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“What Sets Apart IM Consultant Services Web Design” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know that 97.2% of business websites that we review are poorly optimized?

Some aren’t even optimized at all!

There’s a good chance you’re one of these websites. Imagine how many potential clients you’re losing every single day, then!

Websites have evolved past static pages of text and pictures. Your site visitors expect to get something more out of your website now — like better-presented solutions to their problems.

Visitors expect video, online catalogs, online sales and account management, and real-time communication, for example. You can expect many of your visitors to leave your site when they find that you don’t have any of these features.

If you don’t want that to happen, let IM Consultant services help you. We’re one of the top web design firms, and we can help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales with your website in a way few others can.

You see, anyone can cobble together a site from templates, clipart, and off-the-shelf web tools.

Only a few can coordinate all the necessary elements to make an innovative website suited for your business.

Here at IM Consultant Services, we make sure that our clients receive more than innovative and custom web designs. And we never produce the same solution twice, to ensure uniqueness.

We listen to you, our clients, and involve you in each decision regarding the look and features of your website. Thus you receive a one-of-a-kind website that not only represents you perfectly but also serves all of your purposes.

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What to Expect with IM Consultant Services Web Design

With our web design services, you can guarantee more success for your business. How? 

Through our services, we can help create a better user experience that will boost site visits. In other words, there’ll be more traffic coming to your site after we’re done with it

And when there’s more traffic, that means you have more opportunities to generate leads and sales. That can only mean good things for your business!

Interested yet? Then check out our detailed web design services. 

Custom and Creative Design

The look of your website always matters. No site succeeds unless it’s visually appealing and full of high-quality media that enrich user experience.

But your custom web design company must deliver more than just these pretty things. It has to make sure those pretty things work the way they’re supposed to.

That’s what we do. We put extra effort into ensuring all links work, that each piece of written content is readable and factual, that the navigation from page to page is intuitive and quick, and that users always know how to request assistance or additional information.

How your business website looks and operates tells visitors everything they need to know about you.

Investing in custom website design thus guarantees you can show your best face to the world.

Moreover, our innovative web design is done in conjunction with expert web developers. This produces sites whose appearance, usefulness, and content will hold visitors and convert ‘clicks’ into customers.

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SEO Compliance

Looks alone can’t guarantee your online success. You need some supporting factors for your website to gain leads and traffic.

One of them is SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a marketing technique that helps improve your visibility online.

SEO is the process of ensuring your website design and content make your site as attractive as possible to search engines. The better you optimize your site, the higher search engines like Google rank it.

With SEO, your website has higher chances to rank on the first page of the search engine results. We can take care of your SEO in only 5 steps!

1st Step – Business Evaluation and Site Analysis

We will start by evaluating your current site and its SEO. This will include looking at both your site’s architecture and its content to evaluate factors such as the site’s code and keyword density.

On the other hand, if we’re starting from scratch, don’t worry. IMCS is capable of making relevant content and research for the right keywords for your website.

In addition to analyzing your website, we will also factor in your business type and industry. In order to create the best tactics to improve your website’s SEO, we need to understand your target audience and your overall business goals.

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2nd Step – Developing Strategy and Goals

Once we’ve completed an in-depth analysis of your site and evaluation of your business, industry, and target market, we can help you make an SEO plan for the future.

Your strategy will depend on what type of business you have and your overall business goals.

We will take what we have learned from your site audit and industry analysis and then work to develop a customized plan for your company. Part of this strategy will include identifying the right keywords and phrases, relevant content, user’s intent, analytics, indexing, etc.

The plan will also include different strategies and tactics that can help you rank higher than your competitors on the search engines’ results pages.

3rd Step – SEO Tools

In implementing a customized SEO strategy, there are a number of different tools and systems involved. We can ensure your SEO strategy has the best ones for your goals.

Before we start executing your campaigns, we will determine which tools, dashboards, and other systems such as analytics programs you need for your SEO campaigns.

Having these tools in place before we begin to make changes to your site will help you visualize every step of your campaign. You’ll never be in the dark about what we’re planning for you.

IMCS will then use these tools effectively to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your SEO campaigns.

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4th Step – Execution

Once the SEO tools and platforms are in place, we can then start to execute your custom optimization strategy. This SEO service starts with your page optimization.

The process includes compiling a list of target keywords for you to use when creating content for the site and also includes off-page SEO strategies.

5th Step – Ongoing SEO

SEO is an ongoing process. Google frequently reevaluates its algorithm to make the search engine ever more useful for its users.

With every Google update, businesses have to reevaluate their SEO strategy. We can help you there.

We will make both small and big changes to your website in order to keep it compliant with search engine guidelines and maintain your SEO ranking.

We can also provide continuous SEO services to help you ensure that your site remains visible on the search results pages.

