Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product Promotion

Instagram Product Promotion

“Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product Promotion” written by Mike Marko.

Planning to do an Instagram product promotion for your business?

Instagram is a visual avenue where you can post your creative photos and videos. Businesses in Instagram use their accounts to tell a visual story about their brand and instantly engage their audience, wherever they might be.

Aside from showcasing their brand story, brands are able to display new products in an appealing way in order to attract potential customers.

In this article, we will be sharing different ideas on how you can take advantage of an Instagram production promotion and convert engagements into sales.

Different Ways of Using Instagram Product Promotion

With a wide reach of 400 million users every day, Instagram has proven itself to be an effective tool for reaching consumers. In addition to this, it has displayed higher engagement rate than any other social media platform that exists today.

This has easily made the platform the place to be for brands looking to grow their business every day.

However, it is crucial to have the right Instagram marketing strategy in place to achieve this. Which then begs the question that brands are now echoing: How can I effectively use Instagram product promotion to my advantage?

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Link Your Company Site in the Description Box

The first step of using Instagram product promotion is to provide a link to your company’s website in the description box. As this is usually the first thing that account visitors see, having this link present in the box will make it easier for customers to check out your website.

However, if you do not have a company website, then simply put your business e-mail so customers will be aware of how to contact you for enquiries or purchases.

Link Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts can help you expand your reach through more platforms and enable your customers to learn more about your products.

When these two accounts are linked, it’ll be easier for your customers to go to your company’s Facebook page.

Facebook’s a great platform for showcasing your products with more details, than you can on Instagram. Customers might want to know the real value of what they’re buying and Facebook’s features can educate your customers. This can give you a higher chance of making a sale.

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Post at the Right Time and Use #Hashtags

Posting at the right time can be critical for your content to reach more audience. Utilizing Instagram’s #hashtag feature is also vital to make your posts easier to find.
Here’s why you need to post at the right time and with hashtags.

Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product PromotionPost Content during Peak Hours

When you post your content during peak hours, you’re more likely to reach your audience due to high internet traffic.

Higher internet traffic leads to more views. Each view acquired is a potential sale.

Post Content with #Hashtags for Easy Searching

Using a #hashtag is Instagram’s way of organizing the millions of content generated each day. A hashtag is a channel where people in Instagram find content that interests them.

Here’s a tip: Think about what your target customer would be searching for to imagine what possible keywords and hashtags can be used to attract them.

Post your photos and videos using these hashtags to make them easier to find. However, ensure that you are only using hashtags that are relevant to your post.

Interact with Your Followers

A great way to use Instagram product promotion is to know your followers’ sentiments, and this can be achieved by interacting with them. A high engagement between you and your followers is essential, if you want to convert them into customers.

Interested customers comment on your posts or send you direct messages. Respond promptly to show that you’re interested in them as well.

The following are the most important categories of Instagram users that you should follow:

Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product PromotionFollow Your Followers

Everyone loves getting new followers, including your own followers. Following them is one of the best ways to introduce your business when you appear on their notifications list. This shows your customers that your company is interested in them.

Like their posts as well to keep you on their notifications and turn them into leads.

Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

Your competitor’s followers only mean that they are interested in the same product category you are offering.

Since they are following your competitors, take this opportunity to introduce them to your product. This will increase brand awareness and if they like your product, they’ll follow you back.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Products

Advertising Your Business Through Instagram Product Promotion

Instagram Influencers have many followers because of their highly appealing content. Their accounts are great avenues for an Instagram product promotion. When influencers promote your product, your product receives valuable exposure amongst their niche following.

Go Live and Introduce Your Products

Instagram has a “Live” feature that allows you to broadcast a video to your followers and other Instagram users.

This feature can be very good for advertising your new products. You can introduce your new products and show a demo to more people on how to use it, while engaging them at the same time.

Organize Photo Contests and Give Away Exciting Prizes

Create photo contests involving the use of your product. Photo contests can help attract customers to your profile. However, when you use this method, make sure to add an official hashtag for entries to use during the contest in order to easily keep track of entries.

It’s a fun way where you gain user-generated content while engaging with your followers.

Choose your lucky winners and give away exciting prizes. You can also feature the winning photo on your account.

Final Thoughts on Using Instagram Product Promotion to Your Advantage

The wide audience available on Instagram has made it a force to be reckoned with among the various social media platforms. Its highly visual-centric features has made it an effective way for businesses to reach out to consumers and promote their products for free.

However, using Instagram requires a different strategy employed as compared to Facebook or Twitter. We have shared various methods to take advantage of Instagram product promotion in this article.

Including a company link on your description box, for example, is one way of boosting your website traffic, as this will be the first thing visitors will see upon visiting your feed.

We later on discussed the value of linking your different social media accounts with your Instagram account and how posting the right content at the right time with the right hashtag could lead to an immediate growth in views. These views can then be slowly converted into potential sales.

Instagram, as well, is about engaging with your customers. This can be done by following back your followers or your competitors’ followers, organizing photo contests and utilizing Instagram Live. You can even expand your reach by partnering with an Instagram influencer, thus effectively tapping into their audience.

As you can see, there are different ways to leverage the platform and use it to your advantage. Instead of merely using one or two of the suggested methods above, it is recommended to use them all as much as possible to ensure your brand’s success on Instagram.

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