How to Use Facebook for Marketing your Business

How to Use Facebook for Marketing your Business

“How to Use Facebook for Marketing your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Having a hard time marketing your business on Facebook?

If you’re a beginner, it can be difficult to manage your business page and expect to see progress immediately. Progress can be measured by an increasing number in engagements (likes, comments, etc) and most importantly, followers.

But don’t let yourself get disheartened by the lack of progress.

With so many businesses using Facebook to promote themselves, it can get harder and harder to make yourself stand out. This is a woe experienced by many business owners.

This also only means that you are committing mistakes in your marketing or are not employing the right strategies. In this blog post, we will teach you how to use Facebook for marketing properly by employing effective strategies.  I also recommend you learn about how Pervasive Presence™ can also help you improve your overall marketing strategy. 

Strategies on How to Use Facebook for Marketing

If you’re having trouble getting more likes, new comments, and sales, then it’s about time you change your game plan. Sticking to an inflexible and outdated Facebook business plan makes your page boring and unattractive to your audience.

There’s a key to getting increased Facebook activity – utilize various strategies. To be more specific, make use of strategies that involve using the latest features of each Facebook update.

With that said, here are some strategies on how to use Facebook for marketing.

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1. Create a Great Profile

Your profile needs to look attractive and complete. If your profile is engaging, it pulls in customers. It’s as simple as that.

Keep in mind that your profile represents your brand and business. An incomplete profile makes it seem like your business is a scam.

So how do you make a great profile?

Upload a Profile Picture/Video, and Cover Photo

One way to attract followers is to use compelling, high-quality images for profile pictures and cover photos. Remember that they should speak your brand. They have to be unique, complement your brand colors, and recognizable.

Some customers think profile videos make the page more attractive. The choice is all up to you if you want to go with a picture or a video.

Complete the About Section

Write a brief and informative description of your business in the About section. Include your website link (if you have one) and contact details so customers can easily contact you.

You may also include your business location in Facebook Places. This allows customers to check in when they’re in your store, linking your page to their posts for their friends to see.

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Customize the Call-To-Action Button

One effective Facebook marketing strategy is using and customizing your Call-to-Action button. Customers clicking the CTA button can directly visit your app, product store, or website.

The options to choose from are:

    • “Shop Now”,
    • “Sign Up”,
    • “Book Now”
    • “Contact Us”
    • “Use App”,
    • “Play Game”, and
    • “Watch Video.”

3-Second Rule

When someone visits your Facebook business page, you have 3 seconds to give a good impression. Within three seconds they need to know:

  1. What do you do (services and/or products)
  2. How you can help them (what makes you unique/different)
  3. What to do next (how they can buy or work with you)

You nail the 3-second rule and you will get better results from your Facebook page.

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2. Level-Up Your Posts and Content

The best way to use Facebook for business is to provide great content.

Great content makes users entices users to stay on your page. If they find your content entertaining, or interesting, then they’ll have a reason to stick around.

Aside from that, having a great content attracts followers who haven’t discovered your page yet. Level-up your posting game by taking these into account.

Use Sponsored Posts

Sponsoring increases the likelihood of your post to appear in users’ feeds, even those that are not within your circle yet. Make sure you include only the parameters (demographics, psychographics, etc.) that informs Facebook who your relevant audience is.

Sponsor specific posts you need them to see, such as discounts, contests, events, and offers. Make sure that they’re interesting and encourages customers to click on them.

Occasional Live Streaming

Live streaming is a must to include in every Facebook business plan. An advantage of live streaming is that users get notifications whenever you’re live.

Use it for showing what you think customers would want to see. For example, a behind the scenes look, sneak-peeks, and events.

Utilize Images and Videos

Pictures and videos often get more shares. Be sure to use compelling, high-quality images, as well as short, meaningful and amusing videos.

Followers don’t want to sit through a 10-minute long video. Instead, make videos interesting, insightful, or informative.  Try to keep videos short (under 3 minutes) to keep new audiences engaged.

Make Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook’s “Insights” feature allows you to monitor your page’s performance. You’ll be able to get data on how frequently your page was visited and by how many people.

Insights allow you to see what topics and posts are performing well. You can use this to your advantage because it helps out with content ideas and posting schedule.

Utilize content of your high-performance posts. Make them unique and slightly different, while still being relevant.

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3. Promote and Sell Your Products

Using Facebook for business urges your customers to buy your products, service, or visit your store. This social media platform’s a good place to promote and sell your products.

With a good knowledge of how to use Facebook for marketing, you can easily urge customers to buy your product/service. You can even easily convert page likes to sales.

Here are some ideas to help grow that urge.

Create Contests and Giveaways

People love getting free stuff. Starting your own contests and giveaways help drive users to like your page and retain followers.

Be sure to choose appealing prizes to encourage participation. An advantage of doing this is that it lets fans experience your products first-hand.

Promote Discounts and Offers

Be sure to post store discounts and offers. Use compelling media that can catch user attention whenever they’re scrolling their feed.

These increase product sales for a limited time. Offering deals that are exclusive to Facebook fans makes them feel special and appreciated.

Start Events

Another Facebook marketing tip is to start an event. Complete the form by including event name, description, store or branch location, date, and ticket URL if there’s such.

Making use of events gets a number of customers in your store. Keep in mind that having your store filled with people can also effectively encourage passersby to visit.

Create Your Ads

Like local advertising, you can also advertise your business on Facebook. An ad calls the attention of both followers and those who haven’t followed you.

Create ads for your latest events, irresistible offers, and products. Take note that your picture should have a dimension of 1200×627 pixels.

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4. Let Your Customers in on the Fun

Let your followers know that you’re interested in them just as they’re interested in you. Remember, an active community keeps the page going.

If you don’t know how to engage with customers, then read on how to do just that.

Do Q&As

A great way to engage with your community is to do Q&As. Before conducting one, post a date, and a specific start and end time.

This serves as an easy way to answer queries, sort of like customer support. Q&As also provide opportunities for customers to ask questions about you and get to know you better.

Establishing a strong connection with customers improves loyalty. This also increases community engagement when marketing on Facebook.

Share Followers’ Posts

Followers would love to see their posts shared for all to see. Featuring comments, fan art, or jokes from your followers on your own page.

Occasional sharing of others’ posts also helps reduce workload in planning and creating content. Be sure to tag or mention the owners.

Start Reaction Polls

When doing reaction polls, use your products as options to know what customers want. Another option is to use a popular debate to your advantage and increase community activity.

Users who engage and keep reacting to your polls get frequent feed from your page, allowing more visibility.

Be Responsive

Being responsive makes you appear credible as a business owner. You can ask a question in the comment section to encourage users to comment.

Don’t use generic questions. Spice them up by asking unique ones. You can also ask users what they like about your products and what they prefer.

Don’t overdo it by answering ALL comments. This gives an opposite effect. It makes you look desperate and it makes commenters uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Facebook for Marketing your Business

Managing a business page is quite hard especially if you’re a beginner. Often, you’ll hardly see any progress even after putting so much time. That’s why you need to change your strategy.

In this blog post, we talked about effective strategies on how to use Facebook for marketing. Having a great profile that represents your brand is a great place to start. If you have an engaging profile, you’ll attract more customers.

You also have to provide great content on your page. This helps in keeping your current customers interested in your brand and is an effective way to attract potential clients as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your customers. Remember that an active community keeps the page going.

If you have any other strategies you can share on how to use Facebook for marketing, leave them in the comments section below. Also, give us a like if you’ve found this article helpful.

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