Is Influx Entrepreneur Legit or a Scam?

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I first want to say that this is not a pro Influx Entrepreneur or anti Influx Entrepreneur review. I’m an affiliate myself, but the extreme hype people use these days is getting really old!
You can make a lot of money from Influx Entrepreneur.

But….the reason it works well for me is I work hard at my business every day.

In fact, Influx Entrepreneur is just one of my business opportunities because I believe in multiple income streams, and I do believe it’s the best opportunity out there right now for myself and anyone who reads this blog.


– Because it’s setup so anyone can start today and learn how to build a full time income.

– You don’t need any experience at all, you just need to buy the product, study it and get to work (the work part being the most important).

– You can use free traffic just like I do to create an income online. (I can help you with this)

– You can do this even if you have a full time job (again like I do).

– If you’re an experienced marketer then get ready to clean up shop 😉

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Mike, is Influx Entrepreneur Legit?  Really?

In my opinion it’s the one of the best programs I’ve ever been involved with.

I’ve been doing content marketing (blogging/SEO) for a while now. I’ve yet to find anything that you can make as much money part time.

So, yes, I love Influx Entrepreneur.

You are probably asking about, “what about all the other business opportunities out there?” They tell me that I can make a lot of money right away with no effort. And they tell me XYZ company is a scam.

Think about this.

Do you think these “HONEST” marketers have your best interest at heart?

I don’t think so my friend!

I covered this a bit in this post, but anytime you see someone using a company name PLUS “scam”, “review” or a shocking headlines it’s to get clicks.  I am sure if I had said “Influx Entrepreneur is a scam” it would get your attention, but the truth is that Influx Entrepreneur is legitimate.

I don’t think all of these individuals are bad, it’s marketing and any smart marketer will use these type of tactics to get eye balls on their content(guilty as charged!).

But….what you have to lookout for are the people over-hyping Influx Entrepreneur, or the opposite where someone is bashing the company.

Both of these marketing methods are polluting the industry and giving it a bad name. It’s the reason I have to make sure I have disclaimers all over my site.

Let’s start with the first group (those Selling Hopes & Dreams)

I love Influx Entrepreneur, but anytime I see someone selling a business opportunity with pure hype it bothers me deeply. This is why I tell people up front that if you think you can work one hour a day and then drive a Lamborghini within a month then keep dreaming.

You can scan the internet and see people claiming that if you just put in one hour of work a day, your bank account gets filled while you sleep.

This business isn’t hard, but it does take work (it’s not a get rich quick scheme).

So if you’re thinking about joining a business opportunity and a leader tells you that they will make you rich without having to do any work… RUN AWAY!!!!!!! As fast as you can!!!

With that being said, if you’re willing to put in the work I don’t know of a better program to make a lot of money.

What the people selling hopes & dreams don’t understand is they could make more money by being transparent, being honest and pointing out the pro’s and con’s of whatever they’re promoting.

I do this every day and people say “Mike, give me your link”.

When you actually care about a person, that’s when you will make money!

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Now Let’s Talk About the Second Group

This group loves to tell you how something is a scam, not worth joining, and then conveniently point you to “THEIR COMPANY”.

What’s crazy about this group of marketers is they often don’t understand how the company they’re bashing even works because they never joined or bought any of the products, and therefore have no real facts to back up their claims.

The goal of these people is to get you to think the company they’re bashing isn’t the company for you, but instead you should join theirs.

Any marketer who has to bash another company or leader has poor marketing skills and is not someone you want to follow.

The online business world is built on friendships, and if you bash other companies or people you can burn bridges quickly.

You never know who down the road can help you take your business to the next level, so think before posting ; )

Now I’m not saying that people don’t have a right to their opinion. But I AM saying the hype and bashing of companies needs to stop.

If you’re looking into joining Influx Entrepreneur then do your research and figure out for yourself if you think it’s a good fit for you.

I personally think it’s one of the best programs available at the moment and will be sticking with it for the long run to build a $50,000 + a month income. But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

The key to making a lot of money online is not a program or even joining the right leader, it’s YOU.

Pick a program that will fit you, make the choice to stick with it and learn how to market and let the rest fall into place. Don’t consider joining another company until you master one and do very well with it.

But….Make sure you pick a program with a good compensation plan because that will make the difference between you making a little bit or a lot of money.

That’s the first thing that got my attention with Influx Entrepreneur before I knew what it was.

So is Influx Entrepreneur Legit?

My answer is DEFINATELY YES.

If you’re ready to get started with someone that will work with you and help you produce results then join me here.

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P.S. Once you get signed up you will get access to mentorship from me. I will show you exactly how to dominate the search engines & pull in leads and sales just like I do. Make sure you connect with me as soon as you sign up so we can get you started right away.

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Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course and Influx Entrepreneur

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Is Influx Entrepreneur Legit or Scam - Mike Marko

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Article: Is Influx Entrepreneur Legit or a Scam?

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