How to Promote Business on LinkedIn Effectively

How to Promote Business on LinkedIn Effectively

“How to Promote Business on LinkedIn Effectively” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering how to utilize LinkedIn to promote your business?

Networking is one of the most effective marketing strategies for business. When it comes to this, there is no better tool than LinkedIn to help your business get noticed.

LinkedIn is specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect. This makes it easier for businesses to build relationships with the right people to achieve success.

If you want your business to grow on LinkedIn, then you will need to do more than create an account. In this blog post, we will discuss all you need to learn how to promote business on LinkedIn.

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7 Ways on How to Promote Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known for connecting professionals around the world. Having a LinkedIn account is essential in order to reach the relevant audience for your business.

Learning how to promote business on LinkedIn starts with creating a strategy. Today, we will share 7 effective steps to speed up your marketing success on LinkedIn.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing

If you don’t have one yet, the first thing you need to do is create a LinkedIn account. Having one will enable you to find customers, expand your network and create a professional image for your business.

For tips on how to setup your LinkedIn profile, check out How to Create A LinkedIn Profile That’s Professional.

When this is done, you can begin promoting your business and networking your way to success.

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Create a LinkedIn Company Profile

The first step to promote your business on LinkedIn is to set up a company profile. But this can only be done once you have a personal LinkedIn profile to incorporate it with (see previous section).

Having a company profile helps other users learn more about your business and the services you offer. Ensure you include all important details about your company, including your business logo and website link.

Get Connected with Companies You’re Interested

Using your personal profile, follow any companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn. This can help you discover who you may want to work with and stay current with their company news and updates.

These connections can expand your virtual network of professionals. In addition, engaging with other companies allows you to learn from their business strategies, and boost your business’ awareness and sales.

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Make Use of LinkedIn Answers

One of LinkedIn’s newest features is LinkedIn Answers.  This allows users to post any questions they may have for you. Responding to these can help you showcase authority and get your business noticed.

Another benefit of LinkedIn Answers is that you will receive requests to connect with members whose questions you have answered. This is a great way to grow your network, one question at a time.

Promote Using LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn automatically displays events related to your network connection. The LinkedIn Events Tool serves to allow users to search relevant events easily.

Using this, you can create an event and invite as many members as you want. Be sure to make the description as clear as possible, and to provide a link to your event.

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Engage Through Linkedin Polls

LinkedIn makes it simple for you to create polls that direct questions to your target audience. This is a great way to engage with your audience and conduct market research based on their responses.

The feature allows you to choose a target audience to send your questions to. This will give you important information regarding your customer’s needs, as well as the strengths or weaknesses of your business.

Regularly Update Your Status

The most effective way to gain leads on LinkedIn is to regularly update your status. This will be visible to everyone in your network, and can also start discussions with potential customers.

Staying active on LinkedIn will drive more traffic to your profile and give you access to all the benefits the platform offers.  Be sure to use this as an opportunity to show off your skills and knowledge by publishing your professional achievements.

Don’t Stop on Advertising

LinkedIn allows you to send Ads in order to connect with professionals in your sector. You can set the ad to a specific area to ensure you’re reaching your target audience.

LinkedIn also offers the opportunity to create text ads, sponsor content and send sponsored InMail. Consider the goal of your business on LinkedIn when deciding which tool to use.

Advertising on LinkedIn can also be expensive. But if you offer high-value products and services, then LinkedIn can generate cost-effective leads.

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Thoughts on How to Promote Business on Linkedin Effectively

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for business owners, professionals and marketers to connect with each other. In this blog post, we shared how to promote business on LinkedIn effectively to put success within your business’ reach.

The first step is to create a company profile. Once this is done, be sure to get connected with similar companies to get started with expanding your virtual network of professionals.

It is also advisable to utilize LinkedIn Answers to showcase authority within your industry. Creating events through LinkedIn Events Tool and engaging with polls is a good way to engage with your connections.

Aside from this, regularly maintaining presence through status updates and advertising will help your business get noticed.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to promote business on LinkedIn effectively, let us know in the comments section below.  Be sure to also check out Pervasive Presence and learn how you can integrate LinkedIn into an overall marketing strategy.

You can also check out this LinkedIn Marketing 101 Guide for Business.

If you need help with your LinkedIn account, planning your services and/or products, running marketing campaigns like Facebook ads, or creating capture pages or lead magnets, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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How to Promote Business on LinkedIn Effectively - Mike Marko

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