How to Get New Clients… Consistently

How to Get New Clients Consistently

“How to Get New Clients… Consistently” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get new clients consistently?

It’s very common for consultants, or other service based providers, to work hard and get a bunch of clients… only to be too busy to keep up with marketing and the well dries up.

This makes predicting and maintaining the workload difficult… if not impossible.  The key is to have things working for you while you work with the clients.

Previously I talked about the importance of Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition Marketing Strategy.  That is an important first step… today we are going into detail about how you can help prevent those peaks and valleys.. feast vs famine phenomena, that is common to those who service clients.

Let’s talk about how to get new clients… consistently.  🙂

How to Get New Clients Regularly

I shot a series of videos to help talk about how this works.  Let’s dive into the first one…

How to Avoid the Feast vs Famine in Your Business

00:00 Hi, I’m Mike Marko. In this video, I want to talk to you about, probably one of the challenges that you have in your business, is when you have feast vs famine. And this is, quite often, I see when I start first talking to new clients, is one of the main challenges they have is that they have really busy periods.

It might be during the Christmas season, they get really, really overwhelmed, and then they actually have a severe drop right afterwards because they don’t have time to actually do their marketing during those busy times. And so, they’re actually not prepared for the following season. This is what happens is when you get so busy.

00:34 Typically, what I found, in a lot of marketing that I’ve seen, is it usually takes at least three months to really realize any effective marketing you’ve done, if you do it right.

00:44 Now, sure you can go ahead and try to get leads and sales right away, but by doing so, you’re actually hurting yourself long-term because you’re missing out on a lot of the opportunity. When you’re marketing correctly, you’re marketing for the long term.

You’re looking at least three months out because you have…especially the more sophisticated audiences, you want to make sure you start building up their…or trying to build into their trust, showing you’re credible, before they actually want to pull the trigger.

01:11 And another thing, too, it takes 7 to 10 exposures if they’re in the market to buy at that time. But if they’re not in the right time frame, mindset, maybe they’re busy, as well, and so they can’t pull the trigger right away to actually start working with you. So, you actually have to keep in front of them.

01:28 And so, what happens is that by not actually planning out long-term and marketing 12 months during the year, even though you’re busy, what actually happens is you have these drops in sales: fast and famine; and you’re scrambling all the time to catch up and making sure you have business right after you actually had a lot of work.

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01:47 You have a lot of work, you complete that work, and now you start scrambling.

01:51 What you need to do is you actually want to start building for the long-term.

Don’t think, “I want to have results this week.”

Don’t think, “I want to have results this month.”

Think, “I want to have results over the next 12 months.”

02:02 Come up with that plan on how to do that. And, a lot of the times, what happens to do that you need to start doing audience building, and you need to have that awareness. Always be in front of people, so that way they always know you’re there.

02:14 That’s one of the things that I’m gonna be teaching in the next series of videos here, is really, how do you make sure you’re in front of your audience all the time, so that way, when it comes time for them to pull the trigger, what I’ll do is help make sure you’re not going to have these feasts and these famines all the time. It’ll actually help pick up those valleys up more, so that way you’re actually filling those gaps and you’re keeping busy consistently.

And when you’re busy consistently, it’s better for you to projection for growth, whether or not you’re gonna hire more employees, or what you’re gonna do with that additional workload because now you can, actually, more dependently depend on actually having that work all the time.

02:52 Okay. Well, stay tuned, and I’ll watch for you in the next video. Thanks. Bye.

Awareness and Audience Building


00.00 Hi, I’m Mike Marko. In this video I wanna talk to you more about how to avoid those peaks and valleys in your business. Now, in the previous video we talked about how to avoid fast and famine, and that’s really looking at things instead of like one week ahead or a month ahead.  It’s really about marketing 12 months ahead, so that we actually have that overall presence if front of your clients, your potential clients all the time, even your present clients so that they’re always aware of what…you’re there for them and what services you offer.

00:35 What happens a lot of times when people are marketing, they focus purely on leads and sales. That makes sense from the short-term perspective because obviously that’s where you’re gonna get measured, ultimately is the sales.

00:51 When people think, “I need to get leads to get sales.” That’s correct, but what happens is by focusing purely on leads and sales, you’re really…what you’re doing is you’re missing out on the bigger picture.

01:04 Think of companies like Coca-Cola, and Apple. When they market, they are always in front of you. They’re not trying to get you get into…turning you into a lead, they’re not really, ultimately, trying to turn into a sale immediately, they’re always in front of you.

What they do instead is they help build up awareness, and what they do also is they do audience building.

01:45 So what they do…they focus both on awareness, and they spend a significant portion for their marketing, probably even more than leads and sales, on awareness and audience building. So now they’re always in front.

