How to Increase YouTube Video Views Organically

How to Increase YouTube Video Views Organically - youtube video views

“How to Increase YouTube Video Views Organically” written by Mike Marko.

Increasing YouTube video views is a task that’s caused many business owners to despair.

It’s easy to see why. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube is a widely-used channel for business promotion.

That means those marketing on it have to face a lot of competition.

Countless brands are already on YouTube, posting content designed to capture consumer interest. That’s in addition to all the other content creators putting out videos on the platform.

Even with an average of 22 billion monthly visits, there’s only so much attention to go around. This may explain why some have turned to paying for YouTube video views.

Trust me when I say you don’t need to do that, however. There are many ways to get more YouTube video views for free.

In this blog, I will guide you on how to increase your YouTube video views by using your social media profiles, YouTube’s platform, and optimization features. You’ll learn how to raise your YouTube video views organically and effectively.

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The Best Ways to Increase YouTube Video Views

If you want to increase your YouTube videos views for free, let’s get one thing straight right now — the process will take time and effort.

On the other hand, its rewards are well worth that investment.

If you do it right, you’ll be rewarded with more YouTube video views, a better user experience, and opportunities to expand your market reach.

That’s because, with its extensive amount of users, YouTube is one of the premier platforms in the world to reach audiences.

Whether you’re sharing recipes, teaching people how to do makeup, or creating pranks (like spoofing presidents!), the platform can help you reach billions.

Imagine what that level of exposure can do for your business!

So, how do you generate more YouTube video views organically? Here are the best ways to do that, starting with refining your video content.

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Increase YouTube Video Views with Video Content

The content in your video is the most important factor in deciding just how many YouTube video views it will get.

Good content will result in better behavioral analytics in YouTube’s algorithm. This will reward your video with better organic search positioning.

Good content also gets shared out more, which further increases YouTube video views. Overall, it’s the only type of content you should ever publish.

The only problem is, a lot of business owners don’t seem to know how to make good content for YouTube. Fortunately for you, I can provide some tips to help with that.

1) Provide Educational or Entertaining Content

Your video content should keep your viewers engaged and entertained. Ensuring this will increase your YouTube video views.

That’s because both information and entertainment are of value. Hence, you should produce videos that have at least one of those elements in spades.

Produce content that tells people something they can’t find out easily by themselves online, for example. If you have a specialized skill you can teach them, present a video tutorial.

In fact, how-to videos are prime examples of valuable content. You’ll find many YouTube users seeking such videos in various niches.

Sometimes, they’ll even visit the same channel repeatedly if it has a lot of those videos! That’s because they’ve found at least one of that channel’s previous instructional videos helpful.

That’s why you should always offer value of that sort. When users find your content valuable, they’ll return for more and increase the YouTube video views on your other video content.

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2) Create Existing Viral Trends

You should create video content of already-existing viral trends. There’s already a market desire to view viral content, so you should tap into it.

It’s not always easy or possible to tie your video content into ongoing trends, of course. But if you can do it, you can boost your YouTube video views with the help of a hungry public looking for more trending contextual content.

3) Use Guest YouTubers

Guest YouTubers, industry influencers, or notable persons with their own following can do wonders for your YouTube video views.

Guest YouTubing can get you new viewers originally part of your guest’s audience. It can also provide a different and unique perspective into your industry’s sphere.

You can offer a link to one of their videos or websites in your description. From that, you can form a rapport built on reciprocity, which can also help to increase YouTube video views.

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Generate Views from the YouTube Platform

It’s also possible to use YouTube’s native features to boost your YouTube video views. It has so many (often free) marketing tools you can use.

Optimizing your content and taking advantage of these tools can increase your YouTube video views. Below are my tips for doing it the way a professional marketer would.

1) Use Cards

Cards are YouTube optimization features that enable you to promote other content within your video. For example, you can add a card that lets viewers hop directly to another, related video on your channel.

In fact, you can do a surprising number of things with a card! Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • It can be used to get more channel subscribers.
  • It can be used to donate to a non-profit.
  • It can be used to send traffic to your website.
  • It can be used to encourage users to participate in a poll.

