How to Manage Your Workload When Feeling Overwhelmed

How to Manage Your Workload When Feeling Overwhelmed.

Have you ever experienced it when you have so much coming at you that you didn’t know where to start?  Or you had so much to do that you felt overwhelmed?

I have discovered how to mange your workload so that things can get easier, and you get a lot more done.  Watch the following video for my quick tip.

VIDEO: How to Manage Your Workload When Feeling Overwhelmed

Batching is essential to getting things done quickly, and efficiently.  It also helps prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Even as I write this I am batching three blog posts at the same time to help get things done quicker.  Tomorrow I’ll batch a bunch of emails to and get that out of the way for the next seven days.

You see, when you learn how to manage your workload using batching, you can really surprise yourself with how much you can get done.

Four-Hour Work Week

Bren and I have been reading the book, Four-Hour Work Week.  In this book, amount a ton of other gems, the author talks about the importance of batching your jobs.  Group similar tasks and get things done in one group before moving to the next.  He suggests even only reading your emails twice a day (at 11:00AM and 4:00PM) to help reduce the wasted effort with reviewing your emails constantly.  But this can be applied to a lot of your daily tasks.

Bren and I will be practicing the teachings of the Four-Hour Work Week and try to implement a lot of the book over the next few months.

So watch for future blog posts about what we implement from this book.

Here’s to YOUR prosperity.

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