Guide on How to Do Business on Instagram

Guide on How to Do Business in Instagram - how to do business on Instagram

“Guide on How to Do Business on Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Learning how to do business on Instagram can yield benefits for many businesses. For example, it can increase your sales.

That’s since consumers often buy products if they’re presented attractively.

Since Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on appealing photos, it’s one of the best places to show off physical products. Even some service-based companies can display their offerings on it, actually.

But to really make the most of the opportunities that Instagram can bring, you need to know how to do business on Instagram properly.

That’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do today.

In this blog post, I’’ll talk about how to do business on Instagram. This guide will help you get the right start in your marketing (and possibly even sales) campaign on this platform.

How to Do Business on Instagram Effectively

How to do business on Instagram effectively? That’s simple! You just need to use its features to the fullest.

However, that’s easier said than done.

If you’re new to it, there’s a high probability that you’ll make mistakes while marketing your business on this platform.

Making the wrong decision when marketing your business can do harm to your brand. To help you avoid that, here’s a guide on how to do business on Instagram.

advantages and disadvantages of instagram

Setting up Your Instagram Account

The way you set up your Instagram account is important. It can affect the success of your online marketing campaign on this social media platform.

As much as possible, your Instagram account should look professional. People who visit your account will be more likely to see your business as credible if you do this.

You need to convince your audience that your business is authentic. That’s key in how to do business on Instagram successfully.

Setting up a business account on Instagram is easy, fortunately. You just need to pay attention to every detail to make it appropriate for business use.

Having said that, here are some more tips for setting up an Instagram account.

1) Optimize Your Instagram Bio

How to do business on Instagram? Start by optimizing your Instagram bio.

The bio on Instagram only allows 150 characters. So make use of the limited space wisely.

Give the most important information about your business in your bio. Your bio must encourage an Instagram user to try your business or to follow your account.

Furthermore, when you’re writing a bio, be sure to use your brand’s voice.

Your bio must show what you want to say using the personality of your brand. Doing this can also help in bringing authenticity to your Instagram account.

To help you with that, our guide on how to do business on Instagram will give you some tips in writing a bio:

  • Choose if you want to sound professional or fun. The right choice depends on your brand and target audience.
  • Use hashtags in your bio. Hashtags can increase the visibility of your business account on this social media platform.
  • Try using emoji. Using an emoji can show personality without saying too much.
  • Use space and lines. This can make your bio easy to read.

Here are some examples of the best bios on Instagram for business:

Technical Apparel for Recreation. Get moving and have fun #DoingThings

The Wing is a network of work & community spaces designed for women. Our mission: The advancement of women through community.

Internationally acclaimed creation-based contemporary ballet company

Artistic Director Emily Molnar

March Tour: Victoria/Ottawa/Halifax/Toronto

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2) Use the Right Profile Pic

When optimizing your Instagram profile, be sure to use the right profile pic.

Your profile pic is an important aspect of how to do business on Instagram. It can help you get the attention of your target audience.

Having said that, consider using your business logo as your profile picture. This will make your Instagram account more recognizable so your potential and existing customers can know that it’s associated with your brand.

You can also use other images. Just make sure that the image is related to your brand.

Also, always use a photo at least 320 pixels square. This is needed so the profile picture will be displayed properly.

3) Complete Your Profile on Instagram

It’s necessary for your Instagram account to have complete information. That’s how to do business on Instagram.

People will be more likely to follow your account if it looks legitimate. That’s because they’ll see it as more reliable and worthy of attention.

Legitimate brands have complete information on their Instagram account. Presenting all the important information to your target audience is a sign of professionalism.

So make sure that all fields in your Instagram account are filled out. Include the right name and pick a good Instagram username.

Your Instagram username is important in how to do business on Instagram. You need a username that’s related to your brand.

You can use your business name or real name. This can help your target audience find your account even more easily.

In addition to that, include your website address in your profile.