Regarding increasing your YouTube video views, you should use these cards to get users to visit your less-watched content and subscribe to your channel.

Use your behavioral analytics to see at which point users stop watching your video. Through that, you can insert the card in the right place to ensure it gets seen by more viewers.

By the way, YouTube behavioral analytics provide you with a lot of actionable insights and metrics. Check them often to inform every decision you make to increase your YouTube video views.

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2) Create End Screens

End screens are another superb tool you can use to bring up YouTube video views.

End screens provide users who enjoyed your content with a lot of relevant information. This may be regarding your channel, recommended videos, and your website.

To add end-screens, go to your Video Manager. Then, click “Edit” for the video you want to add them to and click “End Screens & Annotations”.

End screens are a particularly good way to increase YouTube video views, in my opinion. These promote your content before YouTube’s algorithms recommend other popular videos.

That keeps the platform from pulling people away from your channel and videos. That’s why you should never skip a chance to use end screens for your content.

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Use Off-page View Boosters to Increase YouTube Video Views

YouTube has the ability to place its content on different social media platforms. Videos on it can be embedded and shared with just a few clicks.

It only makes sense to take advantage of that to get more YouTube video views. Here are some ways to get more YouTube video views outside of the platform.

1) Increase Your Video’s SEO Ranking

Traditional SEO (search engine optimization) can also increase YouTube video views. This is because videos can outrank the website that they’re featured on in search engine result pages.

Video embeds do count as backlinks, by the way. The links are pointing to the YouTube video, which helps its SEO ranking.

Through this, you can double down on the traffic your video gets and increase your YouTube video views.

2) Post Links to Your Videos 

Cross-platform promotion can also work wonders in driving users to view videos.

You can reach your entire customer base by sharing links on your other profiles. The idea is to funnel them toward your video.

You can share the link as a post and promote it among followers. You can also put it in the description of your profiles to boost your YouTube video views.

Take note that by sending traffic from your social media profiles to YouTube, that may further increase YouTube video views for you. That’s since the traffic can lead to sessions that help you gain favor with the platform’s algorithms.

You see, sessions starting on your video show that your video is bringing users to YouTube. This will result in a more favorable organic ranking, and more appearances of your content in YouTube’s suggested content sections.

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3) Embed Video Subscription Plugins or Widgets

Embedding a subscribe button into your channel or blog will prove valuable for your YouTube video views in the long run.

That’s because about 50% of YouTube video views come from subscribers. As such, increasing your subscribers will give you a good bump in your YouTube video views.

To install the subscription widget, follow these instructions from YouTube. After, use the widget on pages with your video embedded.

4) Post about Promotions 

Giveaways and promos are universally loved. Thus, one of the best ways to engage audiences is to post about a promotion, giveaway, or raffle on social media.

Tell your followers that the link to participate is in your video’s description. This will send the users to the video’s YouTube page, increasing YouTube video views.

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Final Thoughts about Increasing YouTube Video Views 

Getting a lot of YouTube video views takes time, but as you can see, it’s not impossible.

There are a lot of ways you can boost YouTube video views in your channel. I’ve split them up into 3 categories, and the tips are summarized as follows:

Increase YouTube video views with video content.

  • Provide educational or entertaining content.
  • Create videos relating to existing viral trends.
  •  Use guest YouTubers.

Generate YouTube video views using tools on the YouTube platform.

  • Use cards.
  • Create end screens.

Use off-page view boosters to increase YouTube video views.

  • Increase your video’s SEO ranking.
  • Post links to your videos on your blogs and social media profiles.
  • Embed video subscription plugins or widgets on your blog.
  • Post about giveaways and promotions embedded in your video description.

Through this, you can bring up your YouTube video views. It can have huge impact on the efficacy of your YouTube marketing.

If you have questions about boosting YouTube video views in your channel, comment below.

Please also check out other articles I’ve written on the topic, like my post on easy ways to increase YouTube video views. And if you have any more questions about how to get more views on YouTube, leave a comment below.

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