Simple Tips on How to Make a Business Page on LinkedIn

Simple Tips on How to Make a Business Page on LinkedIn - Business, Linkedln, Social Media

“Simple Tips on How to Make a Business Page on LinkedIn” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know how to make a business page on LinkedIn?

That question’s an important one to a business owner. It’s because Linkedin is a social media platform that specializes in business networking.

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn can only benefit you if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people flub even simple tasks like creating a business page on it.

For example, the platform has a lot of features ideal for optimizing business pages. Yet many LinkedIn users don’t make use of those. It tells me they don’t know how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

If you’re one of these people, there’s no need to be concerned. In this blog post, I’ll teach you my own secrets on how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

How to Make a Business Page on LinkedIn

Before we talk about how to make a business page on LinkedIn, let’s talk first about why you should.

The number of LinkedIn users grows every day. This is good news for business owners like you.

LinkedIn can become a channel for you to grow your audience as well as your business network. Potential customers can find you through LinkedIn blogs and promotions from other users.

You’ll also be able to meet other professionals. You can help each other out through sharing connections or through giving each other recommendations. You can even form business partnerships or arrangements.

All of that’s only possible if you have a business page on LinkedIn, though. Without it, you can’t make the professional connections you want to. You may not even be able to convince people your company’s legitimate!

So that takes care of why you need to make a business page on LinkedIn. Now for our real topic today — how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

Now technically speaking, just about anyone can make a business page on LinkedIn. The trick lies in making sure it’s as good as it can possibly be.

What happens with many users is that they forget small but important details. Don’t worry, though. This blog post is here to help you remember them.

So, what’s the first step on how to make a business page on LinkedIn?

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Complete the Information on Your Business Page

The first thing you should remember about how to make a business page on LinkedIn is that you should complete your company information on it. That means doing more than just filling out text fields, by the way. It means providing even visual info like your company logo.

On LinkedIn, you can have both a profile photo and profile banner. Make both unique as well as eye-catching. But even more importantly, make them representative.

Both photos should be good representations of your company. Your logo should show up one way or another in at least one of them. Preferably, it should show up in both.

You can also add your company’s contact information (and even promotions) in your profile banner. This makes it easy for your audience to see them.

You can also just keep those in the default contact detail fields, though. Wherever you do put them, be sure they’re complete and accurate. You don’t want to irritate potential customers by inadvertently giving them an unusable phone number.

Don’t forget to include the link to your website or blog. This information will help your audience reach you outside of LinkedIn, so it’s another important contact detail.

Finally, be sure to compose a descriptive but concise “About Us” section.

Make sure you give all necessary details about the services you offer. However, you should also keep this section straight to the point so you won’t bore your readers.

It may seem like there’s too much information to fill out, but it’s necessary in how to make a business page on LinkedIn. If you do this now, you won’t have to worry about it later.

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Assign Page Admins

As a business owner, you should know that your employees can help you with your LinkedIn business page. Chances are, your employees already have LinkedIn accounts.

Why is that important in learning how to make a business page on LinkedIn? It’s because those employees can help you manage and edit the page.

In fact, if they’re already managing and editing it, they can create their own content to put on it too. Your employees can share stories about working with and for your company. This sort of content will give your business page more personality.

They can also submit opinions or suggestions for improving the page. That gives you the benefit of more minds — all of them working to improve the same thing.

Learning how to make a business page on LinkedIn should be a team venture. Unless you’re completely alone in your business, it pays to have more than one person contributing to the page’s creation.

Add Marketing Text and Images

No guide showing how to make a business page on LinkedIn is complete without a note on marketing content.

Your business page is the center of your marketing on LinkedIn, after all. That’s why it should have most of your marketing material on it.

Start with the homepage because it’s the first thing your audience will see. It’s the perfect place for you to promote previous and current marketing campaigns. This will show your audience what you’ve done and what’s currently happening in your company.

Remember to adjust your marketing material for your LinkedIn business page. You may need to resize images to better fit LinkedIn’s format, for example.

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Show Off Products and Services

Now, it’s time for one of the main reasons for learning how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

You’re learning how to make a business page on LinkedIn because you’re a business owner. That means that you also need to show off your products and services on the page.

Where can you do that? Previously, you could do it in the Products and Services Tab. LinkedIn has already retired this page, however, so now you can do it through your company updates.

The beauty of promoting products via company updates is that the content appears on your page and your followers’ feeds. To improve its chances of getting engagement, do the following:

  • Use high-quality photos to show your products.
  • Add precise, clear descriptions. Don’t assume an image says everything.
  • Try other media on occasion, including videos.
  • Try to ask for endorsements from your employees, business partners, and customers. These endorsements will verify the credibility of your products and services, and make people likelier to share your updates with others.

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Publish Relevant Content

As with most other social networks, your posts on LinkedIn are an integral part of your business page. No business page looks credible without them.

Followers will be looking for content on your business page. Even first-time visitors to your page will be doing it, in fact. It’s because they can learn a lot from the content you have there.

They can figure out if your company’s still operating. They can find out if you have any interesting promotions or events.

They can see if you and your staff have the necessary expertise to back up your claims.

They can even see if you have the sort of company culture they’d like in an organization they’re doing business with.

The content on your page is part of your profile as a business. It speaks volumes about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

That’s why learning to produce and publish content is part of how to make a business page on LinkedIn.

Post only quality content on your page. Make sure the content’s tone is always representative of the company. Both of these help to demonstrate professionalism.

Be sure too that your content’s relevant. This keeps it from being marked as spam or hidden from user feeds.

Post updates on your business page to keep your audience updated, for example. Another useful tip is planning your updates according to what’s trending or according to a current occasion. This doesn’t just demonstrate that your business is “in the loop” — it also promotes audience interaction.

You can also check your LinkedIn analytics in order to know how well your posts are doing. By studying your analytics, you’ll be able to make more relevant content and improve your engagement statistics.

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Final Thoughts on Making a Business Page on LinkedIn

Creating a business page on LinkedIn is your first step towards brand awareness. Therefore, it’s important for you to learn how to make a business page on LinkedIn the right way.

Learning how to make a business page on LinkedIn means providing all the company details possible. It also means appointing employees as page admins, adding marketing content, showing off products and services, and publishing good posts often.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you understand how to make a business page on LinkedIn. It can help you grow your LinkedIn network quickly afterwards.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how to make a business page on LinkedIn, feel free to comment below.

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