9 Answers for How to Get Subscribers on YouTube

9 Answers for How to Get Subscribers on YouTube

“9 Answers for How to Get Subscribers on YouTube” written by Mike Marko.

Want learn how to get subscribers on YouTube? Everybody does!

Video is currently one of the best ways to reach consumers. That’s because the consumers themselves want it — and 85% still want more!

Now YouTube is the biggest video-sharing site at the moment. That means it’s where most brands are currently trying to fill their customers’ demands for more video.

It’s also where most brands are trying to acquire new or repeat customers through video marketing.

On YouTube, one of the best ways to do that is to get more subscribers. But getting more subscribers is a task in itself.

Fortunately for you, I can help with that task. I’ve done enough YouTube marketing myself to show you how to get subscribers on YouTube.

With the tips I have for you today, you’ll be able to increase your subscriber count by serious numbers. That gives your brand an edge over the competition.

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Tips to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

The first thing you need to know about how to get subscribers on YouTube is that it’s largely about getting viewers for your videos and channel first.

That’s because most YouTube users base their decision (to subscribe) on a channel’s content.

So to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, you have to optimize your channel and content.

The idea is to get more people to take a look at your content, then convince them to subscribe based on what they’ve seen.

My tips can help you with various aspects of that process. Here they are:

1) Create Long Videos

I know, I know. This seems to fly in the face of traditional wisdom about video marketing.

But this is YouTube, not some other platform.

And on YouTube, long content actually performs quite well. This is partly because of YouTube’s algorithm, which prioritizes watch time.

Since longer videos can mean longer watch times, they tend to be pushed to the top of the platform’s search results.

Obviously, that’s helpful if you’re working on how to get subscribers on YouTube.

This may also help you on the monetizing front, by the way. Longer videos mean you can run more than one mid-roll (mid-video) ad.

Given YouTube’s tendency to strip ads from videos, this is very useful. It means you can have more ads running in the videos where ads do get served.

That means potentially more chances for monetization.

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2) Publish Regularly

Publishing videos regularly is another solution to how to get subscribers on YouTube.

That’s because it tells people they have something to look forward to from you every week (or whatever your publishing schedule is).

This isn’t that different from the concept of cable television.

Since there’s regularly scheduled programming to look forward to, people pay for the cable service.

The same logic applies when they subscribe to your channel.

3) Favor “Better” over “More” Videos

While publishing content regularly is good, publishing quality content is even better.

That’s the secret if you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube.

Marketer Brian Dean saw this himself when he switched from regularly-scheduled videos to higher-quality ones.

He barely got subscribers when he was still doing short, regular video posts.

But when he switched to long-form, high-quality videos, he got over 7,000 subscribers per month.

His channel also generated more than 200,000 views per month.

That same channel only has 24 videos.

So to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, do the same. Start prioritizing content quality over quantity.

Your content itself provides the best argument for viewers to subscribe to your channel, after all.

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4) Make Use of the Comments Section

Engagement is vital on all social networks.

Higher engagement with your audience can mean more shares. It has also been correlated with higher YouTube search rankings.

So as another answer to how to get subscribers on YouTube, make use of the comments area in your videos.

Reply to people who comment and engage them in dialogue if possible.

You can also pin a comment at the top of the thread if you think it’s likely to get others to comment too.

Besides, you can mine comments for ideas or questions that can help you develop your next video.

Addressing audience concerns is another good answer to how to get subscribers on YouTube.

5) Post Your Videos on Relevant Forums

One of the best things about YouTube is that it lets you embed/share videos on a variety of other platforms.

Take advantage of that when learning how to get subscribers on YouTube.

More specifically, look for forums online where people are asking questions your videos answer.

Find a thread with a question your videos address, then post or share your video as a reply in that thread.

Try sites like Reddit or LinkedIn (Groups) for this marketing tactic.

Just be sure your video is actually relevant to the question and provides value, though.

Otherwise, this won’t help you with how to get subscribers on YouTube.

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6) Make a Channel Trailer

This is one video you don’t have to make too long for best results. In fact, it works best if it’s on the short side — a minute or under.

If you can get them down to half a minute, even better!

The channel trailer is a video designed specifically to help you get more subscribers on YouTube.

It does that by showing what your channel is about, what value people can get out of it, and why they should subscribe.

A good channel trailer does this quickly but very clearly. It doesn’t leave room for doubt as to the topics the channel handles.

It also has a visible call to action (CTA) at the end. Obviously, since the trailer’s for you to get more subscribers on YouTube, that CTA is a subscription button.

7) Create Different Kinds of Playlists

I’m specifying “different kinds” here because you probably already know you should be using playlists. So my tip has more to do with how you use them for best results.

To learn how to get subscribers on YouTube, you need to cater to viewers’ interests.

But even if your viewers all belong to your target audience, they can still be broken down into several subsets.

For instance, some of your viewers will be most interested in tutorial (how-to) content.

Others will be more interested in your actual products and info on them.

So cater to each of those subsets’ interests by creating playlists for each of them.

For instance, group all of your tutorial videos into one playlist and all of your product videos into another.

If people in one of the subsets see that you’re providing exactly what they want in handy playlist, you’ll see why this answers how to get subscribers on YouTube.

8) Pay Attention to Your Titles and Descriptions

YouTube may be driven by visual content, but some of the most important elements on it are still textual.

Consider your titles and descriptions for videos, for instance.

Those play a big part in how to get subscribers on YouTube.

Videos with good titles and descriptions get more clicks. But besides that, they can also get better placement in YouTube search.

So try to be as descriptive in your titles and descriptions as possible. Optimize for YouTube’s algorithm too by using relevant keywords in both areas.

While you’re at it, optimize your playlist titles as well.

Don’t forget to link to relevant playlists on your channel in video descriptions too.

Doing these can help you with how to get subscribers on YouTube.

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9) Create Captions for Videos

This is another text element that can help you with how to get subscribers on YouTube.

It does that by making videos easier to follow and accessible even for the hearing-impaired.

It also makes videos useful even when viewers have the sound off (which happens a lot).

Finally, it can help your video rank better in search. You just need to have keywords in the transcript of the video.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Subscribers on YouTube

As you can see, there are a lot of answers for how to get subscribers on YouTube.

To reiterate, here are the ones I’ve given you in this article:

  • Create longer videos.
  • Publish your content regularly.
  • Put quality ahead of quantity (and even your publishing schedule, if necessary) in videos.
  • Make use of the comments section.
  • Produce a channel trailer.
  • Organize your playlists in different ways.
  • Optimize your titles and descriptions.
  • Add closed captions to your videos.

All of these can vastly improve the rate at which you get more subscribers on YouTube.

They add more value and convenience to your channel for viewers. They also make your content more visible to those same viewers on YouTube search.

Those two things are important if you want to learn how to get subscribers on YouTube.

If you have more questions on how to get subscribers on YouTube, leave them in the comments below. I’ll answer them the very moment I see them.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.

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9 Answers for How to Get Subscribers on YouTube - Mike Marko

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