How to Overcome Frustration in Network Marketing

How to Overcome Frustration in Network Marketing

When you are an entrepreneur, and working from home on your own schedule, sometimes it is difficult to not get frustrated.  You may be frustrated because of where you are with your income level, or the progress you have been making relative to other people in the same business opportunity.  The problem is that frustration doesn’t help… it actually hurts you because you waste energy on that negative energy.

The following video talks about this in more detail, and presents a solution on how to overcome frustration.

VIDEO: How to Overcome Frustration in Network Marketing

The above video presents a strategy on how to overcome frustration.  The key point is that it talks about how there is a gap between what you believe your present position is right now vs. where you perceive you should be.  As an example, you have a belief that you are a certain level because you are only making $1,000 per month.  And you perceive that you should be making $15,000 per month because you have been in the network marketing business for a while and that is what others are making.

But the thing is, you are probably closer to the $15,000 per month level than you believe.  The difference between the two income levels is only some small tweaks to your strategy and efforts.

Create a Plan About How To Overcome Frustration

How to Overcome Frustration in Network Marketing - Mike MarkoBasically the plan is to write out what others are doing at the higher income level, identify what you are NOT doing, and then systematically do each item and cross it off your list.  For example the higher income earner has a nice website and blog, and you don’t, so that should be an item on your list.  You may have to dedicate an entire week to getting that website up and running, but when you do you’ll find that your frustration level will decrease.

You will know you are on the path to achieving the greater income.

The exercise I described is called “modelling”.  Tony Robbins goes into a lot of detail about modelling and how powerful a tool it is to speed up your progress in achieving your goals.  You basically mimic what successful people are doing and you will become successful yourself.  Notice I didn’t say copy… you don’t want to blatantly copy other people for a lot of reasons, including copywrite laws.  Instead mimic what they are doing by creating the list of what you are not doing, and then systematically completely each item on that list.

I did this myself and it works.

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People look to either Bren and myself to help them with their mindset so we can show them how to overcome frustration, and teach them how to create content. Not only do we share our expertise in online marketing, but we also help find the power within yourself.  We’ll help show you how to create a powerful daily routine for network marketinga routine that will help grow your network marketing business.

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Article: How to Overcome Frustration in Network Marketing

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