Best Practices for Using Instagram Live Stories for Business

Best Practices for Using Instagram Live Stores for Business - Instagram, Live Stories, Social Media

“Best Practices for Using Instagram Live Stories for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know that you can use Instagram live stories to expand your business?

Instagram added another feature that makes sharing moments more fun! Instagram Stories lets you share sequences of photos, videos, and stories that vanish after 24 hours.

Everyone loves it!

And of course, Instagram Stories has become a tool that everyone likes to use. Even businesses use Instagram Stories to advertise their brand.

But there’s another Instagram feature that businesses seem to underrate — Instagram Live Stories.

Instagram Live Stories shares the same concept with the common Instagram Stories feature. The only difference is that Instagram Live lets you broadcast your video to your followers in real-time.

Instagram Live is a great tool to get new followers and engagement, as well as to drive high lead on your sales. Your target audience can watch you while you’re still streaming.

To help you get started on using Instagram live stories for your business, today I want to discuss with you some best practices on how to create your own Instagram live stories.

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Instagram Live Stories for Business

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Instagram Live Stories for your business.

Not only it is a great tool to advertise your brand, but it is also good to help you build trust with your followers. It’s a fantastic tool to help you boost your visibility on Instagram.

Instagram Live offers a real-time broadcast of your video. There are no “retakes” or pre-recorded video. What’s more, you can drive a lot of viewers and even future clients on your live video if you get featured on the Explore Page.

This will get you more chances to reveal your business to more people. The more engagements, the more sales!

Like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live is an amazingly easy feature to use! But before getting excited about on how to use this cool Instagram Live Stories, there are a few things that you should remember.

1. Be Prepared: Plan Your Instagram Live Broadcast

There are no retakes when you’re on air with Instagram Live. That’s why it’s vital to prepare beforehand. If you want your live broadcast to shine among others, preparedness is a must!

Treat your live broadcast as you would do a business presentation with large audiences.

Prepare scripts, jot down Q&A, and practice. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Rehearse your live broadcast. Practice and record yourself on camera and exercise what you would say or do to avoid mistakes or slipping up.

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2. Promote Your Instagram Live Stories Beforehand

If you want to lure views and engagement, you have to let your followers know about it beforehand.

So, make some noise!

Inform your followers that you’ll be planning to go Live. Be prepared! Spread the news.

You can use Instagram Stories to let everyone know about your live broadcast. Your Instagram story should include your topic, product, time and date and more importantly the time zone.

If you’re able to get more viewers, this signals Instagram that your broadcast is high-quality and might interest users. That means the more viewers and engagement you get, the more you get featured on the Explore Page.

Likewise, the more the viewers you get, the higher chance of sales lead.

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3. Launch New Product Using Instagram Live Stories

Using Instagram Live stories is a perfect way to launch your new products, so users will get the idea on what’s new on your business. Users will also know what promotions and discounts you have to offer.

It’s also a great way to excite your audience whether you’re unveiling a new product line or teasing a future launch.

Take your hottest and newest product and make sure to release a few details about it.

That’s the secret.

Viewers will go crazy and will want to see more about your new products. You can use this chance for the viewers to sign up and encouraged them to act immediately.

This trick can result from a high sales lead!

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4. Use Instagram Live for Promotions and Flash Sales

Not only you can use Instagram Live for launching new products, but you can also use this to promote promos and flash sales. Sounds cool, right?

You can use Instagram Live to your advantage by making your target audience feel the urgency to watch your live broadcast.

Customers love promos! You can use this to promote a limited time only promotions during your broadcast.

When you go live, you can share the discount code or coupon to your viewers. But remember, if you plan to hand out discounts, make sure to let your target audience know beforehand.  That way they’ll have an idea what to watch out.

Always remember, people love discounts and promos, so don’t miss this cool opportunity!

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5. Collect Emails Using Instagram Live Stories

This one is tricky.


Because it’s not always easy to ask your viewers to give them their email!

So, how can you encourage them to give their emails?

You can use your Instagram Live Stories as a way to collect emails from the viewers. You can ask your followers to submit a question beforehand. Send your viewers to a landing page with an email form.

But before that, be sure that your new product and services are engaging and exciting. By this, luring them is easy.

Once you know their email, start adding them to your newsletter or email flow to drive sign-ups and conversions.

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Final Thoughts on Using Instagram Live Stories for Business

So what are you waiting? Start using Instagram Live Stories for business! There’s a lot of opportunities to get your followers’ attention and make bigger sales.

I highly encourage you to use Instagram Live stories for your business.

With over 1 billion people on Instagram, you’ll be able to advertise your products and services to a massive crowd. Utilize this feature and make the most out of it!

Don’t forget to get your live video a spot on the Explore Page. Once you get there, you can even hoard tons of followers and engagement on your account. Remember, the more engagements you have, the more sales you can make.

If you have more questions about Instagram Live Stories for business, leave them in the comments section below.

And always keep in mind… have fun!

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Best Practices for Using Instagram Live Stories for Business - Mike Marko

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