Our search engine optimization services can include further keyword research, blogging services, link-building campaigns, and other on-page optimization tactics.

We stay up-to-date with the latest changes in search engine optimization too, so you know your SEO will never be outdated.

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Custom Mobile Optimization

Besides a customized design and SEO-compliance, we can also do mobile optimization. This is especially important now since mobile devices already make up two-thirds of web usage.

A study shows that 63.4% of Internet users now access the Internet from their mobile phone. In this age of mobile devices, it is a must to optimize a website that prioritizes mobile device users.

A mobile-optimized site is a far more advanced website than a non-mobile-optimized one. Mobile-optimized means that the site will reformat itself for handheld or tablet devices.

It will show larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images that appear when the user is on a mobile device.

Why reformat this way?

Reformatting allows the website to easily engage a larger mobile audience when buying decisions come up. More and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices for product and service searches, after all.

Having a website that allows the user to easily navigate and engage with their phone means helping the user reach a decision faster.

Now that you see why it matters, let’s see what IMCS mobile optimization can do.

1) We Simplify Navigation

Good web design has well-designed navigation menus and buttons. One of the main reasons users leave websites and refuse to go to another is that they have problems navigating and exploring the website.

When it comes to designing the website’s navigation, simplicity is the key. IMCS can bring that principle to your website in a mobile-optimized way.

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2) Responsive Design

Responsive design helps adjust the website’s size depending on the screen that it will be viewed on.

This has been proven effective when it comes to making mobile viewing much more convenient to the website’s visitors.

3) Fast Loading Speed

Page load speed is important, especially when ranking on search engine results pages.

The optimal website speed is around 2-3 seconds, which is already zippy for most users.

We can ensure your site makes the cut by designing it so it loads as quickly as possible. This is something that search engines will appreciate, not to mention your actual visitors.

4) We Do Not Restrict Content

This is one of the biggest mistakes that some web developers commit. This restrictive practice will only bring about a negative reception and dissatisfied users.

Restrictive mobile content should have no place in your strategy.

We make sure all of your content is accessible by everyone, whether on desktop or mobile.

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Faster Website

We already noted it before as part of our mobile optimization strategy, but it’s so important it deserves its own section — website speed is another thing IMCS can optimize for you.

Let’s talk about why it’s so important. According to a study, 47% of people expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds.

Website speed is vital to your business as it sets the first impression. People demand a fast-loading website and IMCS can make it possible for you.

Website speed can affect various business success factors. It could instantly kill your conversions if the website speed is slow, for example.

It could even affect your Google rankings!

With our website optimization services, we will start optimizing the videos and images in your website to speed up your site. We will test your website on multiple screen sizes and check if there are unnecessary codes on your website that are slowing it down.

We will use plugins and add-ons that could help your website to load faster. In IMCS, we value you and your business, so we’ll do everything we can to can to help your site work better.

Webmaster Services

This is the final (ongoing) phase of our website optimization service. As we all know, a website needs to be maintained and up-to-date.

We can manage that for you too. In fact, for any website addition you demand, we can add it within a day!

That’s why you can trust us with your website’s upkeep. We understand that every change you want is urgent and treat it accordingly.

Let IMCS handle your website as your business grows. We will maintain its optimized status and update it on a daily basis.

We will also provide you with reports to keep you in the loop. This ensures you always know what’s going on with your website and how it’s being maintained.

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Final Thoughts on IM Consultant Services Web Design 

So now you know what to expect when you’re working with IM Consultant Services web design. Just to recap the list of reasons we’re preferable to all your other options, though, let’s ask it again.

Why us?

Here are just a few of the answers to that:

  • We listen to you.
  • You’ll be involved in each decision regarding your site’s aesthetic look.
  • We can optimize your website for mobile users.
  • We can handle all your SEO needs.
  • We will let you choose and customize web features.
  • We will stay in touch even after launching your website.
  • You’ll be provided with data analytics and improvements.
  • We will make sure your website is part of your overall sound marketing strategy.
  • We can even help you write the content of your website (if desired).
  • We will automatically help you build sales/marketing funnels.

IM Consultant Services ensures that our clients receive the results they deserve all throughout our service. We listen to our clients and involve them in each decision regarding the look and features of their site, its content, and the SEO process.

We also stay in touch following the launch of your website to advise you on data analytics and improvements. In short, we live out the motto that customized means customized, and that our clients’ success is paramount.

We value you as much as we value our passion for serving people like you. So if you’re ready to take your business to the heights it deserves, get in touch with us now!

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If you need help with your SEO, be sure to check out the SEO services offered by IM Consultant Services.  They are a top notch company that can get the guaranteed results you are looking for.

If you need help in getting traffic to your website or ranking in Google, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer.  Or use the link below to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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