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“How to Increase Your YouTube Views” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know that there’s an easy way to increase your YouTube views?

Having a large number of views on your YouTube videos can open a lot of opportunities for your business. It can increase brand awareness and you can earn plenty of money from your YouTube ads.

And video views is an important commodity on YouTube to help show social proof… that your video is informative and relevant.  Would you rather spend your time watching a video with 20 views, or 10,000 views?  Probably 10,000 views because views helps indicate how good the video may be.

However, not all people know how to get a decent number of views for their videos. That’s why a lot of people struggle with how to easily get more views.

If you’re also struggling, then you’re in the right place. In today’s blog, I’ll talk to you about how to increase your YouTube views so your channel can start to flourish.

Tricks to Increase Your YouTube Views

It’s not that hard to increase your YouTube views. And you don’t have to spend a large sum of money to do this. You just need to follow a couple of guidelines and make use of YouTube’s features.

If I peaked your interest, and you want  to find out what those features and guidelines are… then let’s dive into some details…

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Create Informative and Entertaining Videos

First, you need to create informative and entertaining videos for your viewers. This is important because the content of your video is the most important factor in deciding the number of views it’ll get.

There are different types of video that you can create to educate your audience. But currently, the “How to” videos are the most shared video content on different social media platform.

If you’re going to make a “How to” video or any kind of video, make sure that it’s edited professionally. Users will more likely view and subscribe to your channel if you have good quality videos.

Also, good and high-quality content results in better behavioral analytics.

Include the Right Title and Tags

Every time you upload a video, make sure to use the appropriate title, tags, and description. These are as important as creating great content. Using misleading titles and tags to get more views might result in a backlash from your existing subscribers.

Posting misleading titles or descriptions can drive away your target audience. Also, doing this may affect your credibility and you might lose the trust of your existing audience.

To prevent that from happening, here are some tips to make a better title, tags, and description for your video.

  • The description of your content should include a keyword in the first 25 words. Aside from that, it should be at least 250 words.
  • The title of the video shouldn’t just be appealing. Make sure that it’s short, engaging and to the point.
  • Use the best tags for your video but try not to use more than 10-12 tags.

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Promote Your Video on Different Social Media Platforms

To get more views, make sure that you promote your video on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Doing this will immediately inform all of your audience regarding the new content and it’ll help in generating a decent number of views.  

Remember, don’t ever wait for your target audience to look and search for your content. You should be the one to make the first move in order to get engagement.

You can also check our 9 Ways on How to Market YouTube Videos to increase your YouTube views.

Find Your Target Audience

Always keep in mind that your audience is also a key factor thatll determine your success. Without them, posting your good and high-quality video content will be meaningless. Youll not get any views or any kind of engagement.

With that said, here are some tips to help you reach the right audiences and increase your YouTube views:

  • Do your research on the audience you wish to reach.
  • Consistently post content to give your audience a reason to subscribe to your channel and watch your other videos.
  • Always stick to content that’s related to your business. Remember that your target audience will uses the keywords that are related to your business.
  • Interact with your niche and community.
  • Use the available YouTube tools to help you measure and build audience engagement.
  • Optimize your videos for the search engine of YouTube and the web.

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Organize Videos by Making Playlists

A playlist is an ordered list of videos that are created based on a specific theme. It’s usually created to increase visibility and to make it easier for the audience to discover a channel’s content.

To create a playlist, here are the easy steps to do it:

  • Create a list of videos that you want to include in your playlist.
  • Click on “Add To Playlist” button beside the tags option.
  • Click on Create new playlist.
  • Enter your playlist’s name.
  • Let the playlist’s privacy setting be public which is set by default in the drop-down menu under the name field.
  • Click the “Create” button.

Anyone can watch your videos consecutively once they play a playlist. The videos on the playlist will keep on playing until the last video is played. Also, a playlist will prevent a user from searching for other content on a different channel.

Creating a playlist won’t just increase your YouTube views, it can also showcase your channel’s personality and your creativity.

Always Transcribe Your Videos

Lastly, always transcribe your videos. Transcribing videos is one of the most effective and simplest ways to increase your YouTube views.

Transcripts or closed captions can also help you gain more views and subscribers because it breaks several barriers. Transcripts allow your international audiences and the disabled (hearing-impaired) viewers to understand your videos.

If you don’t want to transcribe your videos manually, you can use online services like Speechpad, transcript, or TranscribeMe.

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Final Thoughts on How to Increase Your YouTube Views

To increase your YouTube views, make sure to follow the things that I mentioned in this blog post.

Always make a video with a good content and use the proper title, tags, and description for it. Aside from that, you should always group videos on your channel into a playlist. Doing this won’t just increase views but it can also showcase your channel’s personality and your creativity.

Also, don’t forget to share your videos on different social networking platforms and take time to follow the tips on how to find your audience.  Lastly, consider transcribing your videos to help your international audiences and the disabled (hearing-impaired) viewers understand your videos.

If you have more questions regarding how to increase your YouTube views, just leave them in the comments below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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