How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – Make Peace Our Ultimate Goal

Day 3: “How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – Make Peace Our Ultimate Goal” written Guest Contributor.

How to Manifest Effortless Abundance


Make Peace Your Ultimate Goal

In order to experience effortless abundance and prosperity, we must first decide to make peace our ultimate goal.

No matter what you want more of in your life- more money or a better relationship or maybe a healthier body. The reason you want these things is because you think it’s going to make you happier and more at peace.

But If you don’t find peace and happiness first none of those things will satisfy. You will always want more.

The Paradox

The paradox is that you can’t experience any of these things unless you find peace within first.
Law of attraction says that whatever we think about or vibrate the most eventually materializes into our reality.

Feel it first and manifest it second.

Feel peace and joy first and all of the things you want will be given to you.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. -Matthew 6:33

How Do You Do This?

Look for the things that are going right in your life. Find ways to appreciate everything even if it has nothing to do with what you want.

If you want more money then appreciate your great health and relationships. Appreciate everything!

If you want a great relationship with a special someone then look for ways you already have great relationships in your life with friends and family.

Visualize and feel what it will be like to have the thing you want. If it’s a relationship then imagine holding hands with that person and how it will feel. See a person across from you at the table.


If you find it hard to do any of these things then just meditate and clear your thoughts completely. This will give your mind a break from thoughts of lack and worry.
Give yourself 20 minutes of meditation a day.

And do this heart breathing exercise. It will take you back to your true self. Your place beyond the chattering of the mind. Your heart is the connection to all abundance and prosperity.

Finding Peace for Effortless Abundance

There is only one moment to live in and that is the present moment.

Practice these tips as much as possible and you will have more peace and happiness. Abundance and prosperity will follow.


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Article: How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – Make Peace Our Ultimate Goal

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