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“How to Use Real Estate SEO for Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you a realtor looking for ways on how to use real estate SEO for your business?

I don’t blame you.  

It can be challenging to keep a constant stream of new buyers or sellers.  And yes, SEO can really help you long term.

But in case you are not familiar with SEO, let’s start with a quick definition: Search Engine Optimization, or simply, SEO, is a process of making websites show up higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

With your target audience being too busy, they usually just search what they need and what they want online. And when users search for something on the internet, they usually go to search engines and visit the first sites they see in the search results.

And that also applies to when they want to buy or sell a home.

People who want to purchase properties now search real estate companies online. As a realtor with no proper knowledge on how to use real estate SEO, you may get behind from your competition!

That’s why having your real estate site displayed first in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is so important! It can lead to more buyers and sellers, and wider brand exposure.

That’s why in this blog, I’ll teach you the key steps on how to use real estate SEO for business.

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Steps to Use Real Estate SEO for Business

So are you ready to show up on Google searches?

Real estate SEO helps you to be on top of the search results. It can help your sales to get high up compared to your competitors.

SEO is a phenomenal way to drive more traffic to your website. The more traffic you’ll get, the more leads you may gain. And having a great amount of leads is essential to any business. Real estate businesses can make use of SEO to gain leads and possibly, sales.

Remember, buyers and sellers are looking online to find real estate!

For that reason, applying SEO to your real estate website is vital.

If you want prospective clients to find you, take SEO seriously.

But how can you do that?

Let’s start with keywords…

1. Do Keyword Research with Your Target Customers

Keyword research is a practice of finding research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar word or subject. You can also use this in your real estate website.

As a realtor, you should think of what the clients are searching for their needs.

After identifying their search intents, you can use them as a keyword.

Keywords can be “low-cost properties”, “home buying discounts”, and “high ranked local schools”. Always remember that most of the buyers are looking for an affordable price that has a good quality, and sellers are looking to get the most from a sale (and fast).

So take the time to determine what keywords or key phrases your customers usually search. Once you get those, you can use them as a  keyword to your content. For example, rental space, commercial space, and house rental.

We are now in the digital world where mobile search and voice assistants are trendy. Take advantage of this opportunity to use this in doing keyword researching and keyword suggestion from Google. You can optimize a website for search terms by creating page titles, meta tags, and keep providing new page content.

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2. Optimize Pages for Keywords   

You can use long-tail and short-tail keywords for optimizing your pages.

The long-tail keyword is a phrase that contains at least three words. Examples of long-tail keywords are house for rent, office for rent, and house for sale. On the other hand, a short-tail keyword is a phrase with only one word. Examples of short-tail keywords are house, office, rental, commercial, space, rent, and so on.

You should also add keywords on your meta-description. Meta-description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters, a tag in HTML that summarizes page content.

Keywords are essential to let SEO work for your brand. If you’re having difficulty finding the best keywords to use, you can use paid and free tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner.

3. Submit Site to Local Directories

Submit your website to local real estate directories. Business listings always show up on Google local search. There’s a high chance that your site will get visitors by doing this.

Create local real estate citations, submit real estate company NAP (name, address and phone numbers) to local real estate directories. Company’s NAP is essential for customers to reach you in the future.

Here is the list of several directories you may consider:

  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Kudzu
  • Manta
  • Merchant Circle
  • Citysearch
  • CitySquares
  • Whitepages
  • Superpages
  • Zillow
  • Zoocasa
  • Redfin
  • Yahoo! Homes

Clients do a large amount of search and research directly at these directories listing. By submitting your site to these directories, you can improve your organic SEO stats, and at the same time, it can create additional sales channels to drive more conversions.

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4. Use Social Media to Promote Your Website

In this era, one of the most effective ways to advertise is through social media platforms. One of the main reasons for SEO is to boost the visibility of your content.

Because social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a million users, promoting through these platforms, indeed, is an effective way to reach a large crowd.

And when you get traffic to your website, it helps signal to search engines that people like your content… and that will help with getting your website found in search.

Creating a social media page for your site can help you to get followers and subscribers. Facebook business page, Instagram, and Twitter can help you build your relationship with your customers.

Don’t forget to always share your page content link in every post that you make in your social media account.

Make sure to visit my blog to learn more about how you can market through social media.

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5. Build Your Reputation Using Online Reviews

Word of mouth has always been the best way to market a business and get high sales. Word of mouth doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and spread some news about your business.

Even online reviews can be considered as a word-of-mouth advertising! You can use Google Reviews to build your business’ online reputation.

Google reviews allow customers to publicly post a review in Google about their experience with a business or product and services. You can use this as a strategy to promote your site which can result from a lead in your sales.

Encourage your previous customers to provide a review for you. When people read those reviews, you’ll gain their trust to make a transaction with your business.

You can also try adding a testimonial page to your site. The testimonials will help the clients to gain ideas of how you deal with your previous customers.

6. Building Up Backlinks

You may have heard that you have to build links to your website to help it rank higher in Google.  There’s a lot to this part of real estate SEO. That’s why I suggest you check out the blog post, How To Get Backlinks For SEO.

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Final Thoughts on Using Real Estate SEO for Business

That’s it! Implementing the real estate SEO tips I discussed will help you to build a strong foundation of knowledge in SEO which can result to dominate in the local search.

As you have learned, applying real estate SEO is not that complicated. You just need to understand the basic concepts. Getting your website to rank in Google will help get more website traffic. And more traffic will get you more leads, more sales.

If you have more questions about how to use real estate SEO for business, leave them in the comments section below.

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