IPAS 2 – How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 System

IPAS 2 – How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 System” by Mike Marko.

You may have just signed up for IPAS2, or you are thinking about signing up for IPAS 2, and you are wondering about, “How to generate leads for the IPAS2 system?”

There are so many ways to drive leads to the IPAS 2 system.  But where do you start?  And what is most effective?

The purpose of this blog post is to address how to generate leads for the IPAS2 system, and also our personal recommendations based on our experience.

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How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 System

The following is a list of several ways on how to generate leads for the IPAS2 system.

IPAS 2 - How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 System - IPAS System

IPAS2 Traffic Coop

The IPAS 2 system includes the ability to buy clicks to your offer to your IPAS2 capture page.  The people at IPAS are going out of their way to make sure that they only deliver the best of traffic to your offer page.  This is a great way to get started buying traffic for IPAS.

Interestingly, the IPAS2 system has the ability to help you track where your clicks are coming from and where those leads join your mailing list or pay for the trial.  This has helped the IPAS team to weed out poorer traffic sources.  You can use this feature yourself if you go out and buy your own traffic.

Facebook Interaction

As part of the IPAS2 training, they talk about how to use Facebook to generate free leads.

There are two ways of generating free leads within Facebook that have proven to be effective.  The first one is posting to Facebook groups.  While most people often just post their affiliate link with some copy in the group, and maybe adding in a picture, this is the most effective way of marketing in Facebook.  Instead I like to post links to blog posts, and the blog posts have calls to action at the end of the copy… after giving LOTS of value.  Growing your mailing list is extremely important.

The second free method is striking up conversations with people on Facebook.  This takes more effort but it is a lot more effective than posting in Facebook groups.  This is a technique I have been using for quite a while now.

How to Generate LeadsFacebook PPC

The flip side of free is paying for clicks using Facebook.  I love Facebook PPC because you can really zero in on your target audience.  You can put your offer right in front of buyers or people in the industry that your offer may appeal to.

When doing Facebook PPC, I like to have a free offer to help entice people to give their information to join my mailing list.  I don’t send them directly to my IPAS 2 offer… instead I like to collect the leads first before sending them to the IPAS2 capture page.  I then also present the offer to leads in the list because leads  need an average of seven exposure before you buy something.


Video is a POWERFUL means of promoting and branding yourself and your offers.  It is a great way for people to get to know and even trust you… because they learn that you aren’t some robot or computer creating content… you are a REAL person.

We upload videos to YouTube on a consistent basis.  We then use the videos on their own to be found by Google or the YouTube search engine, and we imbed them into our blog posts.

Make sure you put the link to your blog or blog post in your YouTube video description… preferably in the first line of the description.  This helps ensure that the link shows up in the search results within YouTube as a clickable item.  You can have your video link take people to your blog, a blog post, the root of your webpage, or a capture page.  Experiment with different ways, or even mix it up some.  If the video was also imbedded into a blog post then I will prefer to have the link going to that blog post to show viewers where they can get more information on the video… then when they are on your blog present many opportunities for them to opt into your mailing list.

things-to-do-after-writing-a-blog-post-SEOSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ok, when someone asks me “how to generate leads for the IPAS2 system” I will tell them my favorite way is to use SEO.

I love SEO because once you have on and off page SEO completed for a page or blog post, you can pretty much forget about it and move on to the next page or blog post.  Imagine if you can over time average 2 visitors a day per blog post (which is really low if you are doing SEO properly), after a year of blogging daily you will get 730 new visitors a day!  I am getting about 1-3% of visitor traffic captured as leads… so that would mean you could be collecting on average roughly 7 to 22 leads a day!    And those pages will continually generate those leads as you add more content the following year.

Sure the SEO route is the slow way of getting leads, but it is pretty robust.  Plus you will have content you can share with your mailing list to keep bringing them back to your website (which will increase your overall traffic to your website).

Plus if you pick good keyword phrases for each blog post, you should have pretty good targeted traffic that have a much better chance of wanting to buy something from you than regular cold traffic.

In addition to our blog posts, I create “money pages” that are highly focused bring in specific traffic to our website.  Typically these pages target tougher keyword phrases and so I have to build up the backlinks a lot more… but the can be worth it.  As I write this I am getting between 200-300 visitors a day just from our IPAS 2 money page.  Imagine what you can do if you have even 10 pages that brought in even 25-50 visitors a day… targeted visitors who are very close to buying… and you will quickly realize the power of SEO.

Click here to see the blog system I recommend for use with IPAS2.

Additional IPAS System Lead Generation Ideas

If you want a ton more ideas on how to generate leads for the IPAS system, then check out the Unstoppable Dream product.

If on the other hand you want someone to mentor you through the process, then feel free to click here to apply.

Wrap Up

There are certainly a lot of other ways to generate leads, but this are the ones I feel most comfortable discussing.  If you have any questions on how to generate leads for the IPAS2 system, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 SystemDo you have a favorite means of generating traffic for the IPAS2 system that hasn’t been mentioned?  If you do, then add it in the comments below.

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IPAS 2 - How to Generate Leads for the IPAS2 System - Mike Marko

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