01:54 Coca-Cola isn’t trying to do the hardest sell on Coke, they just wanna let you know, “Hey, when you want a refreshing drink, here I am.” And that’s what this is all about, awareness, being present all the time, and audience building.


02:10 And just as I was doing this video, I was just thinking, realizing a great example of audience building is actually how Apple does their Apple stores. Apple stores, in effect, really are a way of them doing their audience building. They’re not trying to do hard sells. Instead, what they’re trying to do is make sure you’re aware of the products, and they’re really having people come back over and over again, even after they have the initial product, classes, that kinda thing in those Apple stores: they’re building their audience.

So that way, long-term, they actually have lifetime customers. And that’s what you need to do when looking at your business, is think about how are you gonna build your awareness and audience building.

02:52 Now, audience building is great now that we have social media, you have blogs, all these digital platforms, so you don’t actually have to have a brick and mortar store like the Apple store when instead you can do the equivalent by giving value and helping your audience base by focusing on building on social media, having a website with a blog, YouTube channels, and videos.

Really, start working on that audience building and awareness so that way by the time they’re ready to make a purchase, or you’ve educated them enough to the point where hey, you have a solution for them, they’re ready to pull the trigger and buy and start working with you.

03:32 So that’s what you need to do, is start thinking about less on leads and sales ultimately as your primary focus, and focus more on awareness and audience building so that actually by the time that you’ve done this and you’re focusing on

  • 12-month horizon,
  • 24-month horizon,
  • long-term,

you avoid having those peaks and valleys because your clients are always…your potential clients, your present clients are always there, always aware of you, and then knowing when they’re ready to pull the trigger… hey, there you are.

Instead of being put out of thought, out of mind, you’re always gonna be in the forefront of their money.

04:12 Well, stay tuned. Next video we’re gonna wanna take this to the next step in actually how you start putting this all together and how it all works. Thanks. Bye.

Relevance & Omnipresence


00:00 Hi, I’m Mike Marko. In this video, I want to talk to you about the next step on actually implementing what we’ve been talking about in the past couple of videos.

00:08 We talked about how to avoid the Feast and Famine phenomenon that actually happens in a lot of business, where you actually have the peaks and valleys in business and by not focusing on leads and sales.

Instead, you focus on awareness and audience building.

00:22 So how does that work? So really, what it comes down to is you actually have…you have your awareness. You have your awareness and you combine that, really, with an omnipresence. Hope I’m spelling this right.

00:41 So you combine awareness with omnipresence, and that’s actually how you get results. So it really comes down to…is not actually creating content for content sake. It’s not just being out there everywhere. It’s actually being…creating awareness and being relevant to your audience with omnipresence to get results. So it comes down to not only just awareness but also being relevant.

Being aware and relevant to that audience…with being relevant at the right time, at the right place, for your audience, is really actually how you get the results.

01:44 So not just creating content.

Not just putting out to everyone, everywhere.

01:47 So for giving an example, if you’re focusing on… I’m trying to think of an example here. Say you thinking of women’s clothes as an example. You don’t want to market, focus your advertising, necessarily, on men. You want to focus on women.

Now if you have a certain style of fashion, you want to make sure you’re having that kind of clothes in front of the right people for who’s going to like that style of fashion.

02:15 Now, it’s kind of a simplistic look at looking at this, but it comes down to even when you are trying market to, like, say for instance your audience are consultants. What you want to do is figure,

“Okay, what niche are they in?”

“What are they focusing on?”

And creating the right content being relevant solution-wise to actually helping them with their needs.

02:37 So, for instance, if they’re struggling with lead collection and getting new clients, what you focus on is being relevant, solving that problem with content. Maybe it might be in how to do marketing campaigns, how to reach out to potential clients, and so on. Putting that in front of those consultants who are actually struggling with that particular problem and being omnipresent.

Being there all. Basically dominating everywhere you look on social media and Google and everywhere so that way that they can’t help but see you.

03:13 So that’s what it comes down to is being everywhere with the right content to the right audience and being relevant. And that’s how you get results.

03:23 So really, it’s to come down to is creating the right kind of content, putting it in front of them, and being there all the time for the right audience so that way you’re not being…well, being relevant. You want to definitely being relevant. And you also don’t want to seem spammy, so you wanna make sure you’re actually creating the content, putting the right content in front of the right audience.

Otherwise, if you’re just being everywhere and you’re not relevant, you’re just being annoying and you’re spamming them.

03:50 So we’re going to cover that in a little more detail in the next video, but for now, thank you very much and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

Implementing Omnipresence with Content Platforms


00:00 I’m Mike Marko. In this video, I want to talk to you more about actually how to avoid the feast and famine phenomena that you might have in your business, and kind of cover in more detail on how we’re going to take all the stuff and make it and implement it, and make it happen.