The website address is the only field to which you can add a clickable web address. Use it to link to your website, your current campaign, or your special Instagram landing page.


Make Use of Instagram’s Features

How to do business on Instagram? You need to make use of its features.

Remember that having a presence on Instagram isn’t enough. That’s not how to do business on Instagram.

Just like other social media platforms, you must use its features to the fullest to get the best results. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time achieving the results you want.

Using the features of Instagram properly can help you achieve success in marketing your business.

But first, make sure to convert your account into a business account. Only business accounts on Instagram have access to the platform’s most useful features for marketing or promotion.

As part of this guide on how to do business on Instagram, I’ll give you several tips on using different features of this social media platform.

1) Add Your Contact Information

Be sure to add your contact information to your Instagram account.

If you have a business account, you can add contact information to your page. You can add your email address, phone number, and physical address in this section.

If you add contact information, Instagram will automatically add buttons such as Call, Email, or Get Directions to your page.

There’s a higher possibility that people will do business with you if you add contact information to make it easier for them to reach you. People like businesses that offer convenience.

2) Category and CTA (Call to Action)

Choosing the right category and CTA is an important part of how to do business on Instagram.

Choose the right category. This will appear below your name and username. It immediately gives your audience an idea about what your business does.

Apart from that, make sure to use the right CTA. It can affect the outcome of your online marketing campaign on this social media platform.

Adding a CTA allows your target audience to book an appointment, make reservations, buy tickets, and take other actions right from your Instagram profile.

Instagram allows you to add the following CTA buttons:

  • Call,
  • Text,
  • Directions,
  • Email buttons,
  • Book,
  • Buy Tickets,
  • Start Order, and
  • Reserve.

To add a CTA to your account, tap Edit Profile, then Contact Options, then Add an action button.

You can also check an influencer’s profile to see how they use CTAs. This will give you an idea of how you can get the best results from your CTA button.

Also, influencers can help you know how to do business on Instagram.

Post High-Quality Content

Posting content is another important aspect of how to do business on Instagram.

It’s important for your business account to post content regularly.

Posting content can earn you engagement. This can be the key to your success.

Engagement can boost your reach, sales, and online visibility. People will be more likely to check your Instagram page if you’re active on the platform.

Just make sure that your content is interesting and related to your brand. Since Instagram is full of photos, consider investing in photo editing tools.

Tools such as Canva and Photoshop can make sure your content is attractive. This can help you get more engagement.

Always post high quality content. That’s how to do business on Instagram effectively.

Use Instagram Shopping

It’s possible to do business right on Instagram. Even if Instagram doesn’t allow links on posts, you can still sell items here.

Want to know how to do business on Instagram this way? Make use of Instagram Shopping.

Instagram Shopping or Shopping on Instagram is a feature available on business accounts. It allows brands to highlight products in specific posts from their Instagram account.

An Instagram shopping post looks like an ordinary post. The only difference is that a user can see your product’s details and price by tapping it.

Also, shopping posts have a CTA. You can use it to link your landing page.

When you’re posting ads or shopping posts, make sure that you aim it at your target audience. That’s vital in how to do business on Instagram.

72% of consumers say that they’ll buy a good-looking product on Instagram. Also, 38% of consumers say that they regularly buy products that they see on Instagram.

So make the most of that by using Instagram Shopping to show high-quality photos of your products to your fans and target customers on the platform.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Instagram for Business

In this blog post, we talked about how to do business on Instagram.

To use Instagram for business, you must first set up your account properly. You need to make it look professional so consumers won’t hesitate to follow it.

Optimize your Instagram account because it’s your starting point for how to do business on Instagram. Complete its details, use the right profile picture and make an interesting bio.

In addition to that, always find time to use Instagram’s features. Remember, having a presence here isn’t enough.

Post content regularly and make use of Instagram shopping. This is how to do business on Instagram.

If you have more questions about how to do business on Instagram, leave them in the comments below.

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