Easy Tips on How to Promote Facebook Page

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“Easy Tips on How to Promote Facebook Page” written by Mike Marko.

Looking to learn how to effectively promote Facebook page for your business?

Facebook has become so popular that it has evolved beyond a social media platform. It has become a place for businesses to make their presence known.

Many business owners now choose Facebook to promote their brands with incredible results. However, over the past couple years many businesses have realized the power of Facebook… and this has also raised the level of competition.

With that said, to have effective Facebook marketing you have to make sure your page stands out. Understanding the steps that need to be taken to make your business known and appear unique is important.

In this blog post, we will share tips on how to promote Facebook page to achieve your desired marketing results.

Ways on How You Can Promote Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, the first step is to create one. Afterwards, you must familiarize yourself with how to publish posts, search and use the platform’s various features.

Once you have that in place, it’s time to promote your business.

There are many ways to promote your business on Facebook…

But why should you?

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Why You Should Promote Your Facebook Page

Promoting your Facebook page isn’t simply about leaving an impact. It helps you find new customers who may be interested in your business.

With the way Facebook is setup, if you don’t promote your Facebook business page then it will be very difficult for people to discover you.

With Facebook page promotions, you can advertise everything your business offers and open the door to communication with new and existing customers. This allows you to keep them updated on new products and events.

Build a Facebook Fan Base

After creating your Facebook page, begin to build an audience of users interested in your brand by networking.

Get Your Contacts to Like Your Page

Start by getting people who know your business to like your Facebook business page.

Email everyone in your contacts to invite them to like and follow your page in order to receive notifications every single time you post an update.  Also add your Facebook page to your email signature.

If you have a brick and mortar location, be sure to post in the store that you have a Facebook page.

Get Help to Get More Likes

Once you have convinced your existing network to get on board, ask them to spread the word about your page. The more likes your page gets, the more popular and reputable you will look.

Grow Your Page Audience

Once you have built your initial audience, start interacting with them and request they share your content. This will further build your reputation and credibility, attracting more users to your page.

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Keep Your Audience Interested

Once you’ve established a fan base, you have to be present on your Facebook page regularly. Keeping your audience interested means staying active on the platform whenever possible.

Publish Interesting and Useful Content

Publishing quality content is the most important factor in keeping your audience interested.  When you post compelling content, your audience is more likely to share it with their friends, which will also grow your following.

Aside from this, share other people’s content that is related to your business such as “How to” videos. Research your niche and pay attention to what is popular so you know what is likely to gain attention.

Be sure to check out this blog post on how to increase your Facebook interaction.

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Interact with Your Customers

Keep your audience interested by interacting with them often. This makes them feel connected to your business, and makes you look active on your page.

Ask questions and respond to their answers in a timely manner.

If you find yourself too busy to keep up with this, you could assign someone to run this part.  A social media marketing agency can help you with this.

Run Contests and Give Incentives

Giving your audience incentives to be active on your page will boost their interest. An example of this is to run a contest for your audience to write reviews of your products and share them.

To encourage this, you could offer a discount on your products or services as the prize. Doing this will effectively help you tap into their own following.

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Add Plugins to Your Site

Adding a Follow Button to your website can also help promote Facebook page. This is a type of plugin that’ll redirect your visitors to your Facebook page, making it easier for you to get followers.

A plugin allows someone to easily share your Facebook page without leaving your site, making them more likely share it. If you want to embed your Facebook page on your website, go to the Facebook Page Plugin.

Don’t Skip Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you get in front of your audience. You can make use of Facebook’s targeting features to search for people by characteristics.

Depending on your marketing objective, Facebook offers many options for creating ads. These options are categorized into:

  •       Awareness,
  •       Consideration, and
  •       Conversion.

Use the objectives that will help you reach your goals. If you are looking to spread word about your brand, then Awareness would be the best option.

To learn more about integrating Facebook marketing into your overall marketing strategy, be sure to watch the video on this Pervasive Presence™ blog post.

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Final Thoughts on Tips on How to Promote Facebook Page

There are many businesses that use Facebook to promote their brand. This means that with so much competition, you have to do what it takes to make your page stand out.

In this blog post, we shared tips on how to do just that and promote Facebook page. When done properly, you can increase your following and subsequently, your sales.

To promote Facebook page, start by building a fan base. Once you have done this, keep your audience interested through interesting content, interaction and contests, and Facebook ads.

You may even utilize your website (if you have) by adding a Facebook plugin to it to encourage visitors to follow your Facebook page.

Promoting your page increases your impact on social media. This can help you find new customers, and allows you to stay in touch with existing clients.

If you want to know more about how to promote Facebook page, leave your questions in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out my article, “23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips”.  And if you want more effect with your marketing, make sure you also check out my article, “Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work”.

Also check out the blog post, Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook.

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Easy Tips on How to Promote Facebook Page - Mike Marko

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