00:14 So we had talked about the whole feast and famine phenomena.

You have a lot of business… and then no business… because you don’t have time to market. And so then what happens you want to shift your focus away from leads and sales, and more on awareness and audience building because you’re thinking more 12 months out. And it comes down to having and creating content, and being in front of your audience, being relevant, and so that they’re aware of you, having relevant content in front of them, being relevant.

Being there all the time with the relevant content and that’s how you get results.

00:43 So, how do you make this happen?

00:46 Well, I’ve kind of alluded to it already. It comes down to actually having content on different platforms. So you actually have like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, being on all social media platforms, having search engine marking, showing up in Google AdWords, Bing ads, having a blog, having or doing, actually doing paid ads on social media.

01:14 All that stuff works together, especially when you start using retargeting that as soon as they stay interested in your content, you start becoming more and more in front of them once they show…they actually their hands and say, “hey, I’m interested in that piece of content” and then start following up with them up.

01:29 So now it really comes down to is creating that relevant content that your target audience really is interested in, and then feeding it out to them, see if they actually “take the bait”. And then following up with more and more content relevant around that topic that actually shows that you’re actually there all the time solving the problem they have. So by doing that, they become more and more aware of you.

01:52 Now, I’m not afraid myself by giving away too much information, because there is a lot of information that show up in my own videos. And I encourage you to do the same thing. And the reason is is that your clients, whether being in, say maybe in consulting or maybe lawn care, whatever it is, don’t have time to do everything that you’re gonna be telling them.

You’re educating them, hey, this is how you do it yourself. The do-it-yourself’ers are gonna do it regardless. So you might as well be relevant in front of them in case they actually need help and they get stuck.

02:26 What you’re really focusing on is those people that actually have whatever they’re doing in their business, whatever they’re doing… that you’re actually solving a problem to help save them time. Say, “Hey, I know my stuff, I’m showing you I understand your problem. I’m relevant to you and I’m there all the time. Do you need help? If you need help, here I am.”

02:46 And that’s how that works. So by having this content always out in front of them, having these ads in front of them, having…just being aware and present all the time and being relevant to that audience, that’s how you get results.

02:59 That’s actually the reason why or one of the reasons why I created IM Consultant Services; we actually help our clients have that content strategy, this marketing strategy, and put in place for them because that way you can actually focus on your business and what you do best. You’re in business because you’re really good at doing what you do. When it comes to marketing, you need some help because it’s hard for you to take care of it all yourself.

You may have to hire…if you don’t have an accountant, you might have an accountant that you have to hire outside (outside you team) to do the accounting. You may have lawyers, all of the things, you have different professions because you can’t focus on those professions yourself.

03:36 And do it correctly, and do it properly. Same thing happens with marketing. So someone like ourselves, we can actually help you put strategy like this together. We have experience to do this and we work arm-in-arm with you to make sure we actually put the right content in front of your audience.

Because nobody knows your audience better than you, but when you partner that with the right expertise and marketing, that’s when really everything is just really happening.

04:00 So we go and we work arm-in-arm with our clients to make sure we actually have the right strategy. First of all, it starts off with understanding your target audience: who is your target audience, we help narrow that down for you. We look at your product selections. We may make some suggestions on actually how to maybe repackage it and so on, to actually help present it to your audience. And then we start rolling on and say, “hey, this is what we suggest for a marketing plan.” And we work together to make sure it makes sense within your budget.

04:28 And then we help you execute on that.

04:29 Whether we do it for you, we show you how to do it, or we just do it together. We offer all of that stuff.

04:34 So be sure to click the link below. Learn how you can work with us if you’re interested in doing this. But even if you’re doing it yourself, make sure you’re hitting as many platforms as possible that’s relevant to your audience so you’re always there for your customers.

04:49 Well, thank you very much. And I will talk to you later. Bye.

Final Words About How to Get New Clients

In this blog post, and series of videos, we talked about how to get new clients in such a way that’s going to get you an consistent flow of business.  When you have the “feast vs famine” phenomena, it makes it difficult to maintain a successful business.

If you want more effect with your marketing, make sure you also check out my article, “Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work”.

By the way, you should take a look at our “Results in Advance” program.

We start with a 30-60 minute free consultation where we together create a strategy that will grow your business¦ effectively. Its actually a strategy session where you’ll walk away with actionable steps you can take to increase your business revenue. By the end, you can either take what we discussed and run with it yourself or we can agree to work together to crush your results!

If you want to learn about how to qualify for our “Results in Advance” program, please feel free to reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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