How to Improve Your Website Visitor Experience – Make Them Want to Come Back!

How to Improve Your Website Visitor Experience.

Your website is now getting traffic.  We all know that website traffic if important because it could result in sales.

But what happens now that website does get traffic?  Is the your website ready?  Are your calls to action clear enough?  Will the experience of visiting your website give them an experience they won’t forget?

In this blog post I am going to talk about how to improve your website visitor experience so that they stay on your website as long as possible, and hopefully come back again.

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Here is a list of things you should consider when evaluating how to improve your website visitor experience.

Have Value Added Content

Give the reader information they they are looking for, or will help them achieve what they want.  If you are just pitching your affiliate links or products across the entire website, you will drive them off.  But if you give tons of value they will stay on your website longer.

Keep the Content As Simple As Possible

Simple content will help keep the reader engaged without overwhelming them.

You want the language and text to be easy to read.  Shorter sentences and paragraphs helps making the text easy to read, especially on mobile devices (where a large percentage of your views are probably coming from).  Break up your text with headers.

If you want to address another concept, consider adding another blog post, article, or section dedicated to the subject so the reader can learn more IF they want to.

Make the Website Searchable

Making the website searchable makes it easier for the reader to find topics they are looking for.  I even use it myself on our own website when trying to find posts with similar topics.  Improve your website with a simple search bar and it will give your visitors a quick and easy way to find the topics or pages they are looking for.  I have also included a category directory for a similar reason.

Make Your Website Interactive

A great way to improve the experience for your  reader can be as simple as adding the ability to receive comments at the end of your articles and blog posts.  And ask for feedback!  Your visitors will appreciate the ability to easily reach out to get answers or to simply add comments.

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Add Video to Your Website

When thinking about how to improve your website visitor experience, consider adding video.  Even a 2-3 minute video to help emphasize any points you are trying to make will really add a lot.  Not only does it make the website more interesting, but it allows them to get to know you more… which helps when you are doing attraction marketing.

The more your reader gets to know you, the more comfortable they will be with you, and the more likely they may make a purchase.

Keep Adding New Content

Not only will Google love that you are constantly adding new content, but so will your visitors.  It will give them something to look forward to when they come back.

Ever have an experience when you come back to a website and you see almost nothing new added?  It was a huge let down, and I don’t think I ever came back to that website.  I bet others felt the same way.

Plus when you add more content your new visitors will have a lot more to look at, thus keeping them there longer (which will make you, the visitor, and Google happy).

Add Suggestions for Further Reading At the End

At the end of each blog post, or article, suggest where the reader should go to read more on the topic.  This will help keep the reader on your page longer, help them solve problems they may not have even considered yet, but also it helps condition your reader to clicking on your website.  There is a psychology where you teach your reader to tell your reader to make a click, like read this for more information, and after conditioning them to follow simple calls to action it is easier to have them click to either opt into your mailing list or even make a purchase!

Not how I have a list of three blog posts I recommend reading at the end of this blog post… and if you go to these blog posts they also have suggestions for further reading.  Having your reader “get lost” in the amount of information you have on your website is a great thing for everyone.

That’s It For Now

If you follow the tips in this blog post you will definitely improve the experience of your reader.

Be sure to always keep coming back to your website and think about how to improve your website visitor experience.  If you do regular audits your site will keep getting better.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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