are taking a lot of pride in this.

David Wood has said, “What we have done is we’ve made it attractive, we have made a great product, we have made it something that bloggers are going to want to blog on to…. they can blog about their passions, and then we’re going to help them to profit from that.

“We’re going to help them to make money from that. We are going to help them to create a financial result from that.

“That’s really what our platform is designed to do”

 As you can see from the video, Kalatu Empower Network is very easy to use.  It really is WordPress made easy… there was no exaggeration.  All you have to do is answer a few questions, maybe copy some website addresses and paste as answers to some questions, and hit publish!  It can’t get any easier.

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A Word from Jonathan Constedt

Jonathan Constedt, CEO of Empower Network, said this about Kalatu Premium:

“….This truly for me is the vision that Dave has passed to us…..  we want to see this industry thrive, and thrive in a way that people can truly enjoy the dream, and why they got into it.

“Most of the time in this business, people were sold the dream, but they are living a nightmare.  The business doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that this technology, that we are going to be bringing to market, coupled with the tools and training, is going to be something that’s going to allow more people to begin to dream again. To really reconnect with the core motivation that brought them into this world, and had them bravely say ‘I want to fly my flag as an entrepreneur and I am ready to go.’”

Kalatu Review – Benefits

This is a summary of what Kalatu has to offer (this list is not extensive):

  • WordPress made simple
  • Multiple themes to help you customize your website appearance and functionality
  • Installed plugins ready to turn on
  • “Done for you” template so that beginners just have to copy and paste.
  • Themes for different industries – there is no such thing as a one website fits all
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly so you can rank easier in Google get found

Our blog is how we make most of our online income.  We highly recommend you get the Kalatu blog to blog your way to financial freedom.  There really is no reason why you shouldn’t get a Kalatu blog.  




Kalatu BONUS

Ok, so if all those Kalatu benefits weren’t enough, Bren and I want to give you even more.

When you get your Kalatu blogging system from Bren & Mike, you become part of our personal team.  Bren and I have a Kalatu bonus for those who join us.  In addition you’ll be mentored by both us, mentors who can actually get a blog to rank high on Google.

It doesn’t make sense for you to get the Kalatu blogging system from anyone when you can get it from someone who can show they can get results, are willing to take the time to mentor, and have a Kalatu bonus for signing up.  Sign up with us today and you’ll get a personal mentoring session where we’ll teach you how to use your Kalatu blog effectively to help your chances of ranking high in Google.

Let’s face it.  If you aren’t ranking high in the search engines, then you are missing out of a huge benefit of blogging.  That’s where our expertise will help give you an edge over the competition.  Like I said earlier, we make most of our online income from our blog.  Let us use our knowledge to mentor you to help you make money blogging.

Online Mentoring with Bren and Mike

That’s It for Now In This KALATU Review

Get the Kalatu blogging system ahead of the crowd by signing up right away.  Remember our bonus won’t last forever.  Take advantage of our Kalatu bonus AND get ahead of your competition.

This is your time to make money online, and achieve your financial freedom!

Kalatu Bonus - Kalatu Review - Kalatu Premium

I expect this honest KALATU review helped you!  If you have more questions please feel to contact us by clicking here.

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Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course and Influx Entrepreneur - Kalatu Premium

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Kalatu Bonus | Get The Kalatu Blog Here

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Article: Kalatu Bonus | Get Your Kalatu Blog Here| Kalatu Premium

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