How to Do Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

How to Do Search Engine Optimization for Beginners - SEO, Business, Optimization

“How to Do Search Engine Optimization for Beginners” written by Mike Marko.

Learning how to do Search Engine Optimization is quite a challenge.

I know…

I have met tons of people interested in search engine optimization (simply, SEO), but they don’t know where to start.

SEO is a complex thing to do. It requires a lot of creativity, technical and analytical work. And it the results aren’t just met overnight.

But once you do it right, it’s totally worth the effort!

Certain SEO techniques make the optimization process a piece of cake.

In this blog post, I will enlighten you on how to do Search Engine Optimization the easy way. Let’s get started!

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How to Do Search Engine Optimization Easily

It’s worth noting that SEO requires close attention to details. Basically, even the least small mistake can change the outcome of your whole efforts.

But to better understand this let’s first discuss what is SEO and why is it so important.

SEO for Beginners

Search engine optimization, a.k.a. SEO, is a process of optimizing your website or a page to increase search engine ranking.

It’s basically about making your site or page search-engine friendly. So when people search for a certain keyword, your brand, or anything that’s relevant to your company, they will see your website on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO is an important part of the Pervasive Presence™ Engine.

SEO is not only for the webmasters, but it is literally doable by everyone.

Many businesses, fresh and established, use SEO as a powerful strategy to drive more traffic to their websites. SEO can truly impact the growth of your business.

Now that you understand what SEO is and why it is important let’s discuss the ways you can person SEO easily.

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Find the Right Keyword

Think of your website as a skeleton. A skeleton needs flesh.

Your website needs flesh too so to speak, and the “flesh” would be your website’s content.

You need to create SEO-friendly content. And the most common content for websites is articles or blogs. To make your blogs SEO-friendly, you have to use certain keywords.

Keywords are words that clearly describes a website’s content. Finding the right keyword is vital for they increase your content’s visibility to those actively searching for your niche.

Remember when you were looking for a song title you forgot? You go search on the internet and type the lyrics that you’ve remembered from the song? And eventually, you found the song through those lyrics? That is an example of how keyword-finding works!

When picking keywords, choose those that are most likely searched by your customers. It’s not necessary to use trending keywords, using words that have minimal competition might do more better for your business.

More importantly, make sure that you find keywords that are relevant to your website and your business.

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Write High-Quality Content

Now that you have your keywords, it’s time to create the content.

If there’s one thing that you have to make sure that your website has, that would be high-quality and informative content.

You create a valuable content for these reasons:

  1. It’s a great way to educate people
  2. High-quality and informative content can help you convert your readers into customers
  3. SEO-friendly content help you rank in search engines

As mentioned, high-quality content can educate people. Humans want to learn more things. And so by giving useful information, you hook them to read your content.

Secondly, through your high-quality content, you help your readers understand how they can benefit from your products or services. For example, if you’re offering chiropractor services, then you can create an article about the benefits of a chiropractor. Then, you can mention your chiropractor services.

Lastly, you write high-quality and SEO-friendly content so your content will show up in the SERPs.

Your content must be easy for readers to understand. Make sure it contains words that are easy to comprehend and that readers can well appreciate.

To learn more about SEO writing, check out my blog How to Write a Blog for SEO Traffic.

Create a Unique Title

The title and description are the first things that Google uses to rank your site. If you have an edgy title, then it’s for sure that you can catch Search Engine’s attention too.

That’s why you have to make sure to make your titles are distinguished by creating a unique page title. Best for the title to be limited to 70 characters only.

Always keep it short but interesting.

Titles shouldn’t be long. For Search Engines, the ideal title word count should only be in a maximum of 8 words.

So limit yourself to…
70 characters
8 words

Try to keep to this the best you can.

Make Use of Anchor Text and Links

Texts that are linked to another page on the Web are referred to as anchor texts. In short, it’s a clickable text in a hyperlink.

These are links that help users navigate smoothly in your website. Anchor texts play an important role in ranking your website in search results pages. Search engines usually use anchor text as a reflection of what your pages may be about.

There’s also a thing associated with anchor texts and links called as Link Building. Link building is the process of linking other websites to your own.

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Make a Stunning Domain Name

When starting a new website, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing the right domain name. Basically, a domain name that contains relevant keywords can also help you rank in Google Search.

For many years, SEO strategists have devised many practices to help gain higher rankings on search engines. They learned domain name is a factor that is believed to play a part in the SEO game. Exact match domains rank higher than domains that are personally made.

For example, you can make use of “” or “”. You can also make use of your own name to make it more personal and unique. Say, “”

Continue Testing and Measuring

Always test and measure.

It’s important that you put into test the things that you plan and strategize for your website. Analyze search engine rankings and web traffic to determine the effectiveness of the programs you’ve implemented.

Analyzing your steps allows you to find out which one works and which one doesn’t. Once you do have an overview of it, then you can maintain the things that are giving you growth

It would also give you an option to let go of the ways that don’t really give you improvements.

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Final Thoughts on How to Do Search Engine Optimization

That sums up today’s blog post on how to do search engine optimization easily for beginners.

SEO does not happen overnight. It includes a series of planning and studying to fully achieved a high ranking website and generate leads and traffic. That also means that you need to go through the baby steps for you to succeed.

These steps include:

  • Finding the right keywords,
  • Writing high quality and original content,
  • Making use of anchor text or link building,
  • Making a stunning domain name,
  • Titling your content uniquely, and
  • Making sure you test and measure.

Read SEO Tips and Tricks to Achieve Better Ranking for more SEO guide.

Do you have more questions about how to do search engine optimization? Let us know in the comments section below!

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