9 Ways on How to Market YouTube Videos

How to Market Youtube Videos in 9 Ways

“9 Ways on How to Market YouTube Videos” written by Mike Marko.

Wondering how to market YouTube videos in the most effective way?

Video marketing is an effective way to maximize your brand’s online presence.

And utilizing YouTube is essential when you start video marketing. YouTube is an open market of content creators uploading videos tailored to a specific audience, and can certainly bring attention to your brand.

However, success is not guaranteed with this platform given the amount of available content that can distract viewers.

To ensure your success in acquiring leads, you must be able to have the right marketing strategy in place.

In this blog post, we will teach you how to market YouTube videos to increase your views and effectively grow your brand online.

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Know How to Market YouTube Videos Effectively

YouTube isn’t just for fun and games.

YouTube is also a visual social network that can be used as a tool to demonstrate your expertise, create brand awareness, share, promote and engage with your customers.

But to truly engage your customers, you will need to know how to market YouTube videos. This can be done if you implement the following 9 tips:

1. Collaborate with Video Creators

Collaboration is considered the fastest way to increase viewership and exposure. So be sure to get connected with similar brands and create collaboration videos with them on the platform.

This step is a win-win for both parties involved because both audiences will be reached.

Here are some ideas on how collaboration videos can be done in the most creative and effective way:

Make a Collab Video with YouTubers

Once you have found a YouTuber you want to collaborate with, consider appearing in one video that can be uploaded on both channels. All you will need to do then is to agree on a topic and a script.

Collaborate with YouTubers on Separate Videos

You can also collaborate by simply uploading your own videos in your individual channels. Depending on the script, you can either showcase each other’s products or give a shout-out in the video.

Appear as a Guest in Other YouTuber’s Videos

Being a guest on someone’s YouTube video is another way to collaborate. You can both create segments that involves doing a simple interview or even challenges.

Appearing as a guest helps to introduce your channel. You can also request that the other party leave a link to your channel in the video description.

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2. Promote Videos with SEO

When potential viewers search for content, you want your channel and your videos to be the first to pop up on Google search. Otherwise, your work will not be seen by the majority of your target audience.

To boost your search on Google, you must understand how to use keywords and phrases such as:

  • “How to _____”, and
  • “What is a _____?”.

Make sure these primary keywords or phrases appear in your title. Then, write a lengthy description that allows you to add your keywords and phrases into the text and make use of a video tag box to add relevant keywords.

3. Make a Blog for Your YouTube Channel

Blogging is a great way to personalize your YouTube channel.

If you build a relationship with your viewers through another means, your YouTube views and traffic will undoubtedly increase.

Regularly posting on your blog will also keep your audience engaged with you between video releases. Viewers may not directly find your YouTube channel in a Google search, but may stumble upon it on your blog.

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4. Promote Videos on Social Media

Having a social media presence means more potential exposure to a wider audience. Posting links to your YouTube channel on Twitter or creating a Facebook fan page with a similar style to your YouTube channel are both great ideas.  

Your video must be engaging, interesting and unique for it to be effective.

Ensure that there is a clear goal for each video, and that you do not go on tangents unrelated to this goal.

5. Promote Using Great Titles

Titles are the most important part of YouTube marketing for catching your audience’s attention and showing up first on a search engine.

Be descriptive and use natural language to help people know exactly what your video is about while being as concise as possible.

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6. Use Engaging Thumbnail Images for Your Videos

People will always notice your thumbnail, or video picture, first. This is your chance to impress your audience and attract them to your video, so make sure it is unique and eye-catching.

As a content marketer, you must have an eye for visuals. Many creators use custom images and add in-video graphics to make the thumbnail image more appealing to viewers and increase click-through rates.

7. Engage With Your Viewers and Subscribers

Engagement plays a vital role in building your success. When you engage with your viewers, it gives them the impression that you’re approachable.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Doing question and answer videos.
  • Retweeting and tweeting your viewers on Twitter.
  • Asking viewers what topics they would like to see in your next video.
  • Responding to comments on your videos.

Engage with your viewers as often as possible to encourage feedback and conversation.

The more your viewers feel valued and heard, the more they’ll want to engage with your channel.

8. Use Calls to Action in Your YouTube Videos

Using call-to-action on videos can increase viewer participation and engagement.

Examples of call-to-action include subscribing to your channel, leaving a comment or sharing your videos on social media.

Most YouTubers like to use calls to action towards the end of their videos to encourage engagement and audience participation.

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9. Reward Your Loyal Subscribers

It’s vital you show appreciation towards your subscribers by rewarding them. Let your supporters know that you appreciate them when they promote your YouTube videos by giving them a shout-out.

You can also give back to your subscribers by sending them giveaways and freebies. The more you show your audience you appreciate them, the more they’ll want to interact with you and promote your channel.

Final Thoughts on How to Market YouTube in 9 Ways

Today we learned how to market YouTube videos. YouTube is an incredibly valuable and powerful social network to take advantage of if you are looking to increase growth online.

Having a YouTube channel allows you to bring video marketing to a new level. You can create interesting videos to entertain and eventually help you build a relationship with the viewers.

However, marketing on YouTube isn’t easy. You will need to have a solid YouTube marketing strategy behind your video creation process to stand out amongst the wide range of content available.

To do this, you must be open to: collaborating, using blogs and other social media websites, using appropriate thumbnails and titles, engaging with your audience, using calls to action and rewarding your loyal subscribers.

If you’re ready to start increasing viewership or just simply have a question about how to market YouTube videos, let us know in the comments section below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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