How to Get Leads for Your Business | How to Get Leads

“How to Get Leads for Your Business | How to Get Leads” written by Mike Marko.

Have you ever wondered how to get leads for your business?

It can seem pretty daunting if you aren’t getting the leads you need, and of course then the inevitable sales.  But collecting leads is where everything starts.

Today I’m going to talk about how to get leads for your business.

How to Get Leads For Your Business

How to Get Leads for Your Business | How to Get Leads


This video talks about three ways how to get leads for your business.

1) How to Get Leads for Your Business: Get a Blog

It is extremely important to get a blog when you are trying to get leads for your business.  There are several reasons why you need to get a blog, and they include:

  • It gives you credibility.  You are viewed as an authority if you have a blog with good content on it.
  • If you don’t have a website, you are considered ‘homeless’.  It is much easier to get more leads when you have a website, than if you don’t, because the blog is a great place to “warm up your leads.  Don’t be a homeless spammer.

The best blog we have found, especially for beginners, is the Kalatu blog.  Be sure to click here for the Kalatu blog.

2) How to Get Leads for Your Business: Social Media Syndication

Ok, now that you have a blog and you have some blog posts, you aren’t going to get traffic right away… at least not without doing something to drive it.  Later on as you write more posts the people will natural keep coming back if you write consistently good content.  You can also collect emails of your visitors and encourage them to return.

But if you just let your blog sit out there without trying to market the content, then the build up of traffic will be a painfully slow experience.

Now the easiest way to get traffic is to use social media.  Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, are all examples of social media that you can use to get traffic driven to your blog posts.

If you don’t have a large following yet, many of these have groups you can join where you can post your content.  Don’t spam (send pure ads) to these groups, but instead use content as way to build trust and have them opt into your email list.

3) How to Get Leads for Your Business: Pay-Per-Click

Even social media syndication may be too slow for you.  In that case, time to amp things up with PPC (pay-per-click).  This is where you pay for ad space and you have banners or comp (ad text) to encourage people to click on a link or hyperlinked image.

With the right training, and some trial and error, PPC can be an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog posts.  You can often target specific demographics and interest, which allows you to really hone in on your target audience.

Ultimately Which Traffic Method Should You Pick

If you are still wondering how to get leads for your business, or specifically which method should you focus on, I would recommend ALL of them.  Having a diversified source of traffic will help ensure you combine free or cheap traffic sources with paid, very targeted, traffic.

You will find when you employ these methods, and you write quality blog posts that deliver useful content, you’ll build a following and you will ultimately become successful.


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How to Get Leads for Your Business | How to Get Leads - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Get Leads for Your Business | How to Get Leads

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