Measuring Success with Instagram Stories Analytics

Measuring Success with Instagram Stories Analytics - Instagram Stories Analytics

“Measuring Success with Instagram Stories Analytics” written by Mike Marko.

A lot of Instagram users just think of Stories as a way to get out quick updates. That’s why the only metric they look at is the number of views their Stories got, afterwards.

However, you can actually get a better measure of a Story’s success with Instagram Stories analytics. It can also show you how to improve the way you use Stories for your business.

Instagram Stories analytics can offer much richer information than a simple views count. The data you get from it could even help you enhance your overall Instagram marketing strategy.

That’s why we’re going to spend some time discussing Instagram Stories analytics today. The information gleaned from this tool can be more valuable than most business owners realize.

Here, I’ll show you the Instagram Stories Analytics you should look out for. I’ll also show you why they’re important for your marketing on the platform.

advantages and disadvantages of instagramInstagram Stories Analytics Metrics That Matter

Instagram Stories analytics isn’t there to just give you a summed-up number of how many views your Stories got. Rather, Instagram Stories analytics exists to help you see how well your story was delivered to your audience.

However, this is only possible if you’re using a business account on Instagram. If you can’t seem to find any Instagram Stories analytics other than views, then your account is personal.

In-depth Instagram Stories analytics metrics are exclusive to business accounts, you see. This is because businesses are more concerned about how much attention their posts get.

A post that isn’t delivered well to an audience can be a loss for business accounts. This is especially true if the post is related to sales or important business announcements like opening a new branch.

That’s why businesses should know how to assess their Instagram Stories analytics. That way, they can determine what they’re doing right or wrong in their Stories.

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Firstly, how much engagement your Instagram Story gets is very important. Luckily, Instagram Stories analytics gives you a lot of data on that.

The data can vary from how many users went back to view your Story again to how many users clicked on your profile. This Instagram Stories analytics metric is basically focused on all the actions done to your Story and while viewing your Story.

It’s important to take note of this data because it shows how many viewers are taking note of your Stories. It shows how well your message is being delivered through your content.

It can also be helpful to take note of the difference in engagement between different Instagram Stories. The difference can help you recognize the incline or decline of engagements if you try out a different approach.

This will then help you decide which approach is worth maintaining. For example, photos of models with your products might get more engagement than posts of your products alone.

Your engagement results will also often vary when it comes to two aspects that define engagement. These aspects are “Interactions” and “Navigations”.

Let’s differentiate these two aspects of the “Engagement” Instagram Stories analytics metric.

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1) Interactions

First, “Interactions” represent the actions of users when viewing your Instagram Story. These actions include the following:

  • Replies or answers,
  • Profile visits, and
  • Sticker Taps (Geotag, Hashtag, Mention, or Product).

Often, you’d want your Stories to have a high number of interactions. This is because a high number of interactions shows that your viewers pay attention to what they see.

It shows how successful an Instagram Story is at inviting the audience to join in a conversation. It also shows how many users want to learn more about the topic of an Instagram Story.

Stickers like polls, questions, or emoji sliders can encourage interactions because of their quick and easy nature.

These stickers can be used with just one click from users. Hence, users can offer their input easily.

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2) Navigations

“Navigations” closely resembles the “Interactions” Instagram Stories analytics metric. It’s still considered a bit different, however.

To explain this, you should know that Instagram Stories will often play out automatically for a fixed time. Then, it’ll move on to your next Story or the Story of the account next in line.

However, viewers can choose how long to view your Story. “Navigations” thus shows the completion rate of your Instagram Story.

You should take note that Navigations can track the following actions:

  • Back (Tapping the left side of the screen) – Number of taps to see the previous Story.
  • Forward (Tapping the right side of the screen) – Number of taps to see the next Story before the current Story ends.
  • Next Story (Swiping away) – Swipes to see the next account in line’s Story.
  • Exits – Number of times users closed the Story before it ends.

Navigations can be seen as similar to Interactions because they track the actions that users make.

However, a high number of navigation actions is often a negative sign. This is because most of the actions tracked are from people skipping or exiting your Story.

Clicking back, on the other hand, can be situationally good, especially if you posted multiple Stories. This is because clicking back could indicate that users want to view your previous Story again.

That said, do take note that I said it can be “situationally good”. For example, a user could also be clicking back from your Story to view a different account’s Story.

In this case, your Instagram Story has probably lost that user’s attention.

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Another Instagram Stories analytics metric worth studying is “Discovery”. Discovery tallies your impressions, or how many times your Story was viewed.

You can often see this as a similar tally to the views counted when you’re using a personal account. However, the Discovery Instagram Stories analytics metric can also count views received from users who don’t follow you.

It also shows you the number of accounts that started following you during the duration of your Story.

That being said, the Discovery Instagram Stories analytics metrics aren’t exact, according to Instagram. This is because even accidental views of your Story are counted as impressions.

Some accounts may have also coincidentally followed your account while you have a Story up. Therefore, the number of users who followed you while a Story is up might not be accurate.

However, Discovery metrics are still important because they help keep track of how many people discovered your content. This is especially important if you’re concerned with spreading your content on Instagram.

New followers also contribute to brand awareness. Therefore, you can get an estimate of how many users discovered you while you post a Story.

You can boost your Discovery metrics by using stickers because they can show up in more related searches. That way, users casually browsing under specific tags can also find your brand.

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Finally, Instagram Stories analytics also tracks the traffic that your Stories can gather.

As a business owner who most likely has a website, you already know how important traffic is. The more users you can attract to your links, the more visitors your website may get.

This can also lead to more sales — and who doesn’t want that?

The only problem is, it can be hard to drive traffic from Instagram. This is because you can’t add clickable links to the captions of your posts.

However, business profiles with 10,000+ followers or verified profiles are eligible to add clickable links to their Stories. These links can then start collecting traffic.

You can take advantage of this by adding a link to your website or new content. This provides a way to drive traffic to your website.

This then helps in making it easier for you to spread the word about your business.

You can use Google Analytics to track the traffic coming from your Stories and see how well they’re doing.

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Final Thoughts on Instagram Stories Analytics

Although Instagram Stories can seem like just another quirky feature, it has its uses too! That’s why you shouldn’t let your Instagram Stories analytics go to waste.

All the actions done while viewing your Instagram Stories should be taken into account. This is why Instagram Stories analytics tracks all of them — because it can be helpful when you want to tweak your Stories for better results.

Take note of what kind of Instagram Story gets a lot of Interactions and not a lot of Navigations, for instance. This way, you’ll know what kind of Story gets and keeps your audience’s attention.

Next, you should pay attention to your Discovery Instagram Stories analytics metric. With this, you can have an estimate of how large your Story’s audience is.

Finally, you should always try to boost your traffic. This way, you can still drive attention back to your actual website, even through Instagram.

In sum, treat your Instagram Stories analytics like other social media analytics. By keeping your Instagram Stories analytics in mind when you plan your marketing strategy, you can cover more area on Instagram!

However, I know that Instagram Stories analytics can be tricky sometimes. If you need help with Instagram Stories analytics, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Measuring Success with Instagram Stories Analytics - Mike Marko

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Article: Measuring Success with Instagram Stories Analytics

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