How To Market Your Product On Instagram

How To Market Your Product On Instagram

“How To Market Your Product On Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Are you still having a hard time in getting the right strategy with regards to how to market your product on Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing app. It’s a top of the line social media app that continues to grow its community of over 2 billion active users. With over 400 million Instagram users daily there’s no doubt this is the best social media platform.

Apart from that, it’s also used as a business marketing platform to advertise products and any other services. Instagram is considered a network where people check out to search for products and services that they like. Making this platform another great opportunity where you can market your product to customers online.

People love seeing beautiful photos of different things such as lovely places that they want to go, attractive people that they idolize and even different stuff that they use in their daily lives. That’s the inherent power of Instagram… it’s based on sharing images.

There are many ways on how to market your product on Instagram aside from uploading beautiful photos. In today’s article, I’m going to share some tips and strategies on how to market your product on Instagram.

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Tips On How To Market Your Product On Instagram

Once you create a business account in Instagram you can get started. Using Instagram does not guarantee you that your business will be an instant success. You must know the different ways on how to market your product on Instagram. I’m going to share with you some great ideas to discover different methods that you can do to start your marketing plan on Instagram.

Start A Large Community Base

There are lots of brands and businesses which now have Instagram accounts. They use this platform to showcase their products and services to people online. Your current customers, as well as your potential clients, have been using this platform in searching for products and services… so you need to take advantage of this.

The first thing you must do is to attract customers to check out and follow your Instagram account. If you don’t have followers yet, or you haven’t yet optimized your account, you’ll fail to reach your target of marketing your product on Instagram.

So, the best thing you should do is to:

Use Audience-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are very powerful on any social media platform. You can use hashtags particularly on your posts on Instagram. Hashtags are great ways to shout-out your products and services. This enables you to be easily searched on by people who have been looking for the same content of ideas, concepts, or conversations you post regarding what you offer. If you want to look for people who might be interested in your products and services, you can use hashtags to reach them.

Using the right combination of hashtags in your posts can help you easily gain new followers who are interested in your products. The technique in doing this is by using hashtags that describe your photos, business, and hashtags that are most commonly searched by Instagram users.

If you need help in using the right hashtags for your posts, there are free online services that can answer your problem. Iconosquare and Websta can provide you the most relevant hashtags that you can use for your posts. These tools can give you a list of the most searched hashtags based on the keywords that you typed on their website.

Once you are provided with a list of the most searched hashtags that are associated with your business, brand, and product, get the top 10-20 hashtags. Make sure to keep it in a note on your phone so you can just look at it whenever and wherever you need to post. I recommend using Google sheets or Notepad so you can easily access them.

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Choose The Right Filters For Your Photos

Instagram photo filters affect the quality and attraction of your product images.

The tendency is to use the filter which we think suits best for the image that we post.

But, did you know that the Instagram filters that we use on the photos that we upload can affect how many likes it can get once we posted them?

Based on a study of TrackMaven, the photos with the Mayfair filter, no filter or the Inkwell filter have more likes and comments from Instagram users compared to other photos.

Of course, this may vary depending on the followers you have. But you can try switching from different filters on the photos you upload, and then observe which photos with a certain filter get the most number of likes and comments from your followers.

Post Photos During Peak Times

Regardless of your target market, influencers, follower time zone, etc, posting photos work best when posted at peak times. There are certain hours when Instagram users are most active. Once you know these times, you can post updates during these peak hours.

Iconosquare could provide you with an optimization report. The report will tell the best times for you to post updates using your past posting history and engagement.

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Reach Out To Your Competitors’ Followers

To locate people who might be interested in your products or services, check your competitors’ followers. Once you find them, make sure to interact with them and establish your connection with them.

If you have no idea about how to start looking for your competitors’ followers, JustUnfollow may be your solution. This website allows you to search for your competitors’ Instagram accounts by name. They then provide you with a list of their followers. When you have the list you can now begin your interaction with your new possible customers.

Start interacting with your new possible customers by following their accounts. Like or comment on their photos. Wait until they follow you back and keep the interaction.


Turn Followers Into Customers

Can your followers also be your potential customers?

The answer is a resounding “YES!” It’s possible.

Since Instagram is one of the best channels to market products on social media, by means of photo sharing nature, it allows you share to the Instagram community about your products. Selling products to your customers will be easier since they could have a glimpse of what you can offer them through the photos that you post.

When you have gained enough loyal followers and earned trust from them, then it’s time to turn them from being browsers to being buyers. The end goal of marketing your products is to gain buyers for your products. That’s why you should include that in your marketing strategy.

Use the scarcity concept related to supply and demand: when there is less of something, the more want to have it. Retailers and marketers often use this concept. They tell their customers that products with discounts are only for a limited time. This is an effective strategy to turn your followers into buyers.

Make sure to highlight new products. When you have new products, make sure that you post an update about it. People love seeing new products and posting your new products regularly will help you to gain more sales.

Final Thoughts On How To Market Your Products On Instagram

In this blog post, we discussed how to market your products on Instagram. In my overall opinion, Instagram is a great platform for you in endorsing your business. With the growing popularity of Instagram, it helps to tap into the power of this platform. You can reach a wide range of target audience and get more followers. You can also promote your products and services through photos you post and share across other social media platform by linking your accounts.

The success of your Instagram marketing lies on the marketing strategies that you use. It’s up to you on how you will use these tips to market your product on Instagram and help you gain more followers.

So get started… and check out the blog post, How to Use Instagram Effectively.

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How To Market Your Product On Instagram

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