How to Raise Your Levels of Happiness

How to Raise Your Levels of Happiness.

Why is it that when one man loses his job or goes through a horrible breakup he bounces back quickly while another man is devastated and depressed for months?

I Think It’s Because Everyone Has a Set Point for Happiness

In Psychology Today an article by Alex Lickerman M.D. states that our level happiness is determined primarily by heredity and by personality traits ingrained in us early in life and as a result remains relatively constant throughout our lives. Our level of happiness may change in response to life events, but then almost always returns to its baseline level as we repeat the same patterns over time.

This means that if you lose your job and are sad and worried you will more than likely gravitate toward a situation that will eventually repeat that pattern to unconsciously keep your happiness set point at a “comfortable” level.

Set Your Happiness Set Point

Yet some studies also suggest that we can also fix our happiness set point permanently higher— here are some tip for a higher happiness tolerance.Levels of happiness


The more value we create for others, the more value we assign to ourselves. The higher our self-esteem, the higher our happiness level.


Don’t add your opinion to the facts.  For example, a businessman lost $250,000 in the stock market.

Fact– he lost $250,000Levels of happiness

His opinion –he’s ruined and disgraced.

He can refuse to admit it’s badness, despite it’s power, ignore its presence, and work aggressively toward the goal of a solution to the problem. “Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen.” – Epictetus.


Man is a natural goal striving machine and when striving toward a goal tends to be happier. “Happiness requires problems with an attitude that is ready to meet distress with action toward a solution.” – H. L. Holingworth.

SHIFT YOUR FOCUSLevels of happiness

Every day is a mixture of good and evil. Why is it we can have 100 good things happen and then we might dwell on that one thing that was unpleasant? Which end of the stick do you want to grab on to?  CHOOSE to think about the good.


The mental gym… Exercise bringing up pleasant thoughts, ideas and memories. Your mental muscles will increase in these areas the more you use them.


Act as if success were inevitable.  Be the sort of personality you want to be first.  Practice “acting like” and “feeling like” the personality you want to be.


Levels of happiness

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Article: How to Raise Your Levels of Happiness

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