Powerful Ways to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Powerful Ways to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

“Powerful Ways to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy” written by Mike Marko.

Having a hard time finding and implementing an effective YouTube marketing strategy?

Creating a presence on YouTube isn’t just about uploading videos to your channel. If you don’t have a well-planned YouTube marketing strategy, you still won’t achieve the results you are looking to achieve.

YouTube videos are useless to the business if they’re not gaining views.

Let me say that again.

YouTube videos are useless if they’re not gaining views.

So the goal is to get eyes on your videos.  And when you get views, YouTube can even help you get sales for your business.  That’s why it’s so important to market efficiently on this platform.

If you are concerned about the lack of results you are getting, read on our discussion on how you can improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

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7 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

The Internet is a competitive digital world–and YouTube is a crucial marketing tool to get ahead of this competition.  Marketing on YouTube creates a way to connect and engage with potential customers. That’s why I have YouTube as an important element of Pervasive Presence™.  

To use YouTube effectively, you’ll need to take the right steps. Here are 7 ways to improve your YouTube marketing strategy to start attracting viewers and gain more traffic.

1. Search for Strategic Keywords

Keywords play an important role when it comes to marketing your YouTube videos. YouTube’s algorithm uses keywords to rank your videos in their search results.

It’s vital that you choose keywords that are relevant to your brand and your target audience. Do a keyword search to determine the right keyword for your content.

Start your keyword search by making a list of the terms and phrases that your audience would use to find your content. You can also use an online tool if you’re having a hard time thinking of the possible keywords.

Use Google Analytics to look for commonly used keywords in your niche. Choose keywords with at least a thousand monthly impressions. These high ranking keywords will increase your content’s visibility on search engines.

If you want to learn more on how to do thorough keyword research, read How To Get More Leads with Keywords for Google.

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2. Go for Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is like a book cover–it sells your video to viewers or potential customers. It’s imperative to use attention-grabbing thumbnails to make people click on your video.

You can upload a custom thumbnail by choosing the option when uploading a new video, or you can upload your business logo or a relevant image.

Here are some tips for choosing thumbnails:

  • Have a 1280 x 720 image resolution. Low-resolution thumbnails won’t get you many clicks.
  • Make sure you upload your images in PNG, BMP, JPG, or GIF formats.
  • Keep the image size in at least under 2 MB.
  • Keep the aspect ratio on 16:9.

You can make use of bold colored text over your video thumbnail to further create interest, but make sure it stands out against the background color of the image.

When naming your video thumbnail file, be sure to include the keyword phrase you determined in Step 1.

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3. Optimize Your YouTube Channel Page

Another YouTube marketing strategy is optimizing your YouTube channel page. This makes your channel user-friendly for in-app users and search engine recipients. When you use optimization, you’ll get more subscribers on your Youtube channel page.

To optimize your YouTube channel, try redesigning your page. Use a  high-quality profile picture and channel art to make your page look more professional. Create an About Page and be as concise as possible when adding your goals, brand, and purpose.

Also, you can create an interesting channel trailer. It’s basically a video which automatically plays when someone’s on your channel. Use it to tell your viewers something about your channel.

Remember it shouldn’t be overlooked. Your trailer can either help you gain or lose a subscriber.  So make sure to aim for a short video with fun and interesting content.

You may also want to create playlists on popular topics. Playlists will help in encouraging your viewers to watch your other content.

Lastly, you can also add links to your website, social media profiles and product landing pages.

4. Don’t Forget to Have A Call-To-Action

A Youtube call-to-action, or CTA, enables you to turn YouTube views into valuable leads, while also giving viewers more options for great content.  

First, determine what you want your viewers to do, then add the CTA at some point in your video explaining what they need to do. You can also add pop-ups or make  use of YouTube Ad overlays that will link your videos anywhere on the web.

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5. Promote Across Channels

It’s important to leverage your web assets to increase viewers to your YouTube videos.

Insert a link to your YouTube channel in email signatures, and make use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to achieve a high-quality (and targeted) audience. If you have a blog, link your channel to your blog site to attract leads and viewers, or write a blog post about your videos.

6. Keep Related Channels On

YouTube has a section called “Related Channels” which allows you to list your channel with similar ones that potential viewers might be watching.

Keeping related channels on can help boost your YouTube marketing by increasing your visibility through YouTube recommendations.

7. Focus on Strengthening Your Engagement

Engagement is key to a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Your goal is to attract your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Make sure you respond to comments quickly with detailed responses or create videos requested by your viewers. You can also offer surveys for feedback, or conduct a giveaway contest and share freebies.

Collaborating with other similar brands and influencers is also an effective strategy, as it gives both parties more views.

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Final Thoughts on Improving Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is one of the largest, most visited websites in the world–making it an effective marketing platform for your business. However, you will need the right strategies to use it.

Here’s a recap of some powerful ways to improve your YouTube marketing strategy to help you get the results you desire:

  1. Searching for strategic keywords.
  2. Including attention-grabbing thumbnails.
  3. Optimizing your Youtube channel page.
  4. Adding call-to-action or CTA.
  5. Promoting across channels.
  6. Keeping related channels on, and
  7. Focusing on developing a good engagement.

Don’t hesitate to start marketing on YouTube today.  It will help you build brand awareness, get leads, and ultimately more sales.   Maintaining your presence on the platform can effectively get your business ahead in the highly competitive digital landscape.

If you have any questions about YouTube marketing strategy, leave a comment below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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