How to Make a Website Banner Using PowerPoint

How to Make a Website Banner Using PowerPoint

You can put a lot of effort into making a website, but if you don’t create a banner that is customized for your site then you website will look like it is missing something.  You can go and pay someone to create a banner for you, but in the end if you don’t pay a lot of money then chances are it won’t be anything better than what you can create.

Now a lot can be said about what to include in a banner, and the colors, etc.  That is really a topic all on it’s own.  This article will only go over the mechanics of how to create a banner using PowerPoint.

Ok, so let’s get started usingPowerPoint as your free banner maker.

VIDEO: How to Make a Website Banner Using PowerPoint

I would recommend actually making the banner a bit LARGER than the existing banner.  Sometimes a website will not accept banners that are too small, even by a couple pixels.  By making it very slightly larger it helps prevent the website from rejecting your banner due to size.

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Article: How to Make a Website Banner

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