IGTV Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

IGTV marketing strategies

“IGTV Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know how to use IGTV marketing strategies to boost your business?

If you’ve been using Instagram for marketing, you’re already aware it has a few limitations. One of them is the limit on video length.

While you want to be concise, you don’t want viewers missing any detail of your promotions… and there’s only so much you can fit into 60 seconds.

But don’t despair — Instagram has just announced an exciting feature that can help: IGTV.

This is an app for watching and uploading long-form, vertical videos. Videos posted using IGTV can be seen by Instagram users. This opens up new opportunities for Instagram-focused marketing campaigns.

If you don’t know where to start with those, let me give you a hand. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some effective IGTV marketing strategies to boost your business.

Effective IGTV Marketing Strategies for Your Business

IGTV videos are full-screen and vertical, and each video can be up to an hour long. Compare that to Instagram, where videos are limited to one minute.

IGTV thus gives you a lot of space for content. With a limit of 60 minutes, a single video can potentially do a lot of good for your business:

  • It can establish your brand’s legitimacy.
  • It can prove your expertise and status as an authority in your niche.
  • It can showcase your best products or services.
  • It can supply testimonials from customers, to endorse your business.
  • It can promote your special events or promos.

But for any of these to happen, you still need good IGTV marketing strategies. If you don’t, you may not get people’s attention.

That means you’ll never even get eyeballs on the videos you’ve created — and that means missing out on chances for brand exposure and business growth.

So what IGTV marketing strategies can you follow to promote your brand’s channel? Let me walk you through my list of 5 IGTV marketing strategies for boosting your viewership, and thus your business.

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Make Reality/Game Show Content

Who doesn’t love to watch reality/game shows? Having this type of video content for your IGTV is an effective strategy to keep your audience coming back.

Reality/game shows are great at hooking in audiences. The “unscripted” aspect enhances urgency and excitement. The “competitive” aspect does the same. It also offers viewers the thrill of seeing if the participants they like will make it to the next round.

Videos like these therefore technically end with cliffhangers. The viewer is always left with questions about who will last and what will happen next.

If you get your viewers invested enough to ask those things, you’ll have guaranteed yourself an audience throughout the duration of the show on your IGTV channel.

Keep viewers’ appetites whetted when using IGTV marketing strategies like these, by the way. One way to do it is to have promotional clips of the next video on your feed. Using snips of future videos for promo previews is actually another of the IGTV marketing strategies worth remembering.

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Make Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are among the most versatile marketing videos. That’s why they’re on my list of top IGTV marketing strategies.

Let’s say you followed the first of my IGTV marketing strategies above, for instance. If you made a reality/game show video series, behind-the-scenes videos would be a sound next-step.

That’s because they can take advantage of the interest being generated by the reality/game videos. Most of the people already hooked on that will want to watch a behind-the-scenes video for the show. That’s a lot of guaranteed viewers from the start!

Another idea for a behind-the-scenes video is one that introduces your employees. You can even do one where you introduce yourself.

This can help your target audience get to know the people behind your brand. It’s a great way to gain your potential customers’ trust. It shows them who you are, and even what you can do for them. That sort of transparency boosts customer trust in a business.

Produce Tutorials and How-to Videos

Tutorials and how-to videos are always very popular. People often go online to find answers or to get help with something. Tutorials and how-to videos provide that help in a visual, easy-to-follow format, which makes them good IGTV marketing strategies.

When creating tutorial video content, think about your niche. What do you do? Is it something you can teach people?

Is there anything about your product line for which you could make a video guide?

The idea is to offer value through practical knowledge. Try to create how-to’s for all the problems your products or services could solve.

For example, let’s say you sell blenders. You don’t need to stick to making video tutorials for “how to use a blender”. You can even make videos for “how to make a protein shake”, “how to make the best cinnamon smoothie”, etc.

After each video, you can then direct your audience to your a landing page. There they can see more about the products or services you used to solve a problem in your tutorial.

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Do News Commentaries or News Updates

If you’re an industry leader, your IGTV marketing strategies should include sharing the latest news or trends in your niche. If you do them often enough and on time enough, your target audience will come to rely on your updates to keep themselves informed.

Doing commentaries is also a good way to get attention by starting a discussion. Invite others to respond to your commentaries or opinions on events. This can lead to higher audience engagement, which is a common goal of all IGTV marketing strategies.

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Connect with Influencers

Influencers today are arousing great interest, not only among their followers but also among marketers. A lot is being said about their effectiveness in marketing.

Influencer marketing is currently one of the most effective methods of achieving your marketing goals. 94% of marketers have benefited from working with an influencer.  People put trust in recommendations from well-known people on the web.

That’s why you need influencers for your IGTV marketing strategies.

So where can you get these influencers? To answer that, you just need to remember what they are.

Influencers are people with a wide reach online. They typically have a lot of followers or fans on social media. When they publish content, it reaches a huge audience.

Influencers are often divided into the following categories:

  • Famous people, celebrities – These are media, movie or music stars,
  • Mega influencers – There are people with more than 1M followers/subscribers,
  • Macro influencers – These are people with more than 20k followers/subscribers,
  • Micro influencer – These people with more than 2k followers/subscribers

To find the right influencer for your brand, you can use different tools for crawling the social media networks. Just be sure to assess which of the people suggested by the tools can help you with your IGTV marketing strategies.

Here are the 3 easiest influencer finders you can use:

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Final Thoughts about IGTV Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

In this article, we talked about different IGTV marketing strategies that can help boost your business.

There are many ways to boost your business by trying to create interesting and useful content. You can make a reality/game show, behind-the-scenes videos, or tutorial videos. You can comment on events or news in your niche to build authority in your industry.

Finally, you can also connect with influencers to support your other IGTV marketing strategies.

Doing these things can help you increase your viewership and audience engagement. That means brand exposure, eyeballs for your marketing campaigns, and better connections with your target customers.

In short, you can seriously boost your business.

If you have questions about my IGTV marketing strategies, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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And always keep in mind… have fun!

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