How To Make A Lead Magnet For Facebook Ads

How To Make A Lead Magnet For Facebook Ads

“How To Make A Lead Magnet For Facebook Ads” written and video by Mike Marko.

Facebook ads can be tricky… it can be even tougher to get leads (or emails from potential customers) from your capture page. You can spend $100’s, if not $1000’s with little to show for it. I call it “giving donations to Facebook” because that’s what it feels like.

But chances are you are just not doing them right.

Don’t worry, most people make the same mistakes… and there is a more effective technique to getting leads from your ads. That’s why I want to present a proven technique that we use for my clients, with a real world example. Specifically, today we are going to talk about how to make a lead magnet that will work on Facebook.

So roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive in to talk about how to make a lead magnet for Facebook ads.

How To Make A Lead Magnet for Facebook

Previously we talked about some top Facebook advertising tips. To continue that discussion, now in the following video we talk about how to make a lead magnet to help with Facebook ads.

VIDEO: How To Make A Lead Magnet


So what is a lead magnet? Let’s start with that…

What Is A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free giveaway you give to get people to opt into your Capture Page. You give the lead magnet to entice them to give you their email, and other contact information like name and phone number, etc.

Generally, the more that you ask for the less likely you will get someone to complete the capture page. That’s why it’s often advantageous to give away very good lead magnets if you want more than just an email.

A lead magnet can be a pdf, ebook, report, video training, or video training series (just to name a few ideas). The key is that you want to give away VALUE: something of value to your target audience.

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What Are The Key Types Of Lead Magnet

There are four major types of lead magnets used with Facebook capture pages. Let’s look at each one individually.


Let’s face it… we’ve all seen an eBook. We have all received a copy. But what happens when we receive it?

While eBooks are great at helping you get leads chances are it doesn’t get read… at least not completely. Reading most eBooks is like reading an encyclopedia. Sure it has lots of valuable information but who actually pick one up and reads it from cover to cover.

The information is at our finger tips but the information inside is not really actionable because the reader has to read through a lot to find the nuggets. So they typically are left unread.

And when people don’t read our content we are basically training them that it’s cool not to read our stuff. Is that what we really want? No! We want to encourage people to consume our content and hunger for more.

So while eBooks are a common lead magnet let’s leave them in the cyber trash can.

Sales Call

Another common lead magnet is to send people to a “free” consultation (or in other words sales call). You may think you are fooling them… but people realize that the call is probably a sales call. While these free consultations work great, they are not the best choice for a lead magnet.

People will run screaming from someone trying to sell them right away (with a sales call). Don’t use this as a lead magnet.

Webinar or 4-Part Video Series

This is a pretty common lead magnet… either a webinar or video training series. The problem is that while there may be a lot of desire for the content, it’s not delivered in such a way to be ideal for your leads.

With the webinar, it will be tricky to get them to attend because their life tends to get in the way.

With the 4-part video series, the person ends up waiting a day for the next video… it’s much better to give your lead instant gratification for their contact information than string along the information.

PDF Download

The PDF download is by far the best lead magnet. The PDF download may be 1-3 pages, easy to read, and should have at least one actionable activity that will take the person one step towards their goals. That one small accomplishment will do more to build trust in you than anything else you can achieve.

If you help them make a small step forward towards their goals… they begin to wonder how much more you can help them.

Make sure the PDF download is highly polished and represents your brand. Enlist the aid of a graphics designer to help lay the content out. Include your logo, etc.

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Final Thoughts On How To Make A Lead Magnet

In this blog post, I cover some key tips on how to make a lead magnet to use for your Facebook marketing. If you implement my recommendations you’ll see better long term results.

Be sure to check out my article, “23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips”.  And if you want more effect with your marketing, make sure you also check out my article, “Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work”.

Also check out the blog post, Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook.

If you need help in creating Facebook ads, capture pages, or lead magnets, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer. Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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How To Make A Lead Magnet For Facebook Ads

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Article: How To Make A Lead Magnet For Facebook Ads

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