How to Install WordPress |Two Different Methods

How to Install WordPress |Two Different Methods” written by Mike Marko.

Have you ever installed WordPress?

Or have you been putting if off because it seems pretty technical?

If you haven’t learned how to install WordPress yet then you are missing a lot! The most popular platform in the field of blogging today is WordPress.

WordPress is also a very well-known tool in content management system… just a fancy way to say for creating websites.  Another reason why WordPress is so popular is that it’s relatively easy to install if you follow the steps.

I created the following WordPress installation tutorial to give you a detailed step-by-step instruction. I’ll be showing you how to install WordPress using SimpleScripts and Fantastico for new users. For those with more experience, I’ll also be talking about the manual procedure on how to install WordPress. And if you are completely new to installing WordPress, I’ll also be giving you a tutorial on how to install WordPress on your personal computer with either a Linux, Mac and Windows platform.

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Important Things to Consider Before You Install WordPress

Before you start you need to make sure that certain requirements should be checked to ensure smooth installation. Here are the things that should be prepared prior to installing WordPress:

Choosing Your Hosting Company – An Important Part of How to Install WordPress

It’s key that you have a great web hosting company that’s well versed with WordPress. You will also need a domain name before you start. Bluehost is highly recommended because they will provide you with a domain name together with a 50% discount on their hosting plan. This is a best buy especially for WordPress beginners. Bluehost is the official web hosting site and provider of WordPress.

The process will require you to fill out some important details and information. You need to choose your domain name where you plan to install WordPress. After that, you can now select the directory on where you want it to be placed. If you prefer to have the WordPress on your main domain, don’t fill out the “In Directory” field.

Select Your Database Name

The next step is to input a database name for the WordPress installation. This name is not disclosed to anyone except the user. Increase the site security system by simply going into the Database Settings and modify the table prefix.

You can now enter the site name description. The simple WordPress installation requires you to uncheck the WPMU box unless, of course, you have an idea of what you’re doing.

Always create a username that will display some originality on the user, don’t use the given default user name. This is paired with a strong password for added security.

Now, You are Ready to Install WordPress

How to install WordPressYou have completed the initial groundwork.  How let’s talk about the next steps in how to install WordPress.

Start the Installation

Enter your email address on the space provided then click install. The install button, once activated, will automatically install WordPress and make it available for use within a couple of minutes.

After the installation has been completed, all you have to do is to log on to

Enter your login details to be directed to the WordPress dashboard. This part of WordPress is a bit confusing and not so user friendly.   That is why a free video show you How to Install WordPress is provided for your convenience. Maximize the use of these videos to your advantage. Other sites are offering these types of instructional videos are often very expensive, costs starting at $300.

Option 1: How to Install WordPress with SimpleScripts

How to Install WordPress with SimpleScriptsOne way to install WordPress is through SimpleScripts. It allows companies with web hosting services to conveniently provide one click install applications for a very user friendly approach.

Bluehost is an example of a web hosting company offering this kind of service.

SimpleScripts can be used if a web hosting company has it in its server. You can easily see the icon in their control panel. Most of the web hosting companies carries the icon of SimpleScripts due to its popularity and efficiency.

Upon clicking WordPress on SimpleScripts, you’ll be prompted to install it. Installation preference on another page will be given to you such as the location of your WordPress to be installed. It’s your choice whether you want it to be on the main or sub-directory. On this page, you can choose the title of your blog which can be changed later in the process. User credentials can also be edited on this part of the installation.

Click the complete button after reading the terms and conditions of WordPress. SimpleScripts will then install WordPress in the background and once the installation has been completed, it will display a success page.

You can now use the log in link that is provided. On this site, you can enter your username and user password. You’ll see the WordPress dashboard after you have logged in.

You can now familiarize yourself on the dashboard.  You will probably find it very complicated and confusing.

Option 2: How to Install WordPress with Fantastico

How to Install WordPress with FantasticoFantastico is another web hosting site that is commonly used to install WordPress. Fanatatico was once hailed as the elite script installer that was loved by many users. However, lately many competitors have emerged like Softaculous and SimpleScripts.

Click on the Fantastico icon so that you can be directed to its control panel. After that, you will see WordPress which is under the Blogs section. You just have to click on the “New Installation” link provided. Select your preferred domain on where you want to set up WordPress.

Enter your directory name if you prefer not to have it on the main domain.   Leave it blank if you want it to be on the main domain.

Enter your username and user password to have access to the WordPress dashboard. Ensure that the username is not an admin default and always use a strong password for security purposes.

An admin nickname should be provided together with an email address.

The site title and its description can be changed later as you go on the WordPress process.

After filling in all the needed data and information, you just have to click on the WordPress Install button. It’ll ask for confirmation to confirm the information you just provided. Click the Finish button there to start the installation process.

Final Takeaway From this How to Install WordPress Tutorial

In this tutorial we talked about the two popular ways of how to install WordPress. Most of the best WordPress web hosts out there offer free guided installation. With just a few clicks, you can complete the process of installing this powerful tool.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to install WordPress to take advantage of the power of WordPress?

And that you didn’t have to worry about hosting, or installing WordPress.

Or not have to worry about system upgrades.

And you also get great themes, a webinar platform, an integrated social media platform, and a bunch of expensive WordPress plugins.

And it ranked easier in the search engines.

And it cost the same amount as your self-hosted WordPress platform.

If you are interested in eliminating all the work and getting tons of value, then let me show you the system I use.

What We Use

Bren and I rank a lot of our content high in Google.  We have over 50 blog sites as part of our blog network.  And from our experience, the Influx Entrepreneur blogging platform is the superior blogging system in a lot of ways.  It has a lot of advantages such as

  • It is inexpensive
  • You didn’t have to worry about maintaining the site, and so less headaches,
  • It has a membership site so you could sell your own products and make money directly from PayPal,
  • It can have capture pages so you can generate more leads,
  • It has themes already integrated into the platform,
  • It comes with access to webinar software so you can promote & sell to groups of people at a time,
  • It ranks in Google a lot easier than hosting your own site,
  • It is self-hosted so you don’t have to be technically inclined,
  • It has its own social media site integrated into the platform.

And there is a lot more advantages…

Normally a platform alone like this would cost $400 or more a month!  Luckily, that isn’t the case here.

The basic platform doesn’t event cost $100/month.

Or even $25/month.

They are practically giving it away.

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How to install WordPress


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