How to Improve Trust Flow And Your Search Engine Rankings

“How to Improve Trust Flow And Your Search Engine Rankings” written by Mike Marko.

Are you confused about what Trust Flow is and how to improve Trust Flow, and thus your search engine rankings?

A few years ago, the key Google metric everyone wanted to improve to get higher rankings in the SERPs was PageRank. PageRank was as close to a direct indicator of search engine success that Google would allow people to know. Over the years, Google has put a damper on how important PageRank was to your search ranking. Instead Google now wants you to look at multiple ways of improving your content, not just optimizing a couple metrics that may not overall improve the quality of your website.

So Google stopped updating PageRank.

The most recent three PageRank updates were on the November 7, 2012, February 4, 2013, and December 5, 2013. And that was it… PageRank has not been updated in over two years now. And it is doubtful it will ever be resurrected.

In parallel, several sites started developing their own metrics to measure the quality of a website. These metrics help us understand some of the factors that Google weighs when it ranks content. And that brings us to Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow.

How to Improve Trust Flow

Although Majectic has several interrelated metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Topical Trust Flow, in this article we will focus on Trust Flow and how to improve Trust Flow.

So before we start…

What is Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a measurement of the quality of an incoming link, which in turn is based on the quality of links pointing to that incoming linking site. A website with a lot of quality links pointing to it will pass a lot of quality “link juice” to anything it links to. On the other hand, a website with very little quality link juice coming in will not have much value attached to the links it created to other websites.

This is a completely different metric that the pure volume of links pointing at the website. We talk about this more in our article about Citation Flow and Trust Flow.

Measuring the quality of links is important because it makes it a lot harder to “game the system”. There are lots of applications that can help you generate tons of “cheap” links to your tier 1 webpages, and then you in turn link them to your money page. According to Trust Flow, that link to your money page won’t have much value because links coming in to that tier 1 webpage have little value. One single link from an authority site like Moz, a .gov, or another industry giant will be far more valuable than hundreds of tier 2 links to your tier 1 webpages.

How to Improve Trust Flow And Your Search Engine Rankings

How to Use Trust Flow and How to Improve Trust Flow

One way to use the Trust Flow metric is to determine how good you are doing with your own website. is Trust Flow is one of the most accurate single metrics to measure a website’s quality, relevance, and performance in such a way that can be easily correlated to search engine ranking. That’s because things that you do to improve your Trust Flow will also improve your rank search engine ranking.

You can also use Trust Flow to get intel on your competition. Once you know what keyword phrase you want to rank for, run a search on that phrase. Collect a list of the competing sites using Open Site Explorer SERP Overlay and then export the results. Then go to Majestic and select Tools, Link Map Tools, and then choose Bulk Backlink analysis.

How to Use Trust Flow and How to Improve Trust Flow

Put all the links into the tool and then download the data. Delete the non-relevant columns and then sort the data by Trust Flow.

You now have a list of the most relevant links used by your competition: you know what links you should try to get. These are sites you want backlinks from by using guest posting, blog commenting, directories, resource lists, forums, acquire expired domains, or pretty much anything to get a link to your website.

Bot Blocking

Keep in mind, Majestic and the Trust Flow metric are not always 100% reliable. People using private blog networks have the ability to block Majestic from crawling their websites.

When they block crawling on their websites, you will not see the links when you do a competitive analysis. Unfortunately for now there is really no solution to this issue… unless Majestic figures out a way to get through these bot blockers.

Fortunately only a small percentage of people use private blog networks to rank. And of those even a smaller percentage use bot blockers… so you may or may not run into this.

Analyze Your Website Links

You can also use Trust Flow to help determine negative links that are hurting you. Run your website through an analysis and find any links with a low Trust Flow metric (like -10 or lower). Then you need to work at removing those links to your site.

You can also use the Majestic analysis to determine if using specific websites are worth the effort of trying to get backlinks from for your website.
And if you buy services to build your backlinks, you can take the list of tier 1 links they create and run them through the bulk backlink analysis and determine what trust flow they have. Always do spot checks on the quality of the links you are receiving from any tools or vendor.

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Final Word on How to Improve Trust Flow

If you are trying to improve your ranking in the searching engines, focus your attention on metrics like Trust Flow. When you know how to improve Trust Flow, and do some recon on the competition, you’ll take some of the mystery out of how to rank for your target keywords.

The goal is to have quality backlinks. If you can focus on higher quality backlinks, it will help improve your overall metrics. And these metrics (along with others) is a great signal for Google to rank the site or blog higher in the SERP’s.

Thank you checking out my article, and happy blogging!

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How to Improve Trust Flow And Your Search Engine Rankings - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Improve Trust Flow And Your Search Engine Rankings

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