7 Tips on How to Find a Mentor Online

7 Tips on How to Find a Mentor Online” written by Mike Marko.

When you get started building an online business it can seem daunting.

It is probably so different from anything else you have ever done. Just getting past the lingo can be a hurtle: capture pages, funnels, traffic, leads, conversions… and the list goes on.

And even when you figure out the lingo, you still have to wrestle through all the material to learn. Where do you start?

I know… because I felt same way when we started a couple years ago.

So I sought out a mentor.

I is helpful to have a helping hand to get ahead to get direction and over the hurtles can transform your business from being nonprofit (or cash eating) to being profitable (or EXTREMELY profitable). Most of us can benefit from having a mentor or sponsor at our back to teach, promote, and encourage us.

But landing the right mentor to have in your corner isn’t always easy.  So the question remains… how to find a mentor online?

How to Find a Mentor Online

Here are seven steps on how to find a mentor online.

1. Ask yourself what you want in a mentor or sponsor. Is it an expert who can help you master a specific technique? Or is it someone to help you get your arms around your entire business?

2. Network in groups. There are lots of ways to interact and meet other people. While I was promoting our business opportunity online, I met people that later I master minded with to help build on my knowledge base. You never know where you might meet someone to help you out.

how to find a mentor3. Go to events. Events are a great way to find a mentor for your online business. You can build that rapport a lot quicker in person than you can typing away a chat from home.

3. Steer clear of the formal request. The “Will you be my mentor?” invitation can be stiff and off-putting. Sounds like way too much work and responsibility. The main reason why most mentors ultimately take the time to help counsel someone is the intangible satisfaction they get in paying it forward. Start by asking for advice on ONE action or problem. Don’t ask them to look over your entire website… again that seems like too much work. Instead ask them questions with a narrow focus and probably with a short answer.

4. Show them how to help you. If you have a strong need for help… take the plunge and make a specific request. Let them know how you want them to help you with a specific problem. Most people don’t know where to start helping you.

5. Return the favor. Show them your gratitude. Make the relationship beneficial to both of you. You can either provide information that can help them. If you don’t have anything that can help them, then either publically thanking them (like on your Facebook page) or shooting a 1-2 minute testimonial video telling people how helpful and knowledgeable the person is on a topic. Good and sincere testimonials are ALWAYS appreciated for anyone running an online business.

6. Listen. Be sure to listen to the mentor when they do give advice, and then act on the advice. It is important to cultivate the relationship by asking relevant questions and then demonstrating you will take action on the advice (or at least 75% of it). If the mentor’s most important input is giving you practical feedback… don’t get defensive. Sit back, listen, and take it all in. You can evaluate the information later when you have had a chance to think about it for a while.

7. Pay for Mentorship. Knowledge and time can be expensive, but well worth it. An hour or two with an experience mentor can save you weeks or even months of struggling. The advice can also help you increase the overall profitability of the business. This can also be a great way to build a lasting relationship with someone who is experienced. They will often help you outside the normal “paid” hours if you have quick questions.

If you are looking for mentors you can check out this link to Influx Entrepreneur. They have different levels of training and mentorship you can choose from.

VIDEO: How to Find a Mentor Online

Final Thoughts about How to Find a Mentor Online

Building an online business can be daunting. Finding the right mentor can mean all the difference between success and struggling with your online business. If you can’t easily find a mentor, you can check out Influx Entrepreneur and their excellent mentorship program.


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7 Tips on How to Find a Mentor Online - Mike Marko

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Article: 7 Tips on How to Find a Mentor Online

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