6 Quick Tips on How to Improve SEO

How to Improve SEO in 6 Quick Tips

“6 Quick Tips on How to Improve SEO” written by Mike Marko.

Wondering how to improve SEO quickly and effectively?

As a business owner, getting a higher rank on Google search probably tops most of your concerns.

Google is the number one effective marketing channel for most businesses online.  It’s responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of visitors to websites.

There are two ways to ways to do it: SEO and Google My Business optimization.

With that said, ranking at the top of the Google search results page is a very important aspect of a business’ success. If you think your site doesn’t have much traffic on it, then it’s time to improve your SEO and drive traffic.

In this article, we will discuss how to improve SEO quickly to land at the top of the results page and consequently increase your website’s traffic.

Your Guide on How to Improve SEO Quickly

SEO or search engine optimization doesn’t just happen overnight. Instead, SEO is a long-term plan that involves constant tweaks over a long period of time with results of your efforts only showing after a few months.

However, when done right, this can lead to a lot of benefits for your business.

For instance, some onpage SEO can effectively increase your website’s web traffic for absolutely no charge.

But as Google continues innovating and changing algorithms to improve user experience, SEO must also be able to evolve with it or risk falling behind. This’s why it’s important to always work on improving your SEO.

To get you jump started on your business’ path to success online, here’s a guide on how to improve SEO quickly and effectively.

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1. Provide Relevant Content

“Dwell time” is the time visitors spend on your website and can greatly affect your SEO ranking. When you provide high-quality content on your site, the visitor’s dwell time increases.

Strong content that is relevant and relatable keeps visitors longer on your website. In time, it also turns them into interested potential customers.

Based on research, the best content is between 2,000 – 2,500 words. Longer than this and you run the risk of turning visitors away, who are easily distracted and are simply looking for a quick read.

To improve your content, you can include more unique keywords. These keywords help your site to get found by search engine easily. Not only that, incorporating outbound links can also help.

Most importantly, make sure that you write original contents. When your posts are originally made it can attract visitors’ interest effortlessly.

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2. Page Load Speed

According to Yahoo, 80% of a Web page’s load time is spent downloading your website’s images, stylesheets, and scripts.

To rank high on Google search, your website must be able to load quickly.

There are many ways to increase page load speed, one of which is reducing the number of plugins. It also includes optimizing image sizes, minimizing redirects, and deleting files that are no longer necessary.

Choosing the right website hosting can also make a huge difference. With a dedicated server, you’ll have more space to contain your files and images.

Remember that a faster loading speed increases trust and improves your visitor’s experience.

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3. Adjust Site’s Navigation and Internal Links

Aside from a fast load speed, your website’s navigation is also important to SEO. Google gives the highest ranking to those pages in your navigation as these are linked from essentially every page on your site.

Make sure your site’s navigation is clean and refrain from adding links to more than 5 important pages. Check your analytics to see which pages get the most traffic and link those.

4. Image With Alt Text

Adding alt text to images is considered the simplest and easiest way to get traffic.

Alt tags are so-called alternative text descriptions. These allow search engines to locate pages that are crucial especially for those text-only browsers.

Google search uses alt text to determine the topic of a page. Doing so can help your search rankings on non-image search.

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5. Use the Right Keywords

The best way for search engines to find you is by creating a list of keywords that people might use to find your brand online.

You can also make use of analytics to figure out which content is getting the most visitors. Afterwards, make the connection to the main keywords you use in those pieces of content.
Use these keywords as often as they make sense to guide users and represent your content.

6. Create Astounding Content

Once your site is set to go and you’ve got a list of your relevant keywords, you’re ready to create the kind of content that will improve your SEO.

As mentioned above, provide good relevant content but make sure your content is astounding to the reader’s mind.

The content must be unique, creative and full of life.

Content marketing is a popular concept that can make or break a business’ SEO. Publish outstanding content to attract links naturally.

You need to have a strong writing and communication skills and a good eye for visual content. Also, include videos and images on your content to make it more appealing.

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Final Thoughts on Your Guide on How to Improve SEO

Today, we discussed some important tips on how to improve SEO quickly yet effectively. Ranking on Google search isn’t easy, but with the proper ways and tips, you can ease your way to a higher ranking.

SEO doesn’t only bring traffic to a website but also provides credibility to your business. By ranking on Google search, you give visitors the impression that your website is reliable.

SEO generates valuable traffic which in turn, makes your website valuable. But as complex as SEO is often understood to be, it can be easily learned by any beginner.

Simply follow the tips discussed in this article to improve your SEO and drive traffic.

Please also check out the article, Common Website SEO Mistakes Made by Consultants and Small Business Owners, for more SEO guidance.

If you have more questions on how to improve SEO, leave it in the comments section below.

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