How to Pick the Best Word Spinner

How to Pick the Best Word Spinner - best word spinner

“How to Pick the Best Word Spinner” written by Mike Marko.

Trying to pick the best word spinner out of the many available may seem difficult at first. I was more than a little overwhelmed when I was picking my first one too.

And that was years ago, when there were fewer of these programs on the market! Today, the number of options is even more staggering.

In fact, go ahead and try to search Google for an “article spinner”. Chances are, you’ll see several dozen programs from the first couple of pages alone.

But naturally, you want a great article spinner, not just the first program you see. Poor spinners turn out poor rewrites, i.e. they’re worth neither your money nor your time.

The problem is distinguishing which are in the running to be the best word spinner and which can’t even be called “decent”. If you’ve never used spinners before, you won’t know how to tell.

Fortunately for you, I’m here to help. As I said before, I’ve been using spinners for years now and have gone through my fair share of duds… and champs.

In this post, I’ll show you how to separate them from each other. More importantly, I’ll show you the things to look for in your search for the best word spinner.

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The Qualities of the Best Word Spinner

Let’s admit first that different people can have different needs. Hence the best tool for one person may not always be the best tool for another.

Yet when it comes to article spinners, most users have the same requirements. Put in the simplest terms, these are the things people generally seek in the best word spinner:

  • Convenience,
  • Quality, and
  • Cost-effectiveness.

Of course, what exactly constitutes convenience, quality, and cost-effectiveness in a spinner aren’t always clear. But as I said earlier, that’s what I’m here to point out.

So without further ado, let’s find out how these things are measured when shopping for article spinners.

By the time we’re done, you should be able to find the best word spinner by yourself.

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Unlimited Use

The best word spinner is one that has no limits on the number of times you use it. For example, it shouldn’t charge you a fee for every rewrite or (small) set of rewrites.

That’s because you’ll end up spending a small fortune on your spins if you go with a spinner that works this way.

Generally, people getting an article spinner intend to produce a lot of content with it. That can stack up quickly if you’re paying for each spun piece of content you make.

The best word spinner shouldn’t limit the number of variations you can produce. Rather, it should make the production of unique content easier.

Advanced Machine Intelligence

This feature alone should trim down your article spinner options to a small pool.

That’s because the sort of machine intelligence I’m talking about isn’t available on most spinners yet.

It refers to the article spinner’s ability to “comprehend” the text it’s spinning. This isn’t AI, or not exactly — rather, it’s an improved ability for the program to contextualize content input.

As a result, spinners with this feature tend to produce better spun content because they comprehend the nuances of word choice better. They’re less likely to conflate one sense of a word with another.

A superior example of this can be found in the article spinner program, Spin Rewriter. The software “reads” whole paragraphs before spinning them in order to capture meaning better.

That’s the sort of quality and convenience you should expect from the best word spinner.

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Comparative and Assessment Utilities

The best word spinner should also make it easy for you to check your spun content. After all, you have to ensure that it’s all of the following things, after spinning:

  • Readable,
  • Unique, and
  • Adherent to the original content’s meaning.

Depending on the article spinner you’re using, checking for these things can be harder or simpler.

Look for an article spinner that lets you compare the original and spun content side by side, for example. That should make it easier to perform manual assessments.

But at the same time, the best word spinner should make automated assessments easier too.

Hence, seek one that has integrations for plagiarism or copy similarity checkers. Look for one that has a grammar and spelling checker too.

Finally, try to find one that has a word and character counter. It might seem like a small thing, but its inclusion in a spinner’s feature list can be hugely convenient.

This means you won’t have to open a different application or browser just to perform all of those checks before publishing the spun content.

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Flexibility on the Spinning Method

Most guides to choosing the best word spinner will tell you to decide whether you want an automatic or manual spinner.

Well, here’s the thing — I don’t think you should have to stick with just one.

It may be more convenient for you to use an automatic spinner in one situation and a manual one in another.

So why not get a spinner that gives you both options?

The best word spinner should let you choose whether you want to use an automatic spinning process or a manual one at any given time.

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Mass Processing

I mentioned earlier that the best word spinner shouldn’t limit the number of spins you can make.

Related to that, it should also allow you to spin more than one article at a time.

Bulk spinning is a desirable feature if you need a lot of unique content very quickly.

For example, you may have more than one website you need to populate with content fast.

If that’s so, the best word spinner for you should give you the option to do mass spins for convenience. That way, you won’t have to set it up and run it all over again for every single spin you want.

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Auxiliary Spinning Features

You might be wondering what “auxiliary spinning features” means. Well, simply put, it just refers to all those little features and options that improve the spinning process.

For instance, the best word spinner should have a feature to reorder lists. List item rearrangement is a basic spinning task, yet not all article spinners have it as a feature.

That’s because not all article spinners are capable of recognizing or processing lists by themselves, of course. For example, not all spinners can tell when a list’s item order matters (and thus shouldn’t be shuffled).

Hence, you might have to seek more advanced spinners for features like these.

There are many other things you can look for to make your job easier. Here are a few of the most useful features to look for in the best word spinner:

  • The ability to insert nested syntax automatically to content.
  • The ability to generate paragraphs intelligently (using semantic analysis).
  • The ability or option to ignore original words when doing automatic spinning (to preserve specificity of meaning).

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HTML Formatting for Spun Content

Arguably, not everyone actually needs this feature. However, the vast majority of article spinner users do.

That’s because most people using article spinners produce the spun content to put on webpages like their blogs or brand websites.

HTML formatting makes uploading the content to the Web easier. The best word spinner should therefore have this feature.

Final Thoughts on the Traits of the Best Word Spinner

As you can see, there are quite a lot of qualities to look for in the best word spinner. However, ensuring your article spinner has all of these can make your life so much easier.

To recap, here are the features the best word spinner should offer:

  • The option to create as many variations or spins of a piece of content as you want.
  • The ability to comprehend text, through semantic analysis.
  • Utilities that make it easier to perform content comparison and assessment.
  • The flexibility to choose whether you want to do a manual or automatic spin.
  • The ability to process or spin more than one article at once.
  • Features that make spinning easier, like an automatic list shuffling tool.
  • The ability to format spun content in HTML automatically, for ease of publication.

I get that it may not be easy to sift through all your options in search of one that offers all of these. So I’ll go ahead and do you one better by providing a recommendation.

The spinner I use myself (and which I consider the best word spinner I’ve ever tried thus far) is Spin Rewriter. It’s probably the most popular spinner among marketers due to its excellence.

If you want to learn more about it, check out my Spin Rewriter article. That way, you’ll see what the best word spinner on the market can do for you.

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