Different Ways How to Promote Business on Facebook

Different Ways How to Promote Business on Facebook

“Different Ways How to Promote Business on Facebook” written by Mike Marko.

Struggling with how to promote business on Facebook?

Businesses need to be able to maintain an online presence in order to achieve growth in today’s highly technological world. When doing so, there is no platform more important to be in than on Facebook.

Facebook currently boasts the highest number of active users out of all the social networking platforms. This means that being present on it means that there is a higher probability of being discovered by potential customers.

But having a dedicated page for your business is not enough. In this blog post, we will discuss how to promote business on Facebook effectively to reach your audience and achieve business growth.

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Learning How to Promote Business on Facebook

Promoting a business on Facebook can be challenging. With such a huge number of users available, the competition of getting their attention can be fierce.  

Therefore, you need to know the different strategies you can implement to promote business on Facebook effectively. Understanding the different features available can help you use the platform to your advantage.

Increase your Facebook Presence

Having a location tab on your page is one of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook presence. Consider using this especially if you have stores in different locations.

Using this feature will benefit your business and its customers by:

  • Helping your customers find your business(es) faster.
  • Allowing you to customize content based on a specific location.
  • Letting you develop localized ads based on a specific location.

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Using Facebook Advertising Features

Wondering how to promote business on Facebook faster and reach more users?

Try using Facebook advertisements.

Facebook ads are not expensive, but can significantly improve your online presence. They are also more versatile, offering demographic and psychographic targeting options to help you reach relevant users.

Depending on your objective and business, Facebook offers different ad formats for you to choose from to help you attain your goal.

Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads

Using Facebook’s local awareness ads is another way to promote your business. These ads are unique because they offer call to action buttons such as “Get Directions” or “Contact Us” to help your customers find your store or engage with you when they are nearby.

Local awareness ads don’t just focus on various demographics and interests, they also focus on a specific area. This is why using these ads is good for targeting local consumers near your business.

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Make Use of Facebook Events

Events are another great and inexpensive way to promote your business on Facebook.

When your audience accepts your invitation, it will show up in their friends’ notifications, allowing them to see it as well.

Aside from being promoted within your list of followers, events can also be boosted to be seen by other users who fit into your target market.

Using Facebook Live Videos

Using Facebook Live videos is a great way to promote your business. Facebook Live videos get three times the engagement compared to normal videos.

To keep your audience interested, you need to provide intriguing content such as:

  • A tour of your store
  • Information about your product/brand.
  • DIY projects that relate to your business.
  • Share helpful content about your brand.
  • Highlight all the new items you have in store.

I recommend a mix of short and long Facebook live videos.  Shorter (around 5 minutes) to make a point or two, and the longer ones when you have a bigger Facebook audience to increase interaction while the video is live.

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Use a Strong Call to Action

Since you’re already promoting your business, why not encourage your audience to try your products?

A great advertisement on Facebook must contain a powerful and effective CTA.

This will encourage your audience to:

  • Shop for your products,
  • Check your website,
  • Like your page,
  • Call your number, and
  • Subscribe to your email list.

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Final Thoughts on How to Promote Business on Facebook

In this blog post, we talked about how to promote business on Facebook. The easiest way to do this is by adding a “Locations” tab to your page to help your customers find your store.

If you want to increase brand awareness quickly, try using Facebook ads. This will allow you to promote your business to users who fit into your target market but are not aware of you yet.

Creating events on Facebook can also help you promote your business. These can also be boosted and aimed to specific users just like an advertisement.

Finally, consider using Facebook Live to promote your business by encouraging engagement. A Facebook Live video gets more engagement than a traditional video and can be used to showcase interesting concepts.

If you have more questions about how to promote business on Facebook, leave them in the comment section below.

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Different Ways How to Promote Business on Facebook - Mike Marko

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