5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online” written by Mike Marko.

Are you curious on how to make money online?  And you heard that you need a blog and are now wondering how to start a blog?

Then look no further.  We’ll be going through five easy steps on how to start a blog.

A blog can be a solid way to make long-term income online.  All you have to do if write stuff about things you are actually interested in.  Sure there is a little more to it than that, and it isn’t for everyone.  This is definitely not a get rich quick plan.  If you are looking for something like that, then blogging is definitely not the place for you.

Sure you can make a lot of money online, but like any business including traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, it’s not guaranteed.  If someone tells you elsewise then they are not be 100% honest.

There’s a big difference between making money online and going to a job every day: If you do your blog right, the work you do initially will continue making money for years to come.  You are investing your time instead of trading your time for money.

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How Does A Blog Work for Making Money Online?

Search engines like Google find and cache (store for reference) the article that you write.  As you write each post is “worth more” to the search engines.  As your site gains credibility it means that you website will get more and more traffic.

As you get more people visiting your website, they have the opportunity to look also at what you are promoting and may purchase something.  This is more likely when you are writing an article that helps them satisfy a need of theirs (and hence the reason for the online search in the first place).

Basically the more you blog, the more traffic you get.  The more traffic you get the more sales you can get.

And the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start to make money online.

Let’s Learn How to Start a Blog

Are you ready to start building your online business?  Let’s walk through the steps.

how to start a blog - create your blog

Step 1: Create Your Blog

The first step is to find a home for your blog.  This will also become your home on the internet.  When you write and publish your blog posts, this is where they will show up.  You decorate and personalize your blog just like you would your own home… to give it a bit of your taste and personality.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing an old-school web host for a blog host. If you get a web host you are basically buying just the shell of your new home – to carry the analogy further, you still have to build all the walls and install the plumbing yourself!

Unless you have time to spend and love techie stuff, go with a full service blog host where someone else manages all the techie stuff so that you can focus on creating content.

Bren and I highly recommend the Influx Entrepreneur blog website for this.  They provide a “well-built and well maintained home” for your blog.  That way you can focus on communicating with your audience.  This blogging system also has the ability to help you rank faster on the search engines (remember how being found can help increase traffic, and thus more income).  The Influx Entrepreneur blogging system can also be upgraded to be a membership site where you can charge for access to areas of your site.

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how to start a blog - mentorship

Step 2: Get the Support and Mentorship You Need

Often the biggest mistake that new bloggers make is trying to start a blog all alone with no support. Don’t be one of the people making  this mistake.

When you start your blog with Influx Enterpreneur, you’ll get incredible personal support from a very knowledgeable and friendly support team.

Get help with…

  • Setting your blog up
  • Customizing your website theme
  • Including ads on your blog/website
  • General blogging questions
  • Keywords, SEO, and other confusing blogging terms
  • Whatever you need help with

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how to start a blog - start blogging

Step 3: Start Blogging!

Here are a few things to do as you start blogging:

How to Determine a Target Audience for Your Blog or Online Content
How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog
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What Kind of Photos Can You Use On Your Blog Legally?

how to start a blog - get the word out

Step 4: Get the Word Out and Start Marketing Your Blog

Now that you have some content created, you need to get the word out there.  Here are some basics you need to know to help make your content found:

Beginner Blog SEO Tips – Help Google Find Your Blog
SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO
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how to start a blog - make money online 3

Step 5: How to Start to Make Money Online with Your Blog

Your blog does not have to be an expense. Even and inexpensive blog can make some money – even replace your day job. In this module you’ll learn the basics of Ad Networks and Affiliate Marketing.

How to Blog – 10 Tips to Create a Six-Figure Blog
How to Start a Blog That Makes Money – Make Money From Blogging
Growing Your Business with SEO and Affiliate Marketing
Attraction Marketing Techniques – How to Sell Without Pitching
How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies

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5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online - Mike Marko

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