iPAS 2 – How to Get Organized With Your Online Business

iPAS 2 – How to Get Organized With Your Online Business.

If you own a small business, being organized is crucial to your success.

Here’s why… paperwork piles up quickly, and if you’re not organized, you will find yourself drowning in piles of unopened mail and stacks of  documents that need to be filed and organized. This ultimately wastes valuable time, and can eventually lead to burn out.

We’ve been guilty of this in the past with our real estate business. We were busy with repairs, or just life in general and pushed organizing paperwork off until the next day or next week. It multiplied quickly, felt daunting to organize, and eventually led to procrastination and elevated stress.

Being disorganized wastes your valuable time…

Have you ever found yourself searching through a pile of paper work to find something you’re looking for, when it could have been easily found in a file? This is time you could have spent making money!

It can get you into trouble legally

Missing documents could even get you into trouble legally. For example, if the IRS audits you or you fail to open an important document promptly you could be fined or worse.

Being disorganized can lead to a loss of money and credibility

Late fees and loss of credibility with business associates.

It leads to higher stress levels

Just knowing that you have mountains of paper work that need to be addressed and organized can cause great amounts of stress and can lead to eventual burnout.

iPAS 2 - How to Get Organized With Your Online BusinessIt leads to procrastination

The more disorganized you are, the more daunting the task of getting organized. It’s easy to get a “head in the sand” attitude about what you need to do to get caught up.

If you want to stay in your business for the long term, it’s crucial that you organize your tasks into a system that works for you.

• You will be able to find things easier
• Save time
• Lower your stress
• And make more money

Humans like patterns. We thrive on systems.  If you already own a small business, then schedule some time for yourself to get organized. ******If you don’t have time then it’s even more critical that you take the time to do this.******

Get Free

Start with your computer. Organize all your files on your desktop. Clean up your documents and put them in files. Get rid of anything that you don’t need.

Do the same with your paper work. If needed, buy new or bigger file cabinets and put all you hard copies in files. Clear off and clean all flat surfaces…declutter.

Schedule time on a planner.  Personally, I love Google calendar for this.

Being organized will help you be successful in your business. Without organization your days will be full of stress and chaos. Make your life easier  by taking some time to get organized!

If you don’t own a small business (and you should! Its one of the 4 cornerstones to success) a great way to start an online business is the iPAS 2 it’s an organized system that does the organization for you. You don’t have to sort through and figure out what needs to be done next . It’s a system that has taken all of the guess work out of starting an online business.

iPAS 2 - How to Get Organized With Your Online BusinessiPAS 2

iPAS 2 stands for Internet Prosperity Acceleration System – Version 2 and it’s the name that Chris Jones & Chris Campbell have given to their marketing system that promotes the Empower Network.

iPAS 2 is exclusive to the Prosperity Team which means we are the only team that can use this marketing system. You get access to it for free when you join the Empower Network through a member of the Prosperity Team (such as myself).

iPAS 2 is a collection of marketing tools and systems which are bar non the best I have ever seen and used. We are talking about professional sales funnels that sell the Empower Network on your behalf, and automation systems that even include agents who call leads and upsell them on your behalf (We call them PBA’s, or personal business associates).

Literally with iPAS 2 you get the best marketing system in the world for promoting the Empower Network.

Check it out here:

iPAS 2 - Empower Network - Prosperity Team

If you still have questions about iPAS 2, check out our iPAS 2 FAQ by clicking here.


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Article:  iPAS 2 – How to Get Organized With Your Online Business


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