The Essential Basics on How To Market With Instagram

The Basics on How To Market With Instagram

“The Essential Basics on How To Market With Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Have you ever thought about using Instagram for your business? If yes, then I’ll share with you some great ideas on how to market with Instagram.

Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing app. It’s a top of the line social media app that continues to grow its community of over 2 billion active users. With over 400 million Instagram users daily there’s no doubt this is the best social media platform.

It’s also used as a business marketing platform to advertise products and any other services. Instagram is considered a network where people check out to search for products and services that they like. Making this platform another great opportunity where you can market your product to customers online.

If you decide to use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, it can help your business be known to more people around the world. All you just have to do is to learn how to efficiently use Instagram and discover more about it so that you can gain more followers then eventually boost your target market.

If you are new to Instagram and you want to try using it for your own business, you just came to the right spot. In this article, I will give you an insight on how to market with Instagram.

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How To Market With Instagram For Your Business

Many businesses now use social media to promote their business. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of them use Instagram to showcase their businesses or services to the world. They see the benefits of using social media platforms for advancing their business. They realized that social media plays a significant role in the lives of many people.

In this millennial age, most people stay connected online whether they’re on their PC’s or in their smartphones. They can reach out and stay connected with friends and family on the other side of the world. With that, businesses also saw how these social media platforms such as Instagram could be useful in reaching their target market for their business or services.

Busy people, particularly business persons, find it easy and convenient to search for the things that they need through social media platforms like Instagram. Instagram is an online photo-sharing site where people could share photos and videos to their followers. Apart from that, it has been upgraded to a greater level where you can also exchange messages with any active users. Using Instagram, you could share photos of your products online so that your followers could see them. In short, it’s becoming more like Facebook plus the Messenger app.

There are many other ways on how to market with Instagram for your business. Sharing photos of your products are just one way to do that. But first, let’s take a look at the basics

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Set Up An Instagram Account For Your Business

Of course, first things first!

In order to connect with it, it’s important that you first create an Instagram account for your business.

Make sure that you will use your business name as your username. This will help you establish your brand with your followers or your prospected customers. Your username becomes your brand name. If the username is already used by another user, consider another username that could be easily recognized as your brand. The username or your brand name must be unique and catchy. This may help you attract more people to check and visit your account.

Once you are done creating your account, the next step is to complete your profile. Use an attractive photo for your profile picture. If you already have a logo for your business, you can use it as a profile picture for your account. Don’t forget to include a brief, informative bio and a link to your website. Providing a link to your website can help your followers to know more about business once they visited your website. An optimized profile and portfolio of your business present your account as a legit and a successful one.

Other than that, if your business has a Facebook page already it’s also helpful to link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. This will help you in easily sharing your photos on Instagram with your Facebook Fans in vice versa. By doing this, your Facebook friends will also know that you have an account on Instagram. If they also have an Instagram account, they can also follow your Instagram business page. This means many friends, many pages, many followers to target.

Also, you might want to make sure you upload photos that are visually eye-catching so that you can easily grow followers in Instagram. Use these great photos to lure more followers to your business page so that they will keep coming back and see more photos of your products or services. Instagram users enjoy seeing beautiful photos and it can simply attract them to purchase your products.

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The Power Of Hashtags In Your Uploads

Whenever you upload a photo on Instagram, it’s very important to include hashtags (#s) in your captions and even in your comment sections. An example of the hashtag is #lateupload and this is often used when the photo uploaded was already taken after a couple of days or weeks. Including hashtags in your posts will support your post to be seen by other users through their Instagram searches.

There are no limits in using hashtags (though I recommend trying to keep it to 12-14 at most). You can use as many hashtags as you can for your upload, but be sure that it’s related to the photo that you will upload and the target audience you want to attract. Otherwise, the hashtags are useless and worst, users may avoid your page because they might consider you as a spam.

You can be specific in giving hashtags to your posts. You can include your business name in your hashtags and include it with other general hashtags. An example of a general hashtag is #coffee or #latte. Combining specific and general hashtags in your posts can help you be easily seen by users. If a trending hashtag is related to your brand, you can use trending hashtags too. This will be seen by millions of users who are interested in the trending hashtag.

When using hashtags, it’s also vital to monitor the hashtags that you use for your business. This way, you can immediately reply to comments of customers in your page. Knowing that you have time to attend in answering their questions, you can establish rapport as well as connecting with them.


Interacting With Your Followers

This is an obvious thing to do to market your business to your followers. An active business with an active and fast seller leads to a successful one. Once you have finally posted an item of your business or services, be sure to respond immediately to your followers if they have comments in your posts, especially if they have questions regarding your products or services. It’s important to give time in this aspect if you are serious about making your business successful. In short, immediacy in business is an unspoken policy.

When your followers share photos of your products or services, you should @mention them in your post as well to thank them in promoting your products or services. You can also like and comment on their posts, especially if it’s about your products or services. This way, it helps you boost your business and theirs. A give and take manner.

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Final Thoughts About How To Market With Instagram

You now know the basics when it comes to how to market with Instagram. Instagram is a powerful platform that can really help extend the reach of your marketing. Be sure to check out my article, How To Market Your Product On Instagram, to further help you in promoting your business.

The success of your Instagram marketing lies on the marketing strategies that you use. It’s up to you on how you will use these tips to market your product on Instagram and help you gain more followers.

So get started… and check out the blog post, How to Use Instagram Effectively.

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The Essential Basics on How To Market With Instagram

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